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National Enquirer May 25, 2020

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dog’s quickie engagement scares pals!

SMITTEN reality star Duane “Dog” Chapman got engaged to a new ladylove, just ten months after the cancer death of his beloved wife, Beth—but pals fear they are rushing their romance and want him to get a prenup! Dog, 67, bonded with rancher Francie Frane after she also lost her spouse to cancer, in 2018. Though the bounty hunter’s kids have publicly approved of their union, sources told The National ENQUIRER he still needs to watch his back! An insider said: “They’re both still healing and recovering after losing very important people in their lives, but they should also slow down.” Francie said Dog’s recent proposal came out of the blue when she returned home to find a room lit with candles, the lights turned low and Dog on one knee. Still, the whirlwind romance…

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jen worries after matthew splits with galpal!- sources

SPOOKED Jennifer Aniston is worried sick about strung-out former “Friend” Matthew Perry—especially now that it’s over with the galpal who kept him on the straight and narrow, The National ENQUIRER can reveal! The onetime co-stars have been in frequent contact as Perry, 50, bravely battles his substance-abuse demons—and he is particularly vulnerable after losing 29-year-old girlfriend Molly Hurwitz! “There are major fears for Matthew’s sobriety now that he’s split from Molly,” an insider spilled. “Stress is the last thing he needs—plus, Molly was his rock, who helped him so much in his addiction battle!” Jen leads the pack of Central Perk alums who wish him well, including Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer and Matt LeBlanc. “Jen has always had a lot of time for Matthew and it bothers her greatly to see him…

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relapse fears for disick!

SCOTT DISICK bolted from rehab after a week—but friends and family fear his problems are far from over! Kourtney Kardashian’s troubled ex checked into All Points North Lodge in Edwards, Colo., on April 28 amid reports of cocaine and booze issues. When photos of him there went public, Scott, 36, fled the facility! “Scott was so upset about the leak that he checked out and said he had only been there because he was sad about his parents’ deaths,” insisted an insider. Bonnie Disick died in October 2013, and Jeffrey Disick died just three months later, leaving Scott “devastated,” insiders said. Sources said the reality star’s pals are worried he could be back on the booze, but his lawyer said his client wanted to get help for “past traumas” and that the visit had nothing…

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natalee hollloway chilling police files

SECRET police files in the Natalee Holloway investigation have surfaced on the 15th anniversary of her disappearance in Aruba—and suggest how Joran van der Sloot and two pals cheated justice with the help of corrupt lawmen on the Caribbean island! According to the police documents, Joran’s pals fingered the slick skirt-chaser in 18-year-old Natalee’s disappearance. What’s more, bumbling cops botched the case by pursuing a bogus alibi early in their investigation. “I think the local police just want this whole story to go away,” said T.J. Ward, a private investigator who still works with Natalee’s father to solve the crime. “They just dropped the ball from the start!” The bubbly blond Alabama teenager was on a high school graduation trip to the exotic getaway when she met up with then-17-year-old Joran in a local…

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frantic meghan using magic to regain mojo!

PRINCE HARRY’S New Age wife, Meghan, is warding off negative vibes with “evil eye” pendants! But palace insiders said the duchess’ war against bad vibes hasn’t been working—and may have even had the opposite effect! “Meghan’s in an absolute world of hurt right now,” a royal spy told The National ENQUIRER. “A British judge just pinned back her ears in a lawsuit involving her father, Thomas Markle. Her highly anticipated Disney debut in ‘Elephant’ was panned by critics—and Harry’s openly homesick a month after officially quitting the royal family for California! Her life is in shambles.” But that didn’t stop the superstitious 38-year-old royal rebel from offering video advice to a British youngster—while sporting a creepy charm to keep bad spirits at bay! The wacky $175 trinket—a piece of blue topaz set on a gold…

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celebrity cov-idiot of the week!

THE spread of COVID-19 across the planet is very serious business—except to wacky warbler Madonna, who decided she would make light of the vicious virus after fifinding she may be immune. “I took a test the other day, and I found out that I have the antibodies,” the Material Girl posted on social media, pretentiously tapping out her thoughts on a throwback typewriter. “So tomorrow I’m just going for a long drive in the car. I’m going to roll down the window and I’m going to breathe in the COVID-19 air.” In other words, I’m lucky and you’re not! The pop princess, 61, then reinforced her selfifish ramblings. “I’m going to wake up and feel differently,” she chirped, seeming to forget people are dying and gasping for air in hospitals across the world. Sorry, Madge,…