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National Enquirer August 9, 2021

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sarah jessica parker does something rash!

IS THE hotly anticipated “Sex and the City” reboot giving Sarah Jessica Parker hives? The 56-year-old star was spotted near the set of “And Just Like That …” sporting alarming red blotches on her hands and wrists! “It appears to be a terrible case of contact dermatitis,” said New York–based Dr. Stuart Fischer, who has not treated Parker. “It’s an allergic reaction that needs immediate treatment for her to find relief!” Insiders said SJP is under immense pressure for the reboot to succeed and has been seen as one of the main reasons popular star Kim Cattrall did not return to join the cast. While a rep for the actress denied our story, an insider snitched: “Sarah has been feeling the strain. “It’s all on her shoulders now and it’s taken a toll on her…

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yeezy does it!

CLINGY Kanye West is freaking out over rumors claiming model Irina Shayk is ready to catwalk away from their relationship, insiders exclusively told The National ENQUIRER. The Yeezy mogul, 44, has long been pals with 35-year-old Irina, who’s appeared in his fashion shows, and tipsters said he’s willing to do anything to keep the leggy looker by his side. The kooky “Gold Digger” rapper is crazy about the Russian-born beauty — but he’s pumping the brakes on his over-the-top efforts to keep their romance alive, so he won’t look so desperate, sources snitched. “He accepts in hindsight that maybe he came on a little too strong for Irina’s liking and needs to calm things down a notch or three,” spilled an insider. “The daily gift bags, huge bouquets of flowers and boxes of…

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dolly’s bunny hop gets a rise out of carl!

DOLLY PARTON proved she’s still a dish at 75, sources said — giving her ailing hubby, Carl Dean, an eyeful for his 79th birthday! The iconic country queen slipped into the bunny outfit she donned for her famous 1978 Playboy magazine cover — and insiders claimed the racy stunt raised her dementia-addled husband’s spirits sky-high! “He [Carl] still thinks I’m a hot chick after 57 years — and I’m not going to try to talk him out of that,” a gleeful Dolly announced to fans on Instagram on July 20. As The National ENQUIRER has reported, Carl’s condition has declined in recent years as he battles a slew of health issues, with Dolly dutifully spending most of the last two years at home tending to him. “It’s been a tough time for both of…

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paris jackson’s woo-woo cure!

TROUBLED Paris Jackson has confessed to undergoing a series of bizarre psychological treatments to cope with PTSD! The therapy, called Eye Movement and Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), has been branded as “extremely controversial” by the Society of Clinical Psychology. Despite that, Paris told fellow celebrity kid Willow Smith: “I love EMDR. It’s very intense, but it puts you in a very fragile and vulnerable state, but it is a very effective kind of therapy.” During an EMDR session, a patient rapidly moves their eyes back and forth or taps their fingers against their leg, while recalling traumatic memories. New Jersey–based counselor Rosana Lamontagne, who hasn’t treated Paris, said EMDR “helps the patient process painful memories and decreases the emotional intensity around the trauma.” Paris, 23, has admitted to several suicide attempts, and told Willow she…

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tori’s shrinking!

TWIGGY Tori Spelling continues to wrestle with her troubled 15-year marriage to Dean McDermott, who was recently spotted for the first time without his wedding ring — and it’s taking a toll on her body, The National ENQUIRER can reveal! As these exclusive photos show, the “Beverly Hills, 90210” star has shed a ton of weight, and sources said she’s wasting away to nothing while struggling to care for the couple’s five kids: Liam, 14, Stella, 13, Hattie, 9, Finn, 8, and Beau, 4. “Tori always loses her appetite when she’s stressed and the past few months with Dean have got her on edge,” blabbed a buddy. “She hardly sleeps and barely eats. She’s lost at least 20 pounds and it shows — she’s under 120 pounds now, with these dark circles under…

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rihanna & rocky’s road to altar!

SMITTEN songbird Rihanna and beau A$AP Rocky are on the fast track to marriage and planning a blockbuster wedding bash in her native Barbados, tipsters told The National ENQUIRER. The longtime pals saw their friendship turn romantic in 2020, and the New York City rapper, 32, recently called the Fenty Beauty mogul, 33, “the love of my life.” Though Rocky hasn’t yet popped the question, an insider spilled, “They are very happy and ready to take it to the next stage. “Rihanna’s younger brother Rajad had a baby earlier this year, and that has definitely lit a fire under her. She can’t believe her baby brother has gone and had a baby before her. “She’s desperate to become a mom, but she’s dead set on doing it all in the proper order.” According to the…