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National Enquirer June 21, 2021

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jen who?

HOLLYWOOD golden girl Jennifer Aniston has been hogging the spotlight while plugging the “Friends” reunion — and her antics are rattling her relationship with longtime pal and castmate Courteney Cox, insiders dished. “The producers wanted Jen to take center stage at most of the interviews and promo ops, and nobody really argued with that at the time because there was an informal understanding that the others would still get plenty of headlines,” said a source. The hugely successful “Morning Show” actress, 52, whose rep denied our story, joined Courteney, 57, Lisa Kudrow, 57, Matthew Perry, 51, Matt LeBlanc, 53, and David Schwimmer, 54, for a trip down memory lane on “Friends: The Reunion.” But the source griped, “It’s quickly turned into the Jennifer Aniston show!” The tipster said Courteney found Jen’s recent attitude…

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back in your loving arms!

LOVESTRUCK Ben Affleck is head over heels for Jennifer Lopez — and the Batman beefcake is telling haters to buzz off because their rejuvenated relationship is the real deal, sources squealed to The National ENQUIRER. Now that he’s rekindled his romance with onetime fiancée J.Lo, 51, besotted Ben, 48, is eyeing a lasting relationship, sources dished. “They are both smitten with each other and stunned at how quickly things are moving, but are happier than they could have imagined,” an insider snitched. “It actually makes them both laugh that some people still seem to think it’s an attention-seeking exercise because the biggest concern right now is having as much privacy as possible.” Bennifer 2.0 was recently caught on camera stepping out for a dinner date in West Hollywood — and the reunited couple, who’d…

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boozing kelly’s in a pickle!

FRAZZLED Kelly Clarkson has ramped up her boozing, sources said — and it’s set off alarm bells everywhere! The 39-year-old chatterbox recently admitted she was guzzling wine while taping “The Voice” from home, declaring: “I don’t care if it is inappropriate!” But between her ugly divorce battle, raising her two young children and crushing career pressures, pals fear her drinking could do her in! “Kelly’s chugging wine every day! She brushes off concerns about it, but friends think her booze habit has gotten way out of control,” spilled an insider. As The National ENQUIRER previously reported, Kelly keeps a steady supply of vino handy and is often seen with a glass of wine in hand. What’s more, sources claimed the daytime darling doesn’t stop at a single glass! “Generally, Kelly gets through a bottle no problem,…

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matthew’s molly looking more like ‘just friends’

MUDDLED Matthew Perry and fiancée Molly Hurwitz are “Friends” no more! The troubled sitcom star announced he has broken up with Molly just days after The National ENQUIRER exclusively learned fed-up Molly moved out of their L.A. home, sources said. The couple’s relationship spiraled when the “Friends” alum’s cringeworthy dating site chat with a 19-year-old hottie during a break in their on-off romance went viral, insiders tattled. “That wasn’t a good look for a guy who at the time was supposedly lovesick and pleading for his girlfriend to come back to him,” snitched a source. “Molly’s reaction wasn’t meant to be meanspirited. It was practical.” As The ENQUIRER has reported, Matthew, 51, and talent manager Molly, 29, split in April 2020 after two years together. Matthew won her back, they were engaged in November 2020 and…

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paula lifts droopy boobs!

PLASTIC surgery fanatic Paula Abdul has ditched her old breast implants — dishing they were WAY too big for her tiny dancer’s body! “I started with smaller breasts and about 20-plus years ago I had implants put in, and the more I was dancing the harder it was getting on my back,” perky Paula recently explained. A source close to the former “American Idol” judge exclusively told The National ENQUIRER that she’d constantly complained her boobs hadn’t aged as well as the rest of her petite five-foot frame. “As the years go by, gravity happens too, and I just always felt like [they were] a little too big for my frame, and I wanted to get the old implants out,” the bouncy ’80s cutie publicly admitted. In addition to removing her old implants, a…

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cheeky chrissy is getting a swollen head!

MOON-FACED model Chrissy Teigen is locked in a living nightmare as the scandal-wracked social media star is now dealing with a disturbingly swollen mug, sources squealed. Chrissy, 35, was spotted in Beverly Hills on May 31 with cheeks as full as a chipmunk’s! “She’s plumped herself with so many fillers over the years that it’s probably unfixable. But Chrissy is desperate to reduce the swelling somehow,” said an insider. “The best solution would be to lay off the fillers entirely — but that’s hard to do when you’re as vain as Chrissy!” Tipsters also told The National ENQUIRER she’s been comfort-eating to soothe the sting of online criticism, but the insider added, “All the weight seems to sit in her face!” The wife of singer John Legend was recently raked over the coals after…