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The saying goes that “everyone has a story in them” and it’s the mission of Writing Magazine to help you get yours out. Brought to you by real experts who know what it takes to improve your writing or get published, this monthly magazine is a must-have for all writers. Whether you write fiction, poetry, drama, children’s books, non-fiction or anything else, each issue features tips, practical exercises and real-life advice, that will not only help you get all that creativity onto the paper but also, get your name and profile out into the industry. With writing masterclasses from professionals, industry news, events listings, competitions where you can submit your work for fantastic prizes and real paid writing opportunities, Writing Magazine has everything you need to hone and improve your talents.

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dear reader

Editor So, back to work, as you were! With lockdown restrictions starting to ease, this is the last issue of Writing Magazine produced entirely at our various homes. I’m so thrilled to have been able to keep WM running as normal, as well as the website, app, etc, throughout the lockdown. And I’ve loved to hear from so many of you how the mag has kept you ticking over creatively, and been a welcome respite from the confinement and solitude. I’ve always thought of WM as a companion as much as a tutor, so it was very important to me that we didn’t let you down. And now, with the worst (hopefully!) over, we’re not going anywhere. As the publishing industry gears back up towards regular activities and the release schedules…

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the world of writing

HIGH CONCEPT If genre-busting experimental novelist David Mitchell were a musical genre, he’d be a psychedelic prog rock band. The Cloud Atlas author’s creative flights of fantasy, replete with repeating riffs and dizzying prose that twists the timespace continuum, would be perfectly at home as a threepart concept album. So it makes sense that his recently published eighth novel, Utopia Avenue, sets the controls for the heart of the sun to tell the story of an experimental psychedelic prog rock band in heady, hallucinatory 1967. Writing about music is a challenge that has stumped many fiction writers but there couldn’t be a more apt prog-rock noodler of a novelist to convey the signs of that particular time. Characters from real-life Swinging London swing by. So do characters from his own novels.…

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letters to the editor

Write to: Letters to the editor, Writing Magazine, Warners Group Publications plc, 5th Floor, 31-32 Park Row, Leeds LS1 5JD; email: letters@writersnews.co.uk. (Include your name and address when emailing letters. Ensure all letters, a maximum of 250 words, are exclusive to Writing Magazine. Letters may be edited.) When referring to previous articles/letters, please state month of publication and page number. STAR LETTER Game on! I came across a new and interesting way to distract myself from writing my novel recently when a video game company ran a competition for stories inspired by one of their titles. Entering seemed like a no-brainer, given that writing and video games are my two great loves. Like many writers, however, I suffer from procrastination guilt, and I had that familiar voice whining in my ear the whole way: I…

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contracts, cancellations and covid-19

When we ran our Authors in the Health Crisis survey in May, we found that four out of five professional authors had suffered significant financial losses during the health crisis, with contracts and events cancelled, and other projects indefinitely postponed. This month, we look at some contractual issues to consider if you have suffered financially following cancellations of pre-Covid commitments. Although we are thinking of the impact of the health crisis here, what follows applies equally to anyone who finds themselves facing a cancellation at any other time. If you believe that a contract has been wrongfully terminated or breached, you have six years from discovery of the breach to issue a claim in the courts. It is important to remember that, in all UK jurisdictions, binding contracts do not normally have…

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let’s do diversity

Chuck Berry was once asked to define what rock and roll was and he, rather brilliantly, said, ‘music that pisses off your mum and dad’. For the young people of today, raised by parents who oh-so-tediously remind them of how much more punchy the punk or rap of their day was, that avenue is closed to them, but of course the young are resourceful and they find their way. Certainly, much of the way the whole ‘woke’ debate is framed is often comically reminiscent of earlier generations raging at the hairstyle and attitudes of their children. Perhaps one of the reasons my generation has it so bad, is that we believed we were going to be immune to all that stuff. Certainly the directors of Hachette, the UK’s second largest publishing conglomerate, must…

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proceed with caution

When I started the first book in the Frankie Sheehan series, I aimed to write a crime thriller but I wasn’t wholly confident I was achieving that. In fact it wasn’t until I sought an agent that I discovered I’d written a police procedural, which was also some news to me. Although, I read a lot of crime fiction, I read as a reader and was not as familiar with all the various genres within crime fiction as I am now. So you can imagine I’d also not fully appreciated the difficulties I’d come across when writing a crime series. When I spoke to my agent about a second book for the series, I thought, that’s okay, I already have my characters down. I only need to find a plot and…