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National Enquirer July 12, 2021

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heather’s blubber gets the heave-ho

HEFTY Heather Locklear wants to whip herself into shape for her upcoming wedding to longtime love Chris Heisser, sources told The National ENQUIRER. Fueled by online criticism, the flabby 59-year-old is aiming to shrink back to her “Melrose Place”–era weight of 115 pounds, tipsters dished. “She’s hitting the gym hard every day, eating healthy and cutting out junk food, while easing up on the Botox. She’s hoping to be a few dress sizes down by end of summer,” a pal spilled. “Heather is a true survivor who’s been to hell and back — but having the love of her life by her side, and a wedding to plan, is giving her a lot of joy.” Heather and Chris, former high school sweethearts, reunited in 2017, but according to sources, her lifestyle almost wrecked their…

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meghan ready to walk & ‘talk’-sources

THE latest nuclear blowup with co-host Whoopi Goldberg on “The View” has punch-drunk conservative Meghan McCain on her last nerve — and sources said she’s ready to find a new home at the show’s archrival, “The Talk!” “Meghan’s latest on-air brawl with Whoopi has made her realize she’ll always be the whipping girl on the show and she’s definitely looking for greener pastures where she would be appreciated!” an insider dished. With ratings at “The Talk” hitting an all-time low three months after Sharon Osbourne’s departure as host, sources said producers are desperate to give the show the shot of adrenaline that controversial Meghan could provide. “This is a perfect time for her to make her move — and that would be the perfect place,” the source dished. The final straw came on June…

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bill’s monica flies solo!

EX-PRESIDENTIAL paramour Monica Lewinsky has turned her life around and built a wildly successful career, but sources said she’s nixed having a man in her life! The 47-year-old former White House intern is now a highly respected producer, writer and public speaker, but sources snitched thrill-seeking guys can take a hike! “Monica is enjoying the single life and feels it delivers far more benefits than being tied to someone,” spilled an insider. “She’s not averse to fun and may accept a date now and then from an intellectual type, but it’s never anything serious.” Monica was a 21-year-old White House intern when she had a sexual relationship with then-President Bill Clinton. The sleazy affair led to his impeachment, although Clinton was later acquitted. After the scandal, Monica launched a line of handbags, landed an endorsement deal…

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rob riggle’s ‘spygate’ divorce!

DIVORCE is no laughing matter for comic Rob Riggle — who’s accused estranged wife Tiffany of waging a terror campaign against him! “The Hangover” star, 51, claims Tiffany hacked his computer and phone, swiped $28,000 from their emergency fund and spied on him with a hidden camera. He’s filed for a temporary restraining order against his wife of 21 years, who filed for divorce in October. According to court documents, the “Modern Family” actor claimed he found $28,000 missing from his home office and felt he was being watched. An electronic sweep of his office found a hidden camera with more than 10,000 recordings, including footage of Tiffany installing the spy camera in a smoke detector and counting money on the floor, the legal papers said. The docs reveal Rob believes that money is…

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embezzlement shock hits housewife erika!

REALITY TV loudmouth Erika Jayne and her soon-to-be ex-husband are being accused of embezzling millions from his clients to support their lavish lifestyle, according to a civil lawsuit. The Hulu documentary “The Housewife and the Hustler” also recently took aim at the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star, 50, and former lawyer Tom Girardi, 82, by putting their ongoing divorce and legal woes under the microscope! In December, Tom was hit with a class-action lawsuit filed on behalf of the families of 189 people who died in a 2018 airline crash, which charges greedy Girardi kept cash intended for the victims’ survivors! The suit also claims the couple’s November divorce filing was intended to “fraudulently protect” their money before Tom was forced into involuntary bankruptcy! According to the doc, Tom’s former firm had transferred…

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carrie rolls dice on vegas!

COUNTRY music queen Carrie Underwood is gambling on a Las Vegas residency to keep her marriage to hockey hunk Mike Fisher off thin ice! That’s the word from insiders who claimed the “Before He Cheats” singer, 38, spent much of the pandemic bolstering her bond with the 41-year-old retired NHL star. “Lockdown made them closer than ever, but Mike was concerned about her going back on the road and leaving him and their two kids, Isaiah, 6, and Jacob, 2, behind!” a source snitched. Tipsters said the couple’s extended time together during the pandemic was deeply therapeutic for them. “They’ve brought romance back to their relationship,” the source spilled. Since then, the blond beauty has inked a deal for her first-ever residency at Resorts World Las Vegas beginning Dec. 1, with spies claiming she’ll rake…