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Woman's Day

Woman's Day

June 2020

Woman's Day, one of the oldest and most beloved of all the traditional women's magazines, is ever-evolving to fit the needs of modern readers.

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finding health & happiness in a changing world

When life becomes unsettled in new and bizarre ways—and hey, even during normal crazy-busy eruptions—it’s critically important to take care of yourself, for both your body and your mind. Living under constant stress can eat away at your well-being in so many ways (you’ll read more about that, and how to combat it, later in this issue). And of course when you keep yourself healthy, you’re much better equipped to take care of all the people you love. So our reminder to you: Self-care isn’t selfish. It’s the opposite of selfish. Throughout these pages, you’ll find ways to be kind to yourself—including fun stuff to do with your kids and lots of recipes for nourishing your body with super-delicious food (like pizza!—see page 53). Below are some other ways to focus on…

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care givers

With nightly applause, rainbows in windows, lawn signs, and fire truck parades, our citizens have been thanking the workers tirelessly minding our health care system through the pandemic. In this issue, we honor all medical professionals across the U.S. who show up each day and tend to the sickest among us. On the Cover 1. Alex Hall Registered Nurse, Oregon / 2. Dianna Solis Registered Nurse, New York / 3. Tayi Shropshire Registered Nurse, Louisiana / 4. Ursulla Elkins ICU Travel Registered Nurse, Michigan / 5. Grace Sippel Advanced Practice Nurse, New Jersey / 6. Kristi Hargrove Clinical Pharmacist, Emergency Medicine, Texas / 7. Kris Hawley Licensed Practical Nurse, Wisconsin / 8. Elizabeth Rivera-Zisholtz Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Case Manager, Florida / 9. Erika Kreipe Registered Nurse, Trauma Team; Julia Hicks Registered…

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breathe right—and calm your mind

In this mind-blowingly tension-filled time, there’s a simple technique that can ease an overstressed mind, as well as help relieve a number of other health conditions: breathing. Most of us, though, spend our entire lives doing it the wrong way. Follow this advice, and you’ll gain a host of benefits, including a more relaxed brain and a healthier body. Inhale, Exhale. Seems easy enough, right? It turns out, though, that we go through our lives breathing too quickly and not deeply enough—which means we’re losing out on a real wellness boost. “There’s a tremendous connection between respiration and our emotions,” says Ralph Potkin, M.D., a pulmonary specialist. “Breathing properly can help you relax, sleep, feel more positive, and reduce depression.” Better breathing can also help you lower blood pressure, improve heart health,…

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4 ways to try deep breathing

1 COUNT YOUR EXHALES This simple Japanese technique, called susokukan—or Zen breath counting—focuses your energy on your breath, helping you to concentrate and relax. Count 10 breaths, then return to one. If you get distracted and lose count, just start over from one. Do this exercise for 10 minutes. 2 BEND AND BREATHE Try this exercise from Nancy Zi, author of The Art of Breathing and a practitioner of qigong, a Chinese discipline that blends breathing techniques with philosophy, martial arts, and meditation. Bend forward from the waist as far as you comfortably can, place your hands on your lower back, and inhale. “Think of the circumference of your abdomen as a blossom opening and closing with each breath,” says Zi. “Let your tongue loosen toward your upper front teeth to relax your…

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keep calm and love your pet

Animals’ anxiety-busting benefits are no surprise. But many people don’t realize that social distancing impacts pets too. Here’s how to keep your critters in tip-top shape and ways they can help boost your wellness. Furry Stress Relief Petting your pup or kitty can help fulfill your body’s need for touch. Spending time with a pet also elevates the body’s levels of serotonin and dopamine, the chemicals that help a person calm down, says Jamie Richardson, the medical chief of staff at Small Door Veterinary. A Needed Structure and Routine Sticking to a regular potty and feeding routine will help your pet feel secure and give you a sense of normalcy as well. And the exercise and fresh air from your walk outdoors with your dog will do you both good. Boredom Busters for Your Pal Animals…

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indoor, outdoor, anywhere fun

fast fun SEE WHO CAN KEEP TWO BALLOONS IN THE AIR THE LONGEST. FOR A REAL DOSE OF SILLINESS, ADD A THIRD! SPIN MASTER Create something entirely new from that old board game that left your kids a little, well, bored. Just take the spinner from a game like Chutes and Ladders or The Game of Life and grab some paper, a pencil, and a timer. Then assign a yoga pose (such as cat pose, downward dog, or warrior pose) to each number or color on the spinner. Take turns spinning and have everyone hold the chosen pose as long as they can. BALLOON VOLLEYBALL The best way to play an outside game indoors without breaking all the furniture? Use a balloon instead of a ball! Your kids can play volleyball using a couch or…