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nigerian fintech saves the unbanked millions

On New Year’s Day, 2016, Joshua Chibueze, a computer scientist and entrepreneur based in Lagos, Nigeria, floated the idea on his Twitter feed of digitizing the kolo, a wooden box similar to a piggy bank, used in many Nigerian homes to save money. Odunayo Eweniyi (right), a fellow entrepreneur (and Twitter friend of Chibueze’s), was the first to reply to his tweet. “The conversation progressed from digitising to automating the kolo,” Eweniyi recalls. Alongside a third co-founder, Somto Ifezue, they built an online savings platform to help medium-to-low-earning Nigerians save small amounts daily, weekly, monthly, or annually. Launched as PiggyBank.ng in February 2016, today it is known as PiggyVest. Nigerians could sign up easily using their smartphones, automate savings and earn interest, with rates between six and ten per cent. By the…

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startups rewriting nigeria’s financial playbook

Paystack Founded in 2015 by Shola Akinlade and Ezra Olubi, Paystack provided digital solutions for online and offline payments. In October 2020, it was acquired by John and Patrick Collison’s global fintech behemoth, Stripe, for over $200m. Farmcrowdy Nigerian low-income farmers often rely on crowdfunding to invest in their businesses, but finding sponsors can be difficult. Launched in 2016, Lagos-based Farmcrowdy connects potential investors to farmers in need. Bamboo Founded in 2019 by Yanmo Omorogbe and Richmond Bassey, Bamboo is an online brokerage service that allows users to buy, hold, sell, or gift stocks from a pool of over 3,000 listed in the US and Nigeria. In 2020, it joined Y Combinator’s winter cohort.…

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five startups that soared during the covid-19 crisis

DivideBuy Founded in 2015 by serial entrepreneur Robert Flowers, this Newcastle-based interest-free credit provider grew by an average of 20,733 per cent during 2019/2020, and topped Deloitte’s list of the UK’s 50 fastest-growing startups. UiPath Romania’s UiPath became a “decacorn” – valued at more than $10bn – during the pandemic, after a $225 million Series E round in July 2020. The company, led by “bot billionaire” Daniel Dines, automates business operations. Heroes This e-commerce company based in London was founded in May 2020, and raised £49.7m in its first investment round in October last year. The company acquires, operates and grows SME companies trading on Amazon. Karma Kitchen Dark kitchen startup Karma Kitchen, run by co-founders Gini and Eccie Newton, set out to raise £3m – but as delivery services boomed, they struck a £252m deal to…

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After a year marked by disinformation and violent extremism, the social platforms are in need of a reality check. Eight experts present their ideas for how things could change Fake news. Algorithmic bias. Online extremism. Social media’s great promise was to bring us closer together, so why does it so often seem to be ripping us apart? The Covid-19 pandemic has reminded us of the great potential – and need – to connect with people online, but many of us are unhappy with what we find there. Ad-driven business models promote sensational content and push creators to hew to the lowest common denominator. Battles over content moderation, censorship and harassment persist since day one. But if you decide you don’t like it, network effects make it difficult to leave. If we were…

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the insider event edit

Brand new for 2021, WIRED introduces its limited series of live broadcast events, designed as 90-minute episodes curated by the award-winning editorial team. WIRED INNOVATE Explore some of the startups using technology and innovation to help accelerate a change towards a sustainable, greener world. This episode will be part of the startup culture festival ViennaUP‘21. May 7, 2021 WIRED PULSE: QUANTUM Quantum computing could transform medicine, break encryption and revolutionise communications and artificial intelligence. Join us to explore the applications of quantum and its impact on society. May 7, 2021 WIRED BEAUTY Celebrating a sector that combines science, tech and innovation, our brand new event examines five exciting business trends, technologies and individuals paving the way to the future of beauty. June 16, 2021 WIRED LUXURY The luxury space has seen an extraordinary acceleration in growth in the past year –…

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hamilton’s high-tech racer

● FRONT WING Engineers spend thousands of hours perfecting the aerodynamics of the car, which shape the flow of air around it, and act to glue it to the track. Everything involves a trade-off between grip, tyre degradation, fuel economy and speed – with the driver at the centre. ● TYRES The four contact patches on the tyres – each about the size of the sole of a shoe – are the drivers’ only connection to the track. Hamilton is an expert at reading the vibrations coming through the tyres to sense how far he can push them before they fail. ● STEERING WHEEL Each year, Hamilton must digest a thick manual detailing the workings of his new Mercedes. The steering wheel alone packs in a digital display and more than 20 different buttons and…