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June 3, 2019

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hayden still hanging with brawler brian!

HAYDEN PANETTIERE is crazy in love with her party animal boyfriend and still playing house — even after he was cuffed for domestic violence!The National ENQUIRER spied troublemaker Brian Hickerson, 30, sneaking into the actress’ Hollywood Hills home after his release on bail, and then caught the pair on camera as they cozily checked out luxury cars at a dealership!“It was surprising to see them look so smitten after everything that’s happened,” a source said.“Their relationship is toxic, but neither of them seems to care! They should be getting help or sorting out their issues, not spending a fortune on a new car!”Hickerson was arrested May 2 following a neighbor’s 911 call about a suspected “physical argument” with the former “Heroes” hottie.In October, Hickerson also allegedly got into a brawl…

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alex’s hair is gone – but not his hope!

CANCER has taken a grim toll on Alex Trebek — but an experimental new treatment could offer him hope for the future!As these exclusive National ENQUIRER photos show, the 78-year-old “Jeopardy!” host has lost his hair after undergoing treatment for stage 4 pancreatic cancer.The ashen-faced game show legend also appeared frail and unsteady on his feet as he walked to his car at a valet stand outside a medical center in Los Angeles.“He looked so old and tired — that’s the only way I could describe it,” said a shaken eyewitness.“I don’t know if he was on medication or had just had treatment, but he was holding on to the car door for dear life, taking tiny steps while trying to maintain his balance as he got in the car.“I…

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ellen’s plastic face disaster!

FROZEN-faced Ellen DeGeneres has gone overboard with cosmetic touch-ups, friends fear — in a botched bid to shore up her dicey marriage to 46-year-old Portia de Rossi!The talk show queen, 61, has grown insecure over the couple’s 15-year age gap, according to insiders, and resorted to a rapidfire succession of treatments!“Ellen can’t stand being referred to as ‘the older one’ in her marriage to Portia!” tattled a source. “Her fixes were minimal at first — an injection here and there, plus some tightening — and she loved the results.“But now she’s going back for more procedures every few weeks. She’s starting to look like a giant puffball!”A top cosmetic surgeon believes Ellen has undergone a major overhaul!“She most likely had a face-lift and neck-lift, probably Botox also,” Boston-based Dr. Dave…

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is miley flirting with disaster?

KINKY Miley Cyrus’ girl-on-girl flirting is fueling rumors that she and new hubby Liam Hemsworth have an open marriage!The admitted bisexual former “Hannah Montana” star has been spending time with her ex, supermodel Stella Maxwell, sources said — and Liam is totally on board!“Miley’s still attracted to Stella. They had a very special friendship,” dished an insider. “She misses Stella — and she can’t help herself!”According to insiders, Stella isn’t the only one on the receiving end of the 26-year-old “Wrecking Ball” singer’s attentions.“Liam’s softened his stance about a lot of things lately — especially Miley’s flirty and loose behavior, so it makes a lot of sense.”As The National ENQUIRER has reported, Aussie hunk Liam, 29, has been smoking mad over Miley flaunting her love of weed.Despite that, the two…

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cruel cate leaves broke brother to rot!

COLDHEARTED Cate Blanchett abandoned her poor and disabled brother in a run-down apartment Down Under — while the ice queen rakes in millions in Hollywood!The National ENQUIRER tracked down Cate’s 51-year-old brother, Robert, on May 14 — the same day the Oscar-winning actress celebrated her 50th birthday.But instead of joining his famous sister at her $6.5 million English manor to celebrate her milestone, The ENQUIRER found Robert struggling to stand at a bus stop in Melbourne, Australia — the city where he and Cate spent their childhood.In an exclusive interview with The ENQUIRER inside his shabby home, Robert said of his ravaged appearance: “People have called before thinking I’m my dad, but he died 40 years ago.”Asked if he’s in contact with his “Lord of the Rings” star sibling, he…

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wendy: spending it all is the best revenge!

BITTER Wendy Williams has blown through $300,000 and counting to ensure her love-rat hubby gets as little as possible in their divorce settlement, insiders claimed.“Wendy is on a revenge-spending spree!” said a source close to the betrayed TV titan, who finally ditched hubby Kevin Hunter in April after learning he fathered a child with his alleged mistress of ten years, 34-year-old Sharina Hudson.The daytime diva, 54, is sitting on a $600 million fortune, and the source dished, “She’s dropped tens of thousands on designer purses and shoes — and thousands more on the best bling available from Tiffany’s and Cartier!”The source added her extravagance is also meant to needle out-of-work Kevin, who was canned from his producer gig on “The Wendy Williams Show” days after her divorce filing.“This is her…