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National Enquirer May 31, 2021

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katie’s chef is toast!

KATIE HOLMES is facing a messy breakup as on=the-outs Emilio Vitolo Jr. is refusing to leave quietly, sources said — and she’s terrified he’ll take revenge when he does! Sources snitched to The National ENQUIRER the couple have gone from fever-hot to barely warm in just months, with the 42-year-old single mom now focusing on her career. “Katie’s very close to pulling the plug, but she’s hesitating because Emilio has had messy breakups in the past,” spilled an insider. “They’re talking and texting, but Katie keeps blowing him off, except for the occasional dinner. Emilio can see the writing on the wall and he’s getting testy.” The stud muffin restaurateur, 33, has been rumored to be matching with other women on a dating app. He’d reportedly been logged onto a private, membership-only social network…

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spin control!

KIM KARDASHIAN and Kanye West are calling a temporary truce to work out the final details of their $1.5 billion divorce, according to sources close to the fractured couple! After months of refusing to speak to each other, they have concluded they need to come together and settle their differences so they can bring their marriage to a peaceful conclusion that makes them both look good, snitched an insider. “Kanye doesn’t trust Kim or her family, which is why he cut off communications very early on and vowed only to respond through lawyers,” spilled the source. “But even he can see they can both control the story better and save a lot of money on legal fees by striking a compromise they can both live with.” The two signed a prenup agreement before…

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anchor’s away!

BRIDE-TO-BE Hoda Kotb has yet to set the date for her dream wedding with fiancé Joel Schiffman — because the anxious “Today” anchor fears what backstabbing co-workers Savannah Guthrie and Jenna Bush Hager may do while she honeymoons with her new hubby, said sources. As The National ENQUIRER previously reported, tipsters dished power-hungry Jenna, 39, and Savannah, 49, are in cahoots to seize the morning show’s reins — and push Hoda, 56, out of the spotlight! Said an insider, “Hoda loves her work and doesn’t want to take her eye off the prize and give these two connivers an opportunity to bad-mouth her and steal her thunder.” But according to the source, the pushy pair have already stirred up “petty gossip” behind Hoda’s back! “Hoda’s griped to friends she’s got the feeling they’re trying…

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i got you, babe!

CHARMED Chaz Bono is planning to tie the knot now that his live-in love is officially divorced, sources revealed! Singing legend Cher’s sex-swap son has been dreaming of making it legal with longtime girlfriend Shara Blue — but her ugly dispute with Jason Mathes had been dragging along since 2017. However, according to Los Angeles Superior Court documents obtained by The National ENQUIRER, her divorce finally came through April 21! “Shara and Jason are over for good,” spilled a source. “She’s actually getting some minimal spousal support, but what she wanted most was to go back to her maiden name, Shara Blue — and she got it!” Like Chaz, 51-year-old Shara is reportedly a recovering drug addict. The former child actress, who played Jason Bateman’s girlfriend in the 1985 sitcom “It’s Your Move,” has…

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ghostwriter penned ben’s j.lo love notes! - sources

LOVE-HUNGRY Ben Affleck wooed former fiancée Jennifer Lopez with romantic notes to trigger their recent reunion — after enlisting writer pals to help him up his game, sources snitched to The National ENQUIRER. Although big-shot Ben won an Oscar for co-writing 1997’s “Good Will Hunting” with Matt Damon — and has written several other movie hits since — tipsters said the smitten star, 48, was convinced he had to pull out all the stops to sway the woman he lost in 2004. “He knew Jennifer was shooting a movie in the Dominican Republic — and that her relationship with Alex Rodriguez was heading south — and that the way to impress her would be to email her love letters,” dished an insider. The source claimed “nervous” Ben brushed up on Shakespeare and read…

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stars smash golden globes!

TOM CRUISE, Scarlett Johansson and Mark Ruffalo have joined Hollywood’s new power players to bash the Golden Globes — and sources warned the mutiny could torpedo the entire awards show extravaganza! The “Mission: Impossible” superstar vowed to return his three Globes after industry insiders blasted the show’s sponsor, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), for not being diverse enough. Even though the HFPA announced it will add more members to increase diversity, NBC dropped plans to broadcast next year’s Globes and many studios, including Netflix, said they’ll cut ties if the HFPA doesn’t clean up its act. Showbiz sources called the furor a bad omen. “Hollywood will eat itself!” warned one highly placed insider. “All the major awards shows have been clouded by rumors of people buying influence, currying favor with voters and using…