Women Who Kill

Women Who Kill

Women are often seen to be born with the natural desire to nurture and create life – certainly not take it. The Real Crime book of Women Who Kill seeks to unveil the controversial stories that led certain women to commit the ultimate crime.

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welcome to women who kill

Women are often seen only as mothers, sisters, daughters, all born with the natural desire to nurture and create life – certainly not take it. The Real Crime book of Women Who Kill seeks to unveil the controversial stories that led certain women to commit the ultimate crime. From jealous lovers, such as Sarah Williams and Els Clottemans who savagely removed their love rivals from the picture, to Beverley Allitt and Susan Smith who targeted innocent children, we’ll look at the women who found themselves playing out the most horrible atrocities. Packed with crime scene photos, maps of killers’ hunting grounds and the insight of top criminal psychologists, the world’s most notorious female killers are featured within these pages. So if you’re ready, let’s take a look inside the investigations…

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man hunter the righteous rage of aileen wuornos

How can a dreamer be dead at 14? You could ask Aileen Wuornos, although she actually died many years later. Aileen’s life was effectively over when she was a smiling slip of a kid sucking on men’s private parts for cigarettes in the woods near her home. The real question is what actually went on inside her head and why it led to her being sentenced to death for killing seven men that she picked up while working as a hooker. Aileen dreamed a dream in which she saw her life through the movies, put up a front and played the roles she thought were expected of her. The roles her life cast her in were, sadly, extraordinary. The narratives included other characters too, such as one of her victim’s widows,…

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blood and bullets

19 NOVEMBER 1990 WALTER ANTONIO, 62 Location: Dixie County A security industry man whose body was found on a logging road naked, barring his socks. He had been shot four times and his car was found five days later in Brevard County. 12 SEPTEMBER 1990 CHARLES HUMPHREYS, 56 Location: Marion County The widow of this former police chief, Shirley, went on TV to talk about Aileen meeting ‘Old Sparky’. Humphreys had been shot six times and his car was found in Suwanee County. 4 AUGUST 1990 TROY BURRESS, 50 Location: Marion County A delivery worker reported missing on 31 July, this time found fully clothed in a wooded part of the county, along State Road 19. He had sustained two bullet wounds. BODY NEVER FOUND 4 JULY 1990 PETER SIEMS, 65 Location: Marion County The missionary’s body was never found, though his abandoned car was. Tellingly,…

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hidden agendas

“GOD HAS FORGIVEN HER FOR WHAT SHE’S DONE AND OUR STATE HAS THE DEATH PENALTY SO WHY NOT GO FOR IT, I MEAN, WOW! SHE COULD BE HOME WITH JESUS IN ANOTHER FEW YEARS” ARLENE PRALLE AILEEN WUORNOS (THE MONSTER) Loathed lesbian, good-time girl, multiple murderess and Christian-adopted daughter. Aileen is convinced that the cops have used her to “clean up the streets” by killing curb crawlers. She willingly plays the role others have cast her in, but the ‘real Aileen’ is increasingly elusive. RICHARD, DAVID, CHARLES C, PETER, TROY, CHARLES H AND WALTER (THE VICTIMS) Aileen meets them on the freeway over the course of a year. They are normal men. They meet the lady on the highway and wind up sometimes naked and robbed, and always dead. Innocent victims in the wrong…

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aileen’s many confessions

“Listen, do what you gotta do… I’m not gonna let you go to jail… listen, if I have to confess, I will” COURT APPEARANCE IN 1992 A taped telephone conversation between Aileen and ex-girlfriend Tyria is played to court. It was a set-up and Ty talks Aileen into taking sole responsibility for the crimes. She does, implicating herself while painting a florid portrait of Moore as an innocent and the only kindness in the killer’s ugly world. This is a very different Aileen from the one we expect, but this glimmer of redemption – love and selflessness – is instead distorted and repurposed to feed a different narrative, that of the man-hating lesbian she-devil. “I have made peace with my Lord and I have asked forgiveness. I am sorry that my acts of…

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granny ripper

The Slavic people in the regions of Russia tell tales of the crone, Tamara Samsonova. Hers is a modern day reworking of the adventures of Baba Yaga, the mythological creature, perhaps a witch, who killed and (some say) ate her victims, placing their skulls on the posts of her home. Baba Yaga still looms large over the family fireside, a caution to adventurous children, but in Samsonova’s real-life case, it is the adults who should have been more wary. The murderous madam did not care to hold her temper when she thought others had contravened acceptable standards of courtesy, and she would set her society on the straight and narrow, even if it meant killing the discourteous – roughly translated as anyone who annoyed her. THE ORIGINS OF BABA YAGA Samsonova is…