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National Enquirer July 20, 2020

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aniston unfriends disgraced kimmel!

FORMER “Friends” star Jennifer Aniston is no pal of Jimmy Kimmel’s anymore — she’s dropped her disgraced pal like a bad habit, spies dished! Sources snitched the 51-year-old actress — who was a favorite guest on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” — has unfriended the scandalscarred 52-year-old host, who has gone into hiding after it was revealed he wore blackface and used the N-word in comedy sketches in the 1990s! “It’s fairly obvious she thinks he’s radioactive and she wants to give him a wide berth until the scandal dies down,” an insider spilled. “She doesn’t want to be anywhere near him and that kind of backlash!” And that may go for being anywhere near his screenwriter wife, 42-year-old Molly McNearney, as well, insiders said! “They all had plans to go away to Mexico together in…

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fears for sick shut-in cher!

FADING pop icon Cher is living like a recluse behind the walls of her massive Malibu compound, claimed pals who are worried about the well-being of the solitary superstar. “She’s always been a private person, but now she’s verging on agoraphobic,” spilled an insider. Fears for the “If I Could Turn Back Time” singer, 74, exploded when she tweeted she was “very sick” and too under the weather to attend protests over the death of Minnesota man George Floyd, who died on May 25 in police custody. On June 6, she tweeted, “It’s killing me that I’m not out in the street protesting at this pivotal time in history … have been very sick.” The songbird has battled the incurable and energy-sapping Epstein-Barr virus since the 1980s and is reportedly struggling to breathe and…

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jen fumes over ben’s cig habit!

BEN AFFLECK may be clean and sober, but he can’t seem to get the cigarette monkey off his back — and sources snitched his nasty habit is burning up ex-wife Jennifer Garner! “Jen made him keep his smoking under control when they were married, but now he’s smoking a couple of packs a day and she’s completely disgusted!” an insider dished. As The National ENQUIRER reported, sources said Jen, 48, is already enraged with her 47-year-old ex for hogging up time with their kids — Violet, 14, Seraphina, 11, and Samuel, 8 — with his Cuban cutie, Ana de Armas, 32. Now, sources said she’s demanding he snuff out his unhealthy habit for their children’s sake. “Ben rarely, if ever, smokes around the kids, but the fact he constantly stinks like a dirty ashtray…

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sandra caught in assault ordeal!

SANDRA BULLOCK has been left reeling after her former stepson was arrested TWICE for allegedly violently assaulting his girlfriend, sources told The National ENQUIRER! According to court records in Travis County, Texas, authorities were called to an Austin-area home on April 3 and started “kicking the door in” when they heard a woman “screaming.” Wearing only a towel, alleged victim Lucee Peterson, 18, was “crying” and “holding her head,” stated records. Lucee said her boyfriend of six months, Jesse Eli James — son of former “Monster Garage” star Jesse James, who was married to the “Ocean’s 8” beauty from 2005 to 2010 — assaulted her on multiple occasions. Jesse, 23, had previously been arrested March 26, according to a warrant affidavit filed with the court. A source said of that incident: “It was a physical…

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cuckoo jack’s shocking praise for hitler! - insiders

WACKY screen legend Jack Nicholson allegedly has a secret admiration for Adolf Hitler — and only The National ENQUIRER has the shocking photo proof! The “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” actor was outed as a closet Hitler fan by a former lover, 1970s model Susanna Moore. “The only time I ever disagreed with [Jack] was when he said, ‘I had to admire Hitler for his determination, as Hitler had held to his beliefs …’ I was furious,” Susanna wrote in her memoir, “Miss Aluminum.” “As gentle and as malleable as he then was with women, he had a certain fondness for tyrants.” Back in 1991, The ENQUIRER was the first to spot Jack mysteriously sporting a new mustache that looked like a carbon copy of Hitler’s! Susanna, now 74, met the “Chinatown”…

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pauley punts harmon from ‘ncis’ reunion!

PAULEY PERRETTE has taken another shot at her nemesis, Mark Harmon — by freezing him out of an “NCIS” reunion! The actress, 51, failed to invite Mark when she set up a Zoom get-together as part of a fundraiser for Project Angel Food! But Pauley did send a video message to a string of her former “NCIS” co-stars, including Rocky Carroll, Brian Dietzen, Sasha Alexander and Michael Weatherly. The public lovefest included her emotional comment, “I love you guys I’m going to cry I want to hug you all so badly … Thank you, you are my heart!” The sentiment was far from Pauley’s public comments about Mark! As The National ENQUIRER readers know, the two stars had feuded for years, with Pauley charging Mark’s bullying caused her to quit the hit CBS series in…