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Pete Rowbottom PAGE 6 The Landscape Photographer of the Year shows our Apprentice the value of filters – and a rock-solid tripod – in the Lake District. Tom Mason PAGE 28 Wildlife photographer Tom shares his trade secrets to tell you how to inject creativity into your pictures of all creatures great and small. Fabiolla Loureiro PAGE 66 Brazilian architecture fan Fabiolla showcases her arty black-and-white photographs of buildings from all corners of the globe. Gabriel J Diaz PAGE 68 Cycling nut Gabriel peddles his amazing action shots documenting a variety of pedal-propelled two-wheeled races. Stefan Christmann PAGE 82 The award-winning Antarctic wildlife photographer behind the BBC’s acclaimed Dynasties series tells all in the N-Photo interview. Jordan Banks PAGE 90 Globetrotting travel photographer Jordan reports on his assignment to exotic Egypt to photograph its photogenic people and places.…

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welcome to issue 107

Who doesn’t stand in awe of wildlife photography? After all, capturing intimate images of celebrated beasts usually involves far-flung travel, a good deal of patience and – more often than not – expensive long lenses. But wildlife pro Tom Mason says there’s more to it than simple animal portraits, and shows how to shoot creatures creatively in our lead feature. We also speak to penguin photographer extraordinaire Stefan Christmann in the N-Photo interview and showcase the best Nikon Wildlife Photographer of the Year images in our Lightbox gallery. We join our Apprentice in the Lake District with reigning Landscape Photographer of the Year Pete Rowbottom to shoot the impossibly picturesque scenery around every corner - whatever the weather. But if you’d prefer to stay indoors at this time of year, then a flashgun…

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the great lakes!

THE PRO NAME: Pete Rowbottom CAMERA: Nikon D850 Pete has been shooting landscapes since the ’80s, moving through DSLRs from the D90, D200, D7100, D750 and D810 to the D850 he uses now. He supplies images to Nikon USA among other clients and sells through agencies like Getty, but things really took off when he won the Landscape Photographer of the Year 2018 contest. Based in Wigan, Lancashire, the Lake District is on his doorstep, where he offers one-to-one tuition. See www.peterowbottom.net THE APPRENTICE NAME: Bill Knight CAMERA: Nikon D7200 Bill, who lives in Derbyshire, has recently retired after a 46-year career as a software engineer. His first interest in photography came about with both film SLR and movie cameras in his late teens, and was rekindled when he bought a D5000 – along with issue one…

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technique assessment

BACK-BUTTON IT Pete says… Back-button focus removes focus when half-pressing the shutter button. Go to the Custom Settings menu, select Autofocus>AF Activation and select the AF-ON only option. On Bill’s D7200, we assigned focus to the AE-L/AF-L button: Custom Settings>Controls>AE-L/AF-L>AF-ON. HELPFUL HISTOGRAM Pete says… It’s important to get a full spread of tones in an image, so viewing the histogram is vital. Turn on RGB Histogram in the Playback Display Options. If you can’t avoid clipping either end of the histogram, then take two or more shots and blend the exposures. More on that later! ZOOM WITH THE VIEW Pete says… It’s critical that the image is pin-sharp from front to back. Set the OK button to zoom in to 100% to examine the image at pixel-level detail during playback. For most images, shooting at…

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how to: blend exposures

RAW EDITS Take three or more shots then open the Raw files in ACR. Sync the images to make the same adjustments to White Balance, Vibrance, Clarity and so on. Then work on individual shots to alter the Exposure sliders to bring out the shadows in the overexposed image and highlights in the underexposed one. BLEND THE EXPOSURES Open the files into a stack of layers in the main Photoshop editor and ensure they are perfectly aligned (Edit>Auto Align> Layers). I use the Raya Pro plug-in ($45, www.shutterevolve.com), which has a luminosity masking feature that creates a blend of the best exposed areas for shadows, midtones and highlights. FINAL ADJUSTMENTS The plug-in creates layer masks, showing which area of the image has been brought out in each, the lighter areas are revealed, and the black…

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pro portfolio pete rowbottom

BUTTERMERE MIRROR Buttermere is one of my favourite places to shoot in the Lake District. The sunrise wasn’t the best, but the moving fog on the lake was lush. This was a waiting game, with nearly three hours spent until the ‘right’ conditions materialized to get the shot. It usually pays to stay until it’s impossible to shoot any more due to light or weather. GLENCOE WINTER The conditions were that good for photography on this day I only had to venture about 50 yards to shoot this. The group of dark pine trees next to the lone cottage enables it to be easily picked out in a very white and dramatic winter scene. ICE SPIKES This was the image that won me the Landscape Photographer of the Year in 2018. I’d gone out this…