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Yachting August 2019

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never-ending voyage

Adventure. The word conjures up myriad images. For some, it’s a singular event, such as climbing a peak or crossing an ocean. For others, it’s a lifetime of adrenaline rushes. ¶ In this issue, we look at yachts outfitted for adventure: one refitted to cruise Antarctica, and one built to search the world for novel-worthy pelagics. We also explore a growing trend in personal submarines, which yachtsmen are using to explore under the sea in luxury. ¶ All of these things are worthy of the name adventure, but for me, the term is open-ended. When I was 2 years old, my parents put me on our boat. I didn’t like the sound of the engines starting, but I enjoyed leaving the slip. Our adventures consisted of heading into the bay…

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atomic is here

VSY has launched the 209-foot Atomic. Exterior design comes from naval architect Espen Oeino, with an interior from Darnet Design. The yacht has six staterooms, a dive center, and a sun deck with an infinity pool and fire pit. Dynamic positioning reduces impact on the seafloor. CORRECTION In the April issue, we ran incorrect range numbers for the Silent 55. The correct numbers are below. We regret the error. ¶ On solar power, range is up to 80 nautical miles at 5 knots. At 15 knots, range is up to 12 nautical miles. Maximum running time at this speed is one hour. Top speed is up to 20 knots. With the generator running, range is 2,400 nautical miles at 7 knots. Run time is up to 340 hours. READER FEEDBACK Looking for photos and yacht news?…

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antarctic odyssey

95'11" LENGTH OVERALL 23'5" MAXIMUM BEAM When flag-state officials in the Marshall Islands got word that the owners of the 95-foot Doggersbank Off shore Gayle Force wantedto cruise to Antarctica, they sent Capt. Scott Whittaker a letter, questioning whether a boat so small was even capable of making the trip. ¶ In fact, Gayle Force would become the smallest private yacht with that nation’s flag ever to explore so far south, following a 20-month, multimillion-dollar refit to prepare the boat for the journey. ¶ A lot of the work included taking out what the original owners had put in when the boat launched as Patriot in 2003. A Vripack design, she had an original owner who was into what, back then, was state-of-the-art technology. ¶ “It was heralded as the most technologically…

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the party’s over

CLEARING THE AIR PROTECTING THE OCEANS On the ocean conservancy’s list of trash that kills seabirds, turtles and other marine life, balloons rank No. 3, behind only fishing gear and plastic bags. The problem has gotten so bad that some municipalities are now banning the release of balloons at parties and events, much like how plastic bags are being banned at grocery stores. ¶ Long Beach, New York, banned balloon releases this past April. Citizens in Kennebunkport, Maine, were scheduled to vote on a similar ordinance by the time you read this. Even far-inland locations are facing scrutiny: After the Indianapolis 500’s traditional balloon release in May, more than 37,000 people signed a petition in protest. ¶ “This is not only to try to save the oceans,” Long Beach Councilwoman Anissa Moore…

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built to cruise

59'5" LENGTH OVERALL 17'6" MAXIMUM BEAM 01. DESIGNED FOR VARIOUS SPEEDS With 725 hp Volvo Penta D11s, this yacht is expected to have a range of 1,000 nautical miles at 10 knots—with a fast cruise of 27 knots possible. 02. SUSTAINABLE WOOD Grand Banks says the interior’s “golden blended teak” will be from sustainable sources. Two- and three-stateroom layouts are available. 03. GALLEY DOWN The galley is to port a few steps down from the main deck, with natural light coming from overhead, creating what Grand Banks calls an atrium effect.…