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Every month we bring you 132-pages of step-by-step advice on how to get the best results from your Nikon digital SLR. Our camera skills section will show you how to shoot great pictures and how to edit them to make them even better! You'll be inspired by the beautiful images shot by top photographers and fellow readers. And you'll learn the basics through our Nikopedia reference pages – picking up tips from the pros with our exclusive interviews and masterclasses. ****Note: This digital edition is not printable and does not include the covermount items or supplements you would find with printed copies***

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Stu Meech PAGE 8 Stu guides our youthful Apprentice on a photo walk around the city of Bath to capture street and architecture images. Edyta Rice PAGE 30 Landscape photographer Edyta heads for the hills and shares her epic shots and insider tips for photographing mountains. Tom Mackie PAGE 64 If you haven’t seen the mist then you’ve missed the scene… Tom makes the most of the Scottish weather on a recent workshop. Marie Bärsch PAGE 66 Her fashion portraits have graced the covers of Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and Grazia, amongst others. We want to know more… Daniel Bear PAGE 74 Adventure sports photographer Daniel swapped the Austrian pistes for the Israeli desert for a manic mountain bike shoot. Matthew Richards PAGE 102 Matthew helps you pick the best standard prime for your needs in this issue’s Big Test on nifty fifties – and their DX…

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welcome to issue 120

When it comes to landscape photography, there’s nothing quite like getting high into the hills. Craggy peaks, snow-capped summits and rugged ranges are dripping with drama, but if your attempts at scenic sierras have left you feeling flat, check our lead feature on shooting magnificent mountains. In an altogether more urban affair, pro Stu Meech shows his eager young Apprentice just what can be captured on your own doorstep with a photo walk through the streets of Bath. In this issue’s Big Test, we put ‘nifty fifty’ standard primes through their paces to find the best everyday lens for you, whether you shoot on an FX or DX body, DSLR or mirrorless Nikon. We give the pro-spec Nikon Z 14-24mm S wide zoom the review treatment, and try out a selection of…

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lighting the way

Photography has a reputation for being an expensive hobby and there’s no denying that camera kit can get very pricy, very fast. But while it’s nice to have the best cameras and a large collection of the finest glass, serious investment isn’t required to become a great photographer. Stu Meech and his Apprentice, sixth form student Jack Pawlyn, met at Queen Square in the historic city of Bath, and the discussion soon turned to gear. “That’s a nice camera,” said Jack as he eyed up Stu’s Nikon Z 6. “What is it?” Stu explained the difference between a mirrorless and Jack’s DSLR. “This is just a tool though,” said Stu. “It’s nice to have, but it isn’t the most important thing when starting out.” Jack admitted that his photography classmates cheekily rib…

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Border Refuge JOSEPH DOMINIC ANTHONY Joseph formed the idea for this image in 2016 on a visit to Mai Po Nature Reserve in Hong Kong. He wanted to convey the story and mood of Mai Po in a single balanced shot, combining individuals and the behaviour of multiple species in the context of their wider environment, particularly to juxtapose the proximity of the ever-encroaching urban development. Camera: Nikon D800E Lens: 70-200mm f/2.8 Exposure: 1/125 sec, f/16, ISO320 Turtle Time Machine THOMAS PESCHAK During Christopher Columbus’s voyage of 1494, green sea turtles were said to be so numerous that ships almost ran aground on them. Today the species is classified as endangered. However, at locations like Little Farmer’s Cay in the Bahamas, green turtles can still be seen. Without a time machine it’s impossible to see the pristine turtle…

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how to shoot… magnificent mountains!

Edyta Rice is a landscape photographer based in Newport, South Wales. With an emphasis on in-camera technique, her photography records the natural beauty of landscapes. She’s a brand ambassador for Fotopro tripods and Nisi filters, and takes pride and joy educating fellow aspiring photographers to enjoy the aesthetic and technical aspects of shooting. www.facebook.com/edytaricephotography Mountains are one of the most revered features of the landscape. For centuries they have provided inspiration to painters and photographers alike, and served as a common reference point for beauty and its abstract qualities, such as symmetry, proportion and balance. While mountains provide a great setting for landscape photography, they also present many unique challenges. One of the first things to remember is that an awe-inspiring mountain does not automatically produce an award-winning capture. In my early…