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National Enquirer June 8, 2020

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203-lb. valerie’s fed up with diets!

FORMER Jenny Craig weight-loss spokesperson Valerie Bertinelli is packing on the pounds again — and said she doesn’t care anymore! But it could cost her her life, according to docs! The 60-year-old TV chef, smashing the scales at 203 pounds, revealed she’s livid she has been pressured to lay off the lard ever since she was a child actress on the ’70s sitcom “One Day at a Time.” “Now I can be angry for that little girl,” she said. “It feels like so much time wasted!” The yo-yo mama, who did not respond to a request for comment, dropped 60 pounds from her five-foot-four frame as the face of Jenny Craig, but since hosting cooking shows starting in 2015, she’s put all that back on and more! This puts her at risk for more…

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lauer lashes out: i’m the victim of rush to judgment!

DISGRACED former “Today” host Matt Lauer has come out guns blazing in his own defense, claiming the rape charges against him were not only false — but widely embraced by the #MeToo movement without proper verification! The 62-year-old axed anchor was dropped by NBC in 2017 after a string of sexual harassment complaints and was later rocked by rape allegations made by Brooke Nevils — a former assistant to Meredith Vieira — who had traveled with him to the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Now, Lauer is firing back, insisting his reputation was wrongly smeared in a media feeding frenzy that aimed to destroy him! “On the morning I was falsely accused of rape [Oct. 9, 2019] — and before I could even issue a statement, some journalists were already calling my…

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fears seacrest is going blind!

RYAN SEACREST shocked audiences with his slurred speech and shriveled eye on the finale of “American Idol” — prompting fears he could go blind! Ryan, 45, struggled to read cue cards and missed work the next day as Kelly Ripa’s co-host on “Live with Kelly and Ryan.” He was then forced to dismiss the fears of fans who speculated his half-closed eye was a sign he’d had a stroke! A rep for Ryan insisted he was simply exhausted from his grueling schedule. A source who knows Ryan had a different theory and told The National ENQUIRER: “It could well have been a reaction to a Botox injection administered by himself or someone else at his home, as most Hollywood cosmetic surgeons are still closed. “It would be deeply concerning — especially if it had been…

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jealous jen spies on lady-killer justin! - insiders

BUSYBODY Jennifer Aniston and cagey ex-hubby Justin Theroux are playing cat-and-mouse games with each other about their love lives, insiders dished. While Justin’s been living the single life since their 2017 split, the “Friends” cutie is doing everything she can to get the details about his dates, sources said. “Justin has been dating a long string of ladies, and jealous Jen has been trying to find out what she can about ALL of them!” an insider tattled. Snitches claimed Jen even tried to give Justin a taste of his own medicine by getting cozy with ex-hubby Brad Pitt. The “Fight Club” hunk was invited to her December holiday party and had a friendly meetup with her at January’s Screen Actors Guild Awards. But a friend said Brad quickly snuffed out all hopes of a…

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celebrity cov-idiot of the week!

HOW do you spell greedy? M-A-U-R-I-C-E F-A-Y-N-E is how. Yup, the “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” reality star has been arrested for taking millions in emergency moolah from the government — and spending it on over-the-top bling such as a Rolex watch, a diamond bracelet and a massive 5.73 carat diamond ring! Authorities said the allegedly corrupt creep also leased a $350,000 Rolls-Royce Wraith and paid $40,000 in back child support from money loaned to his company under the Paycheck Protection Program, which is supposed to be used to prop up small companies during the COVID-19 crisis. Federal prosecutors said Fayne, also known as Arkansas Mo, asked for $3,725,000 “to retain workers and maintain payroll” at his trucking company. He was okayed for just over $2 million — and promptly headed to the…

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rocker crosby won’t survive son’s death - friends fear

THE tragic overdose death of Melissa Etheridge’s son Beckett Cypher has insiders fearing for the well-being of his sperm-donating dad — rock legend David Crosby! Beckett — raised by Melissa and former partner Julie Cypher, who split in 2000 — was just 21, and according to insiders, his sudden passing gutted the frail musician. “David was devastated by the news,” a source spilled. “He had an active role in the boy’s life, and with his long list of health woes, his friends are deathly afraid he won’t be able to stand the strain of a loss like this.” The “Long Time Gone” singer, who suffered through years of heroin addiction and endured a 1986 prison stint, two or three heart attacks and a liver transplant, recently admitted he’s surprised he’s still alive. “Nobody has…