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New American Paintings

New American Paintings

Issue 139

New American Paintings reveals America’s most promising emerging artists. Prominent curators review thousands of artists each year so that you can discover the best. Additional editorial content focuses on the medium of painting and the artists and art world professionals who influence its direction. A must have for art aficionados.

United States
The Open Studios Press, Inc.
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6 Issues


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new american paintings

139 December/January 2019 Volume 23, Issue 6 ISSN 1066-2235 $20 Editor/Publisher: Steven T. Zevitas Associate Publisher: Andrew Katz Designer/Production Manager: Kayelani Ricks Operations Manager: Alexandra Simpson Marketing Manager: Liz Morlock Copy Editor: Lucy Flint Advertising Inquiries please contact Alexandra Simpson: 617.778.5265 x26 New American Paintings is published bimonthly by: The Open Studios Press, 450 Harrison Avenue #47, Boston, MA 02118 617.778.5265 / www.newamericanpaintings.com Subscriptions: $89 per year. (Canada + $50/Non-North American + $100) Periodical Postage paid at Boston, MA and additional mailing offices. Postmaster: Send address changes to: The Open Studios Press 450 Harrison Avenue #47 Boston, MA 02118 New American Paintings is distributed as a periodical by CMG Retailers looking to carry New American Paintings: 888.235.2783 Copyright © 2018. The Open Studios Press. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any way without written permission from the…

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editor’s note

In early 2018, New American Paintings experienced a sudden staff shake-up and a major production problem at virtually the same moment. For a small publishing company, either event would have been challenging to manage. The combination of both placed a severe strain on the company’s resources. Many of our readers have noticed that recent issues of New American Paintings have been released later than in the past. This issue, for instance, is typically mailed to subscribers in early December and, close to six months later, it is finally in your hands. I want to extend a sincere apology to our readers and to the artists who are featured in these “delayed” issues. I am happy to say that we are close to having things back on schedule, and by year’s…

1 min.

Laurie Nye Juror’s Pick p76 Laurie Nye’s paintings are optical feasts that stretch our mind’s eye. Intrigued by the associative capacities of color, she works in a palette of hot pastels, creating trippy alternate worlds presided over by figures she calls “female hybrid beings.” Part cyborg, future human, and ancient mythological creature, they typically emerge from a surround of nature that appears both lush and radioactive. Environmental destruction has long been a key concern for the artist, leading to visionary paintings that engage with the scientific and social realities of the present world. Emma Webster Editor’s Pick p140 I was first struck by Webster’s extraordinary technical abilities. Her preferred palette and technique give her paintings a sort of Old Master presence. The paintings, which first read as landscapes, are, in fact, more closely…

1 min.
winners: pacific coast competition 2018

Juror: Nancy Lim, Assistant Curator of Painting and Sculpture, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, CA Juror’s Selections: Whitney Bedford | Zach Bohny | Subarna Talukder Bose | Craig Calderwood | Alida Cervantes Mel Davis | Sarah Fagan | Daniel Gibson | Barb Gipple | Benjamin Heiken Sean M. Howe | Christopher Iseri | Gregory Kaplowitz | Joanne Ji Young Kim | Peter Ko Tucker Nichols | Laurie Nye | Jennie Ottinger | Sean Phetsarath | Ian Pines Johanna Robinson | Samantha Rosenwald | Tyler Scheidt | Sally Scopa | Muzae Sesay Tyler Sharpnack | Kirk Stoller | Robert Stone | Mark Todd | Britton Tolliver Anna Valdez | Esther Pearl Watson | Emma Webster | Benji Whalen | Adrian Kay Wong Editor’s Selections: Delfin Finley | Daniel Gerwin | Carlson Hatton…

4 min.
nancy lim

Hailing from throughout the West Coast, the talented artists selected for this issue range broadly—in their topical concerns, formal approaches, and the memories they summon. Tucker Nichols’s paintings are like spirited visual balms, their off-center compositions animating floral bouquets and pulling pools of color to the surface. Barb Gipple’s drawings offer a more panoramic view of densely worked Pacific Northwest landscapes that hint at seeing far but pull our eyes short at their furry textures and roving colors. In contrast, Emma Webster’s paintings offer paths into deep pictorial space. Engaging the fraught history of Western landscape imagery, they incorporate cutouts that appear digitally collaged but in fact are handpainted, reifying the human hand’s intrusion on the environment. Sean M. Howe’s paintings, which teem with activity, depict human and non-human animals…

47 min.
juror’s selections

The following section is presented in alphabetical order. Biographical information has been edited. Prices for available work may be found on p176. Bedford My paintings negotiate the territory between portrait and landscape—a realm where forces of nature collide between the personal and political. I use iconic portraits of historical figures, shipwrecks, utopian images of Arcadian landscapes, photos of Mars and fireworks as a visual lexicon within which I negotiate the legacy of historical painting within the exigencies of contemporary life. The metaphors and visual symbols in my practice form a rich and potent landscape from which to map the historical and the romantic. Currently, I am working on a series of paintings, The Left Coast, that reconsiders the idea of the Western frontier as a stage where the mythos of exploration and manifest destiny are…