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National Enquirer June 22, 2020

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kanye begging kim not to kick him out!

FRUSTRATED Kim Kardashian is ready to kick Kanye West to the curb, leaving the rapper begging his wife for one last chance, insiders spilled. “He’s only got himself to blame,” dished a source close to the Kardashian clan. “But he’s making an effort to show her he can change!” As The National ENQUIRER has reported, Kanye’s bizarre behavior has put the couple’s sixyear marriage on life support. “Kanye’s realized he may lose his family,” snitched the insider. Kim has endured crazy Kanye’s 2016 mental breakdown, his transformation into a religious zealot and his physical decline into a doughy dad with man boobs! And as The ENQUIRER reported, the reality star, 39, and her hitmaker hubby, 43, are sleeping in separate rooms in a sexless marriage! Sources said simmering tensions boiled over in May, when Kanye stormed…

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kelly battling brandon for another baby!

MOTHER hen Kelly Clarkson wants to expand her brood — but stubborn hubby Brandon Blackstock refuses to make her dream come true! “I SO want another child, and my husband is like, ‘No! We have four!’” she told celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay on her daytime talk show. Ironically, the 38-year-old yakker had her tubes tied years ago and Brandon, 43, had a vasectomy. But sources said Kelly now deeply regrets those decisions! The couple already has a six-year-old daughter, River Rose, and a four-year-old son, Remington. Country music manager Brandon is also a dad to Savannah, 18, and Seth, 13, from a previous marriage. After two difficult pregnancies, Kelly decided to have surgery to prevent another one — and in 2016 she told talk show host Ellen DeGeneres that the couple’s baby-making was done. “I…

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william going blind!

WITH his dying grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, all but retired from public life and his rebel brother, Prince Harry, abruptly quitting royal duties, Prince William has been hit with a crushing new crisis — he’s going blind! The National ENQUIRER has learned the 38-year-old future king has been warned he could lose his sight in just five years! “The palace is desperately trying to keep William’s health struggle secret, but he let the cat out of the bag himself,” a high-level courtier revealed in a world exclusive. “He publicly admitted his vision is failing — then tried to downplay it, joking it made it easier for him to conquer stage fright because the audience is ‘just a blur.’ “But behind palace walls, I’m told he’s terrified of going blind. “His eyesight has deteriorated quickly — he…

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justin’s pda with new gal rubs ‘us’ the wrong way!

THIS IS US” star Justin Hartley is shoving his new romance in the face of estranged wife Chrishell Stause — and rubbing his castmates the wrong way, sources said! Justin, 43, was spotted in a wheelchair locking lips with hottie Moroccan actress Sofia Pernas May 28 as she picked him up at an orthopedic hospital in Los Angeles! “Justin wasn’t hurt badly,” a source spilled. “He just wrenched his back doing gardening work, and Sofia is giving him tender loving care and he’s milking his new hookup for all it’s worth!” As The National ENQUIRER reported, sources dished Justin’s “This Is Us” castmates were turned off when Justin whined about his salary — despite his big bump from $75,000 to $250,000 in 2018 — and how he dumped Chrishell, who they considered part…

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a-rod & j.lo take another swing at ballpark riches!

A-ROD and J.Lo are taking another swing at becoming the king and queen of Queens — just in time to save their marriage plans! As The National ENQUIRER reported, Jennifer Lopez, 50, and Alex Rodriguez, 44, struck out in their initial efforts to buy the New York Mets in early May, which left them bickering with each other. “Jen really wanted to give Alex his favorite boyhood team as a wedding gift, and when it didn’t happen it did cause some tension between them,” an insider snitched. Combined with some expected lockdown conflicts, it put a pause on their wedding plans — but insiders said the power players weren’t going to let the setback sidetrack their future. “Jen decided their relationship deserved another time at bat and they are using their combined star power…

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renner coke & booze horror exposed!

AVENGERS” star Jeremy Renner was so messed up on booze and drugs that a pal was terrified he’d kill his ex-wife! Artist Lily Faget claimed she feared Jeremy, 49, would stop at nothing to get “revenge” on ex Sonni Pacheco amid their bitter custody battle over seven-year-old daughter Ava. As The National ENQUIRER has reported, Sonni and several former galpals have accused Jeremy of using cocaine and womanizing. Even more chilling, Lily claimed she saw Jeremy threaten to “blow his brains out” and put a loaded gun in his mouth before shooting through the ceiling of his Los Angeles home while Ava was present in November 2018. “The summer after that, I was so worried Jeremy was going to show up at Sonni’s house and kill her,” Lily told The ENQUIRER. “He has a hair-trigger…