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National Enquirer March 30, 2020

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hound dog jamie unleashed!

SERIAL womanizer Jamie Foxx was caught on camera partying until 2 a.m. with baby mama Kristin Grannis at a pal’s birthday bash at a Hollywood club — and also found time to flirt with Eddie Murphy’s ex! Jamie, who has a daughter with Kristin, kept his baby mama hidden behind the DJ booth while he spun records. “They seemed extremely close and were seen whispering in each other’s ears!” an insider snitched. As National ENQUIRER readers know, sources said the love rat spent the first weekend after splitting from Katie Holmes last August hanging out with no fewer than 30 women — and then invited 19-year-old protégé Sela Vave toh move in with im! But sources said Jamie, who did not respond to a request for comment, and Kristin are close again — despite…

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bachelor ben’s havana great time!

ONLY weeks after whining about regretting his failed marriage to Jennifer Garner, booze-challenged Ben Affleck has already met new squeeze Ana de Armas’ parents! The introduction came during the couple’s recent getaway to Ana’s native Cuba — and insiders claimed Ben’s pals worry he’s diving in too fast. “This microwave romance is already setting off alarm bells among Ben’s friends!” an insider tattled to The National ENQUIRER. “He really shouldn’t be committing to any relationship until he’s got at least a year of sobriety under his belt — at least not in the eyes of his sponsors and other friends in recovery.” The two play a married couple in the upcoming thriller “Deep Water” — and insiders dished 47-year-old Ben has flipped for Ana, 31, like a puppy-love-drunk high school kid! “Ben’s head over heels…

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angie spills girls’ surgery secrets – & brad’s mad!

BRAD PITT exploded over ex Angelina Jolie exploiting their daughters’ medical issues to make a political point, The National ENQUIRER can reveal. Insiders claim the intensely private actor felt the “Maleficent” witch stepped over the line when she blabbed publicly about her heartbreak over Zahara and Shiloh undergoing surgery. “Brad sees that as a strategic move to get attention for herself,” spilled an insider. “He’s sick and tired of Angie using the kids as pawns in her self-serving game of manipulation and control.” In an International Women’s Day essay, the “By the Sea” actress wrote: “I have spent the last two months in and out of surgeries with my eldest daughter, and days ago watched her younger sister go under the knife for a hip surgery.” The day after the essay’s publication, Angie, who…

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heart damage fears for yo-yoing garth!

GARTH BROOKS is suddenly slim again — but friends fear his 25-year roller-coaster ride of yo-yo dieting has put a killer strain on his ticker! Although the country kingpin dropped an impressive 60 pounds after ballooning to 300 pounds, sources said Garth’s been told his gain-some, lose-some approach may be a death sentence. “Garth has had doctors warn him in no uncertain terms about the damage he’s doing to his heart,” tattled a pal. “He’s been putting on massive amounts of weight — then starving himself to lose it again — since the 1990s. Even he admits he isn’t doing his health any favors.” Longevity expert Dr. Gabe Mirkin said the 58-year-old star, who did not respond to a request for comment, runs a risk of heart failure from his years of yo-yo dieting. “Every…

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heartsick rosie’s shocking slim-down could be deadly!-docs warn

CHATTERBOX Rosie O’Donnell’s drastic weight drop has friends fearing for her health! Insiders said the heartbroken funnylady, 58, has been distraught since her November split with hot cop fiancée Elizabeth Rooney! “Everyone’s worried about Rosie,” a source spilled. “The pounds are melting off her!” A lifespan expert told The National ENQUIRER, “Losing so much weight puts her at high risk for getting very sick and even dying from the current coronavirus epidemic. “The people who are dying are those who have compromised immunities, and rapid weight loss can reduce a person’s ability to fight infections.” After a heart attack in 2012, the former co-host of “The View” — who once crushed the scales at almost 240 — underwent gastric sleeve surgery and lost more than 64 pounds. Rosie gained much of it back in recent years,…

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new troubles for train wreck bynes!

TRAIN wreck Amanda Bynes disappeared after being ordered BACK into a psychiatric treatment facility since seemingly ending then renewing her engagement to an AA pal! A judge determined troubled Amanda should check herself in after meeting with the former child star, her parents and on-again, off-again fiancé Paul Michael on March 5. But the “What a Girl Wants” alum, 33, sparked new fears by reportedly failing to show, sources said. “Amanda is spiraling out of control again,” said a source close to the star, who did not respond to a request for comment. “First she checks out of her sober-living facility. Then she gets engaged to a guy she knew for only a few months. Now she’s ducking the treatment she needs. People are concerned she’s taken a big step backward!” As National ENQUIRER readers…