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National Geographic Traveler February/March 2019

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editor’s note by george!

Maps are mirrors of our minds. They mark the evolution of our knowledge and the boundaries of our wonder. In the colors and contours of cartographic renderings, we can feel the reach of ambition and the thrill of discovery. Whether intended or not, maps are objects of beauty—science with an artful touch (or politics with visual flair). The idea that curiosity can be beautiful propels this issue’s theme—the ART OF ESCAPE. Maps play a part: The bedrock of our “Britain’s New Sparkle” feature is based partly on William Smith’s geological map of England (published in 1815), which colorfully decoded the rock strata and chalky hills of Sussex and Kent, foundations of Britain’s surprising sparkling wine boom. In our story about the U.S. Civil Rights Trail, we follow a conceptual map…

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nat geo highlights

DOWNLOAD OUR NEW APP Fully revamped, the National Geographic smartphone app now delivers a more personalized experience with a “For You” selection of compelling articles, photo galleries, and videos, including those tailored to travelers. Download the free app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. SUBSCRIBE NOW! We inspire our readers to explore the world with passion and purpose. For ideas about where to go next, subscribe to National Geographic Traveler at natgeotravel.com. 27% Your curiosity empowers our mission. Twenty-seven percent of our proceeds support the National Geographic Society’s work in exploration, education, and conservation. CHARTING TIME The National Geographic book All Over the Map reveals the backstories of cartography throughout history, such as ancient drawings with dragon-filled seas and misleading maps created by spies. Buy it at shopng.com/books.…

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a show of hands

Bridges around the world are upping their game, offering architectural wonderment that inspires people to connect with their surroundings. Such is the case with central Vietnam’s Cau Vang, or Golden Bridge. Located 13 miles southwest of coastal city Da Nang, the nearly 500-foot-long walkway debuted last summer in Ba Na Hills, a resort complex with a French-style village, manicured gardens, and an amusement park. The Golden Bridge, designed by Ho Chi Minh City’s TA Landscape Architecture, evokes precious metal being teased out of the Truong Son mountains by a pair of colossal hands. Nature gives treasures to humans through the hands of gods, says Vu Viet Anh, the project’s design principal. “It is amazing to stand or walk on such an artifact and feel the beat of nature.” Indeed, like many of…

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travel better jet lag

Hop a plane across several time zones, and you may end up with what scientists call circadian dysrhythmia (aka jet lag). But fret not: “If you plan for it, you can do most of your acclimatizing to your destination a few days in advance,” says W. Chris Winter, a Virginia neurologist and author of The Sleep Solution: Why Your Sleep Is Broken and How to Fix It. Here are some facts, techniques, and take-on-the-plane aids suggested by him and other experts to help you adjust to a new time in no time. Per the American Sleep Association, 93 percent of travelers will experience jet lag at some point. It takes about one day per hour of time difference for your body clock to adjust to a new time zone. 24 There are 24…

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road trip baja california sur

➤ Miles: 259 ● Days on the Road: 10 ● Masterful Mole: Los Tres Gallos in Cabo San Lucas ● Local Arts and Crafts: Galeria Mangos in Todos Santos The margarita-fueled party scene in Cabo San Lucas may claim the limelight, but the Mexican state of Baja California Sur has a wealth of natural and cultural treasures. On the southern half of the Baja California Peninsula, discover an often-wild desert landscape juxtaposed against brilliant blue waters teeming with life. Along the east coast, the Sea of Cortez—dubbed “the world’s aquarium” by Jacques Cousteau—presents underwater adventures from snorkeling with the ocean’s largest fish to diving along a rejuvenated reef, a remarkable environmental success story. When you come up for air, take in sublime sunsets, taste traditional flavors at a taqueria, and track down…

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city guide lima

Dubbed City of Kings when it was founded by Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro in 1535, Peru’s sprawling capital today presides over some of South America’s best museums and some of the world’s top restaurants. Come July, it also will shine as a sports venue when it hosts more than 6,500 athletes at the prestigious quadrennial Pan American Games. “Lima never stands still; it is always evolving,” says hotelier Angie Clavijo, who grew up in this city where ancient adobe pyramids share space with Spanish colonial churches. “There is always something to discover, from new cocktail bars to concept boutiques,” especially in the vibrant districts of Barranco and Miraflores. Add in the beaches and seaside promenades (Clavijo suggests the Malecón in Miraflores for its parklike setting and free yoga and tai chi classes),…