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National Geographic Kids

November 2019

National Geographic Kids magazine - the perfect balance between learning and fun! A must-have for children ages 6 and up. Each issue is packed with colorful photos, games, puzzles, fun features and facts about animals, science, technology, and more.

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National Geographic Society
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national geographic kids

Editor in Chief and Vice President, Kids Magazines & Digital Rachel Buchholz Vice President, Visual Identity Eva Absher-Schantz Design Director, Magazines Eileen O’Tousa-Crow Editorial Kay Boatner, Senior Editor / Digital Producer; Allyson Shaw, Associate Editor / Digital Producer Photo Shannon Hibberd, Senior Photo Editor; Hillary Leo, Contributing Photo Editor Production Sean Philpotts, Director Digital Laura Goertzel, Director; Tirzah Weiskotten, Video Manager PUBLISHED BY NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC PARTNERS, LLC Chairman of the Board of Directors Peter Rice Chief Executive Officer Gary E. Knell Executive Vice President and General Manager, National Geographic Media David Miller Senior Vice President, Kids Media, Content Jennifer Emmett Advertising Offices Kim Connaghan, Vice President, Publisher (212) 822-7431; Detroit Karen Sarris (248) 368-6304; West Coast Eric Josten (424) 292-5715 International Magazine Publishing Yulia Petrossian Boyle, Senior Vice President; Jennifer Jones, Business Manager; Rossana Stella, Editorial Manager Finance Jeannette Swain, Senior Budget Manager; Tammi Colleary-Loach, Senior Manager, Rights Clearance; Pinar…

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guinness world records

MINI-HORSE These are some small shoes to fill—horseshoes, that is. Twenty-two inches tall at the shoulders, Bombel is the smallest living male horse. That’s less than half the size of a baseball bat. Bombel is tiny, but there’s an even tinier female horse: Thumbelina, who’s five inches shorter. MOVING TOILET Is your toilet running? Colin Furze’s is! The world’s fastest motorized toilet can travel up to nearly 54 miles an hour. The contraption is actually a scooter outfitted with a motorcycle engine. Furze sits on a toilet and steers the vehicle with the scooter’s handlebars. Wonder which he uses to get his fellow motorists’ attention: honks or flushes? HAIR STANDS STRAIGHT UP This is one hair-raising guy! Kazuhiro Watanabe of Japan holds the record for the tallest Mohawk, measuring more than three and a half…

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sports funnies

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1 SUIT OF ARMOR Don’t mess with this distant relative of the armadillo, which lived about two and a half million to 10,000 years ago. About the size of a small car, Glyptotherium had a serious shield against predators: its superhard shell. It also had a powerful tail it could swing like a club. 2 DEADLY BITE Thylacoleo, the largest known carnivorous mammal in Australia, went extinct about 45,000 years ago. The predator had sharp teeth and a powerful bite, and though it ran on four legs, it might have been able to stand on two. The creature was also a marsupial; newborns developed in their mothers’ pouches. 3 TINY PRIMATE Weighing just one ounce, Tinimomys was so little it could’ve sat on the end of your nose. Tinier than the smallest primates alive today,…

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amazing animals

ALPACA “SHOPS” FOR GLASSES Hennebont, France When an alpaca strolled into an eyeglass store, it made a real spectacle. (Get it?) The local animal had wandered away from its nearby home before entering the whooshing doors of the glasses shop. “The alpaca seemed fascinated by all the mirrors and colorful posters,” says Pierre-Yves Nicolas, a photographer who snapped pics of the fleecy browser. The alpaca’s body language, like its wide-open eyes and forward-facing ears, show that it was feeling alert and curious—not frightened, says Nikki Maticic, an alpaca keeper at Smithsonian’s National Zoo in Washington, D.C. Employees at the shop quickly locked the doors as the alpaca browsed the selection for about half an hour. Soon the animal was picked up by the local police and taken home—without a new pair of alpaca-size eyeglasses. —Kitson Jazynka Cockatoo Makes…

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personality quiz

Fur, whiskers, scales, wings—this Special Pets Issue has ’em all. The next 14 pages are crammed with silly pet tricks, weird-but-true dog and cat facts, and behind-the-scenes heroics from human animal helpers. Plus find out more about Zeus the Mighty: The Quest for the Golden Fleas, a new book about a power-hungry hamster that thinks he and his rescue-animal friends are Greek gods. But first, take this personality quiz to see which type of pet—and which Zeus character—you’re most like. So sit, stay, and start flipping! YOUR RESULTS If these descriptions don’t match your personality, don’t worry. These questions are just for fun. You’re a dog! Dogs are arguably the friendliest pets. Like dogs, you love meeting new people and spending time with your very best humans, er, friends. You enjoy being the center…