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Wildfowl October 2020

Wildfowl Magazine is the best magazine out there for the serious goose and duck hunters. Loaded with useful information on guns & loads, decoys & calls, boats & blinds, retriever training, gear & gadgets, Canadian reports and conservation. Join us in the blind each issue!

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“take ‘em!”

EVERYONE WANTS TO be a baller, the shot caller, and in this issue we address what it takes to be the pit boss, one of the many aspects of waterfowling that make it so much more engaging than other hunting pursuits. It’s the best feel ing in waterfowling when you get it right, and among the worst when you blow it. When grizzled old goose guide Alex Langbell (gundogoutdoors.com ) pitched us to write a feature on shot-calling, we knew he could spill the wisdom (p. 106). It is the flashpoint of our sport, the reward for the dog training, the scouting, the decoy spreading, the long drives, the permission-seeking, the boat-buying, the building and brushing of blinds. It’s that great moment when everything reaches critical mass and someone shouts “take…

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loving those ‘others’

Dear Editor Skip Knowles, I just read your great editor letter in WILDFOWL about the mallard population shifting and the need for us to focus on other ducks. Really well written and good insight. Most of my hunting is on the Texas coast, and I love it! Our redheads are moving away, but the last three years we have had more variety than in a long time. Lots of wigeon, gadwall, teal, and pintails. Fine ducks in my opinion. Now, I do love shooting greenheads, we take annual trips to South Dakota and north Texas, but it’s no more fun that watching a group of big wigeon circle in and land in the spread. Keep up the good work! Tracy, We love every inch of Texas outdoors, and I actually did my first duck hunting as a…

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the good news is: geese!

WATERFOWLERS ARE generally much alike. Every year, their mind wanders into a duck vortex. We simply love them. Sure, mallards are most popular, but most of us have a passion for wigeon, gadwall, redheads, goldeneye, scaup…take your pick. Of course, geese hold a special place in my waterfowling heart, but I don’t tend to think about them nearly as much. I’m not sure why, but recently, while chewing the duck fat with Ducks Unlimited Chief Scientist Tom Moorman, the subject of “duck obsession” came up. “It’s weird,” Moorman said. “Geese just don’t seem to get as much love as ducks, but geese, nationwide, have been a huge success story.” Moorman noted that every year he answers the “How are the ducks doing?” question more times than he can count. The “How are the…

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fifth flyway

DU AUCTIONS GO ONLINE COVID-19 has crippled large-group gatherings, but DU has found a way around the madness and continues to offer event merchandise online. Forty-three state-specific online auctions sites were launched in April and allow DU supporters the opportunity to bid on exclusive merchandise, collectable firearms and dream-hunt excursions from the comfort of their couch. Please join in and support their ongoing efforts! Tell your spouse “I’m doing it for our children’s future” because you are! A RUN TO THE BORDER? The big question amongst waterfowlers, especially those that make an annual trip north of the U.S. border is: When will it be open? The COVID-19 pandemic shutdown annual duck and goose population surveys in Canada, and according to sources at both Ducks Unlimited and Delta Waterfowl, it seems unlikely U.S. hunters…

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genetic time bomb

IF YOU READ a list of sporting breeds that could carry the Dynamin-1 EIC mutation in their genes, you get the sense that there isn’t a waterfowl or upland dog that is safe out there. This isn’t true, of course, but it is alarming. Labrador and Chesapeake Bay retrievers make the Exercise Induced Collapse list in a big way, as do a fair amount of less-popular waterfowling breeds. This alone should be enough to interest any prospective puppy buyer, or anyone who owns a duck dog but isn’t sure if it came from an EIC tested (and guaranteed) bloodline. WHAT IS EIC? In a simplified nutshell, EIC is diminished nerve transmission from the head to the hind end during strenuous exercise that results in a loss of control in the hind legs. Although…

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waterfowl band reports

1 HUNTER: Jason Savage and Tim Bell, Willow Springs, NC BAND #: 1657-76072 SPECIES: Mallard (H) BANDED: 07/31/2017 LOCATION: Near Walsingham, ON RECOVERED: 12/23/2017 LOCATION: 2.6 mi SW of Mill Seat Landing, NC 2 HUNTER: Max Rey, Ephrata, PA BAND #: 1707-38275 SPECIES: Atlantic Brant (M) BANDED: 08/11/2005 FLY WAY VETERAN LOCATION: Koukdjuak River Mouth, NU RECOVERED: 01/24/2020 LOCATION: Wildwood, NJ 3 HUNTER: Kelley Brown, Gilroy, CA BAND #: 0674-87024 SPECIES: Green-Winged Teal (D) BANDED: 08/14/2018 LOCATION: Near Pilot Station, AK RECOVERED: 01/15/2020 LOCATION: Gustine, CA 4 HUNTER: Bob Madden, Trenton, NE BAND #: 1847-51119 SPECIES: Ross’ Goose (M) BANDED: 08/27/2007 LOCATION: 35 SSE Johnson Point, NU RECOVERED: 03/24/2019 LOCATION: 5.3 mi se of Sarben, NE 5 HUNTER: Taylor Wasserman, Irrigon, OR BAND #: 2127-41996 (297) SPECIES: Lesser Snow Goose (M) BANDED: 07/27/2017 LOCATION: Near Ushakovkoye, Russia RECOVERED: 01/15/2020 LOCATION: 3 mi WE of Irrigon, OR 6 HUNTER: James Shaver, North Saanich, BC BAND #: 1148-95077 SPECIES: Large Canada Goose (M) BANDED: 06/26/2017 LOCATION: Near Coleharbor, ND RECOVERED: 09/14/2019 LOCATION: 9.3 miles NE from Plumas, MB 7 HUNTER: Nick DiSabatino,…