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National Enquirer June 7, 2021

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broken-down de niro hobbling on one leg!

LONELY legend Robert De Niro is an ailing and broken man, according to sources close to the 77-year-old Hollywood icon. The once-buff “Raging Bull” recently revealed he suffered an “excruciating” leg injury in Oklahoma — while shooting the upcoming Martin Scorsese film “Killers of the Flower Moon” — and sources said the painful muscle tear forced him to fly back to his New York home! Now, tipsters dish the “Casino” star is struggling to keep his spirits up. “He’s not taking care of himself because he’s essentially all alone,” an insider spilled. As National ENQUIRER readers know, De Niro is embroiled in a $500 million divorce from Grace Hightower. His lawyers claimed the former flight attendant’s extravagant lifestyle has forced the aging movie mobster to take every job he can get to keep up…

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i was drugged & raped by danny masterson!

IN GRAPHIC courtroom testimony, Scientologist Danny Masterson was accused of giving a woman a spiked drink, brutally raping her and then threatening her with a gun! But the woman, identified only as Jennifer, claimed the sci-fi religion talked her out of reporting the incident to police in a bid to protect the “That ’70s Show” alum! Her shocking testimony came at a preliminary hearing on May 18, with a judge set to decide if Masterson’s case will proceed to trial. He’s pleaded not guilty to three counts of rape. At the hearing, Jennifer said Masterson gave her a fruity drink at his home in 2003 that made her feel dizzy and queasy. She said he then took her upstairs, where she vomited. Jennifer, 46, claimed the actor made her shower as she began drifting…

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a-rod furious ben’s putting mitts on j.lo! - sources

HUMILIATED horndog Alex Rodriguez is close to a full-blown meltdown over ex-fiancée Jennifer Lopez rekindling her romance with former flame Ben Affleck, sources said. The heartsick slugger, 45, keeps reaching out to the 51-year-old “Hustlers” hottie, according to insiders, but she won’t give him the time of day! “The main reason Jennifer and Ben are sneaking around and not blasting their reunion from the rooftops yet is because she’s wary about antagonizing Alex any further,” dished a source. “The guy’s in a world of hurt right now. He’s flip-flopping between trying to kid himself he still has a chance to win Jen back and vowing to get even by spilling his guts or facing Ben head-on and punching his lights out! “For all his bravado and skirt-chasing, A-Rod’s never been through this type of…

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queen crushed as pup perishes!

DISGRACED Prince Andrew’s bid to weasel his way back into the queen’s good graces ended in a doggone disaster, The National ENQUIRER has learned. One of two adorable puppies the Duke of York gifted his mother, Elizabeth, tragically died at just five months old, palace sources revealed. “Coming so soon after the loss of her beloved husband, Prince Philip, in April, Her Majesty is devastated,” a royal insider dished. The monarch, 95, had vowed never to welcome another young dog into her home because of her age. “But Andrew ignored her wishes and bought Muick, a corgi, and Fergus, a dorgi — a dachshund-corgi mix,” said the source. “Sadly, Fergus perished from a congenital heart problem.” Andrew, 61, is caught in late financier Jeffrey Epstein’s sex-trafficking scandal and is accused of bedding an underage “sex…

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wakey wakey, whoopi!

PARTY pooper Whoopi Goldberg has been a real sourpuss on “The View” lately and is under pressure to liven up and be part of the discussion — or face the consequences, insiders dished! Sources squealed to The National ENQUIRER that bosses behind the scenes didn’t appreciate it when the 65-year-old co-host appeared to nod off during an animated conversation about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s romantic reunion. “Falling asleep on-camera isn’t a good look even if she meant it as a joke, and everyone from the producers to her co-stars are sick of the lazy attitude!” spilled an insider. “What made Whoopi such an integral part of the show was her sensible take on everything, but lately she’s been very downbeat and not smiling and her heart seems to have gone out…

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ellen staffers: don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

SCARRED staffers on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show are jumping with joy she’s calling it quits, The National ENQUIRER can reveal. Sources claimed staffers are thrilled daytime TV’s queen bee has been dethroned after her image took a giant hit last year. “There are high fives all around because this is finally karma biting Ellen in the butt!” dished a show insider. “She can try to defend herself all she wants, but the feeling is she’s been brought down for good reason and her demise deserves to be celebrated.” The stand-up comic, 63, recently announced the upcoming 19th season of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” would be her last, claiming it’s “not a challenge anymore.” A rep for the host insisted, “If Ellen wanted to keep her show she would have.” But ratings took a nosedive after crew…