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editor’s note by george!

When I’m asked who reads Traveler, I say, “Curious people.” “Curiosity” is our favorite word on the editorial team, and it guides our mission to empower our readers to explore the planet. Curiosity is shorthand for caring about the world and our place within it. And it’s an optimistic quality, because behind every good question is the hope of an answer. Could there be a better expression of curiosity than to embark on a journey? This issue is all about seeking discoveries that bring depth and perspective to our lives. Why? Because when we let our curiosities guide us, we open ourselves to the transformations that travel promises. HOW TO SEE THE WORLD is about capturing meaning when visiting marvels such as the temples of Bagan or the archways of the…

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Early B Birds PHOTOGRAPH BY RAVIKANTH KURMA A flurry of avian activity is mirrored on the calm surface of Man Sagar Lake in Jaipur, India. Over time, these waters have overtaken the foundation of the abandoned Jal Mahal palace (far right), a 17th-century sandstone structure that is slowly sinking. Once a royal retreat and duck-hunting haven for Rajasthani elite, the edifice now seems to be living up to its name. Jal Mahal translates to “Water Palace.” Travelers flock to the lake, circling the manor by boat, dreaming of a bygone era of opulent leisure.…

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walk on the wild side

1 Stay Safe Walking in an area where predators live can be dangerous, so go with experienced guides and follow their instructions. Always stay with your group. Wear clothing that blends in with the environment, and in most cases, don’t run if you encounter a wild animal. Just move away quietly. 2 Look Closely Patiently observe the bush around you. “It’s a different engagement of senses to be on the ground,” Mweetwa says. “You see things you would have missed in a vehicle.” Pay attention to tracks. Mweetwa once reconstructed the sequence of a hunt by following leopard tracks. 3 Must-Haves Wear comfortable walking shoes, long pants, and a long-sleeved shirt to protect from mosquitoes and tall, scratchy grass. Pack a camera, water, sunscreen, bug spray, and a hat. Bring a walking stick when exploring…

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road trip

Miles: 162 ● Days on the Road: 5 ● Best Byway Detour: Creole Nature Trail All-American Road ● Most Colorful Stop: Mardi Gras Museum If you’re hoping to hear the heartbeat of Cajun country, drive straight to Acadiana. Rooted in French and Canadian heritage, the region became a haven for French settlers who were exiled from L’Acadie (present-day Nova Scotia). Acadiana now encompasses 22 southern Louisiana parishes west of New Orleans. It’s prime road-tripping territory, inviting detours to small-town attractions. Pull over to climb inside a retired oil rig or meditate at a 12th-century Chinese Buddha statue. Tune in to Cajun Radio 1470 AM (1290 AM as you head east)—the go-to zydeco and swamp-pop station—and let the Gulf Coast flavors be your guide. STOP 1 In Good Spirits Kick off your road trip in…

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the journey continues: kennedy space center

There’s an active spaceport where you can let your imagination soar to the stars. A place where dreamers have become heroes, and men and women of courage have challenged the status quo. Inspiration lives at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. See where the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo missions launched American space travel and took us to the moon. Get close to the rockets that blasted free from Earth’s gravity. Stand nose-to-nose with Atlantis, a real space shuttle that helped build the International Space Station. Hear inspiring stories of NASA’s veteran astronauts at Heroes & Legends, featuring the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame , an immersive experience about those who blazed trails to frontiers beyond the Earth. With two new programs at the new Astronaut Training Experience Center, Astronaut Training Experience (ATX )…

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mini guide

“I feel at home when I’m in Montreal—in a way that I don’t feel anywhere else.” —Leonard Cohen Montreal is on our mind right now. That’s because this year Canada marks 150 years of confederation and Montreal commemorates 375 years since its founding. It’s also the 50th anniversary of Expo 67, the world’s fair that was the city’s international debut. Even though Montreal is celebrating its past, the city is moving forward. The moments are being marked by the launch of a river-to-mountain walkway; the illumination of Jacques Cartier Bridge; and a 197-foot-tall observation Ferris wheel, the tallest in Canada. A certain joie de vivre has made this bilingual metropolis a magnet for artists, musicians (like the late hometown hero Leonard Cohen), and chefs. Creativity courses through the gastronomy that ranges from…