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Get the digital version of the National Park Journal with its four separate park editions (Grand Canyon, Rocky Mountain, Yellowstone and Yosemite) to discover all-time favorite road trips to the national parks. From Utah’s dazzling deserts, the adobe-lined streets of New Mexico’s charming towns, Wyoming’s authentic outposts, California’s stunning coastline and Colorado’s mountain towns, we feature all the amazing places to explore en route to the parks, no matter where you begin your adventure. Plus , our insider’s guide includes our top things to do in each national park in 48 hours. Discover the best hiking trails, campsites and attractions in our magazine. Our illustrated wildlife guide will help you discover the best of the park's wild animals, including tips on where to find them, and our packing list ensures you don’t leave anything at home.

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paperless trail

There's an unusual sight tucked in the northwest corner of Yosemite National Park, and less than 1 percent of all Yosemite visitors see it. Amid towering granite domes lies the 8-mile-long Hetch Hetchy Reservoir. It's liquid gold in these parts of the West, supplying more than 2.4 million San Francisco area residents and industrial users with water. But it also sparked one of the first national conversations on valuing wilderness over development in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Preservationists like John Muir fought the dam, arguing a water source for San Francisco could be built beyond the park’s borders. In 1913 Congress approved the construction of the dam. Muir died a year later of pneumonia, but the loss of the Hetch Hetchy Valley echoed profoundly in his heart. He wrote a…

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paperless trail

Web Visit myyosemitepark.com as an indispensible source for planning incredible road trips. We cover where to stay, what to do and the interesting characters who shape the areas through which you travel. Are you interested in exploring other national parks? Visit us online. MyGrandCanyonPark.comMyOlympicPark.comMyRockyMountainPark.comMySmokyMountainPark.comMyYellowstonePark.comMyYosemitePark.comMyUtahParks.com Trip Planner Start planning your dream vacation by requesting our Yosemite Trip Planner online. It will arrive in your mailbox and give you the nuts-and-bolts of what to do and how to get there. You also can request vacation planning materials from our partners in California. Events Join us for our Night Skies Photo Workshop series held in and near national parks. In partnership with Tamron’s professional photographers, we offer in-the-field instruction on how to take great night skies, sunset and sunrise photos. Learn more at nationalparktrips.com/photo-workshops. Enewsletter Don’t forget to sign up for…

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name changes

You may not recognize the names of some of Yosemite National Park’s legendary landmarks next time you visit. The 2016 name changes came on the heels of a trademark dispute between the National Park Service and Delaware North, the company that operated Yosemite’s concessions from 1993 until it lost a bid to renew its contract. Park officials changed some names [see which ones to the right] to avoid issues when Aramark, the new park concessionaire, took the reins on March 1, 2016. Delaware North has said it had to buy intellectual property from the previous concessionaire, including the lodges’ original names, when it became the park’s concessionaire. The National Park Service refutes the names were part of the deal and is fighting to retain the names. The name, Yosemite National Park, also is…

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park pass

A park pass costs $30/ vehicle at the Yosemite National Park entrance stations and is valid for seven days. You also can purchase the Yosemite Pass for $60 for unlimited visits to the park for 12 months. Planning on visiting more than one park this year? Consider the America the Beautiful annual pass for $80. The Access Pass is a free lifetime admission and discount pass for U.S. citizens or permanent residents with lifelong disabilities. The Senior Pass costs $10 for U.S. citizens or permanent residents who are 62 and older. Don’t forget fourth-graders and their families get in free. To get a complimentary one-year pass, print out a paper voucher at everykidinapark.gov and present the voucher at a national park entrance station. MAP BY PETER SUCHESKI, PHOTO BY GRANT ORDELHEIDE FLOAT THE MERCED…

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park entrance primer

1. HETCH HETCHY ENTRANCE (HWY.120) Leave the crowds behind at this entrance. The farthest north of the four western entrances, the Hetch Hetchy Entrance leads you to one of the park’s quieter areas. In 2015, only 21,070 visitors ventured this far north in the park during all 12 months of the year in comparison to 4,305,301 visitors to the entire Yosemite National Park, says Jamie Richards, a park public affairs officer. Access it via 120 and by Evergreen Road. It is open throughout the year, but only during daylight hours unless you have a backcountry permit. Inhabited for more than 6,000 years, the Hetch Hetchy Valley was home to Native Americans until the 1850s when settlers arrived in the area. It is believed that the word “Hetch Hetchy” comes from the Miwok…

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the fast lane

With a record 4-million-plus visitors last year, Yosemite National Park, known for its stunning waterfalls and granite domes, is developing a reputation for something quite unwanted: traffi c. Best way to avoid it? Climb aboard the Yosemite Area Regional Transportation System [YARTS]. “Every time I ride the bus into the park, I see something I’ve never seen before,” says Dick Whittington, YARTS transit manager. “The freedom of not having to watch the road is astonishing. You are up high, and the windows are big. It’s a heck of a way to see the area around the park.” YARTS makes designated stops along four major routes into the park: Hwy. 120/395 starting in Mammoth Lakes on the east side of the park, Hwy. 120 starting in Sonora to the west of the park, Hwy.…