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National Enquirer June 28, 2021

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armie’s getting the kinks out!

TROUBLED Armie Hammer checked into rehab and started blubbering like a baby, sources spilled to The National ENQUIRER. After multiple allegations from women claiming the “Call Me By Your Name” hunk was a sexually domineering bully who harbored cannibalistic fantasies, the 34-year-old actor finally fled his Cayman Islands hideaway and checked into a Florida facility to get treatment for drug, alcohol and sex issues, tipsters dished. Sources claimed the accused freak, estranged from wife Elizabeth Chambers, is going through therapy sessions to exorcise his demons and is a weepy wreck! “Armie has been an emotional mess since he arrived. But he’s at the point where he’s realized he needs help, and that something’s inherently wrong with him,” snitched an insider. “He’s crying all the time because he’s finally letting his feelings out.” According to the…

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kid rock’s raving on road to ruin!

FOUL-MOUTHED music star Kid Rock’s latest hateful public rants have industry insiders convinced he’s hellbent on taking a wrecking ball to his own career! “He’s his own worst enemy and he doesn’t seem to be able to control himself!” a source snitched. “He’s sabotaged himself time and again with these terrible outbursts!” The “American Bad Ass” singer was recently caught on video hurling homophobic slurs at fans filming his performance at a Tennessee watering hole. Kid, 50, was heard screaming at the audience, “You f--king f----ts with your iPhones out,” and singing, “You can post this d--k right here” while gesturing to his junk at the Fishlipz Bar & Grill in Smithville. An insider said: “These are not the kind of comments a rational adult makes. He has to know there are ramifications for…

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sayonara, mariah!

MARIAH CAREY’S abrupt departure from Jay-Z’s music company has been applauded by his wife, Beyoncé, who can’t stop trash-talking her rival diva, sources claimed. Tipsters tattled to The National ENQUIRER that despite appearances, Queen Bey has relentlessly dissed Mariah as a spoiled brat who hogged her hubby’s time! “Beyoncé tolerated Mariah for Jay’s sake but the friendship was never genuine. It’s well-known Mariah got on both the Carters’ nerves in the worst way for years,” dished an insider. “Mariah’s entitled behavior and her bitchy attitude in general really irritated Beyoncé, especially when she called at all hours to waste Jay’s time and demand special treatment over all his other clients. “Mariah seems to think she’s worthy of ‘Queen Bee’ status and resents anyone giving her advice, but she’s met her match in Beyoncé. A…

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close encounters with alien khloé!

FLAILING reality star Khloé Kardashian is fighting off claims her ever-evolving look has left her resembling an alien from outer space! Khloé’s latest headache began when her mug graced an ad for a migraine med, and critics savaged her otherworldly appearance! “What kind of pharmaceutical company chooses someone who has had so much plastic surgery they look like an alien as their spokesperson?” tweeted one. Khloé, 36, clapped back at the tweeter, a self-proclaimed feminist. “Sorry you feel that way,” sniffed Khloé. “I don’t think you should refer to yourself as a feminist if you are attacking a woman unprovoked.” Coincidentally, Khloé’s denials about her looks come on the heels of the release of a long-awaited Pentagon report on aliens in our midst (see page 15), and the Kardashians shooting down the posting of an…

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kooky kanye gives irina a fair shake

CASANOVA Kanye West has bounced back from his split with Kim Kardashian — and is making time with supermodel Irina Shayk, sources snitched. The “Gold Digger” rapper was spotted on a romantic getaway with Bradley Cooper’s Russian-born ex in Provence, France, on June 8 — Kanye’s 44th birthday. The twosome was seen strolling through the vineyards outside a luxury hotel. An insider dished the pair first met in 2010 and “there was an instant attraction.” However, at the time Irina was dating soccer stud Cristiano Ronaldo, and later moved on to a four-year relationship with Bradley, father of her daughter, Lea, 4. But sources said Kanye kept tabs on the leggy looker, and once he and Kim settled on a divorce agreement in April, he “got directly in touch with Irina and started wooing her…

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leblanc blubbers over waistline!

ROLY-POLY Matt LeBlanc wants to drop at least 50 pounds after the social media sniping at his chunky figure on the “Friends” reunion, insiders said! Sources told The National ENQUIRER the 53-year-old actor was especially mortified by the stinging “Irish uncle-esque” digs. “Matt loves his carbs and big portions, and even though there was pressure to slim down for the reunion gig he just couldn’t manage it,” spilled an insider. “He’s smashing the scales at 300 pounds at the very least and it didn’t help his ego that people were comparing him to a big lovable bear. “Bear or Irish uncle, neither is flattering — and his ego is bruised!” While Matthew Perry took plenty of shots for his slurred speech and sloppy appearance, others noted Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow looked…