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National Geographic Kids June/July 2020

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National Geographic Kids magazine - the perfect balance between learning and fun! A must-have for children ages 6 and up. Each issue is packed with colorful photos, games, puzzles, fun features and facts about animals, science, technology, and more.

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weird but true!

A museum in South Korea is designed to look like a toilet bowl. The sunset on Mars appears blue. Pigeons have received medals of honor for military service. Two of George Washington’s library books have been missing for more than 220 years. Alligator teeth are hollow. One type of wildflower smells like chocolate. Kinkajous can twist their hind feet backward to climb trees. Lightning can make the air around it 5 times hotter than the sun’s surface. Watch Fast Facts for even more crazy-fun facts. natgeokids.com/june-july ISSELEE / DREAMSTIME (ALLIGATOR); EXACTOSTOCK / SUPERSTOCK (LIGHTNING). PETRO PERUTSKYI / ALAMY (PIGEON), NEWSCOM (MEDAL), IMAGE DIGITALLY COMPOSED…

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guinness world records

SUPERLOUD DOG If you tell Charlie the golden retriever to speak, you’d better cover your ears first. He holds the record for the loudest bark by a dog, at 113.1 decibels. That’s about as loud as a rock concert. Luckily for his owners, Charlie usually doesn’t have a lot to say. REALLY BIG CUP You’d need a giant fan to cool off this huge mug. The largest cup of coffee holds over 6,000 gallons of the bitter beverage, enough to fill nearly 150 bathtubs. We vote for the next cup to hold some hot chocolate instead. TOENAILS OUTGROW SHOES Anyone have a nail file? Louise Hollis’s toenails are the longest on record. At one point, if all 10 were laid end to end they would’ve measured more than seven feet long. Hollis wears platform sandals…

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all about money

Some of the oldest piggy banks in the world were made around the 15th century. Ethiopian coins dated 1977 were actually issued in 1984. The country follows a calendar that’s nearly 8 years earlier than Western ones. The small tooth-shaped designs that circle the edges of some coins are called denticles. Belarus issued a 20-ruble collector’s coin with a picture of potato pancakes on one side. A 1,400-year-old coin sold for $5.76 million, one of the most expensive coins ever. Pikachu and other Pokémon characters appear on dollar coins in Niue, an island some 1,500 miles from New Zealand. The Bank of England holds a 100-millionpound note called a titan. U.S. banknotes are printed 4 times: for background images, the back, the front, and serial numbers and seals. Coins issued by the United States in 1787 had the…

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awesome 8

1 FLIPPING OUT Freeride mountain biking sends riders down routes that look impossible to most people. Besides trails, bikers ride on wood planks, platforms, and even off of cliffs! U.S. biker Cameron Zink impressed the crowd at a freeride mountain bike competition in Utah when he completed a 78-foot-long backflip, one of the biggest in history. 2 DEFYING GRAVITY Gymnasts use strength, agility, coordination, and balance to leap and flip in the air. Considered the world’s best gymnast, Simone Biles of the United States (left) won four gold medals and a bronze at the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil. She even has four original moves named after her. Go, Simone! 3 ALLEYOOP Now here’s a way to guarantee a dunk—trampoline basketball, or basketball with some assists by trampolines. Sometimes going by the name SlamBall, the…

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amazing animals

Cat Adopts Squirrels! Bakhchysaray, Crimea Pusha the cat definitely has her paws full! On the same day that Pusha gave birth to four kittens, workers at the park where the cat lives found three abandoned squirrel pups in a tree hollow. They knew the young Eurasian red squirrels wouldn’t survive without a mother, so employees placed the pups next to Pusha inside a warm enclosure. “Pusha immediately began licking them like they were her own, and soon the squirrels were drinking her milk,” photographer Alexey Pavlishak says. Cats sometimes care for other baby animals if they already have kittens, cat behavior expert Marilyn Krieger says. “The mom will groom the new babies to put her scent on them, making them part of the family,” she says. Eventually the squirrel pups moved into their own…

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shark fest

Think all sharks are gigantic, toothy eating machines? Think again: With more than 500 species of sharks, you’re sure to meet a few that surprise you. For instance, some sharks have teeth so small that they can’t take a bite out of anything. Others are practically vegetarian! “You think you understand sharks, and then they do something that totally shocks you,” says Lisa Natanson, a biologist who studies sharks for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Dive in to discover seven species of sharks with mind-blowing traits. 1 Fishy Friends Lemon Sharks Can’t wait to hang out with your BFF? Neither can these sharks. Young lemon sharks often stick together for protection, helping each other watch out for larger sharks and other predators. But scientists have learned that lemon sharks won’t befriend just anybody. “They…