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New York Moves Summer 2020

Moves Magazine is a lifestyle magazine for city women (and men), unafraid to ask hard questions. We take on social, political, and global topics and show how women are shaping the world we live in today. Written with a progressive vibe, the magazine offers a provocative, often polemic view of society; an askance look at the world we live in.

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When was the last time you had an original thought? No, really. When was the last time you had an idea that you hadn’t already heard somewhere else? Anything from your outfit choices to your lifestyle choices, to your opinions on politics and your opinions on healthcare and your opinions on what makes a great date. Sorry to tell you, but none of it is original. It comes from an outside source, most likely the result of a boardroom discussion on how to increase someone’s bottom line. As a species, we’ve lost our ability to create. All we can do is take someone else’s great idea and try—usually unsuccessfully—to perfect it, whatever that means. Take music, for example. All popular music these days is simply a mash-up of old styles, taking…

2 min

AUTUMN DE WILDE is an American photographer and film director best known for her portraiture and commercial photography of musicians, as well as her music videos. She had no formal education in photography, but learned photography from her father Jerry de Wilde, an art and commercial photographer noted for his photos of Jimi Hendrix. @autumndewilde TIZIANO LUGLI’s excellent taste, sharp eye for beauty, coupled together with his innate ability to connect with his subjects, have given him the right ingredients needed for a fashion and entertainment photographer. “I believe that life is a constant journey of creative endeavors that provides me the oxygen I need to breathe, so I can stay alive.” @tizianolugli DAVID YEO is an award-winning London-based photographer who works with filmic lighting that creates drama and a cinematic, film noir…

10 min

“The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference.” “…got to admit it’s getting better, better, better.” Life is not fair, and the modern woman quickly learns that she must crusade against this unfortunate status quo. She focuses her attack on equal pay, eradicating prejudice and too often, hones in on increased sexual freedom. For some reason, the general consensus seems to be that to earn the same respect and salaries as our male counterparts, we have to act like them. We’re becoming a society of avoidance; love ‘em and leave ‘em, or more aptly, fuck ‘em and forget ‘em, is the new motto. When did one-night stands become okay? Recall the charming, pithy words of Lil’ Kim: “If the guy have three girls then he’s the man. He can either give…

9 min
better than human

Consider the case of Michelle, a bright, ambitious junior at an elite university. To study more efficiently, she takes Ritalin, a drug prescribed for attention deficit disorder—which she doesn’t have. Ritalin is only one of several drugs developed to treat disorders, including ADD, Alzheimer’s, and narcolepsy, that have been shown to improve thinking in normal people. Michelle’s boyfriend, Carlos, tells her she shouldn’t take Ritalin. He says, “It’s cheating, and it might be dangerous.” Michelle replies: “Calm down. It’s just helps me think better; it’s not cocaine. Don’t be hypocritical. You take a cognitive enhancement drug—and probably in dangerously high doses—namely, caffeine. You also smoke, though you say you’ve quit. Why do you think people drink coffee and smoke? To be more alert. So, if I’m cheating, so are you…

4 min
how dare you ?

Many college students are afraid right now. Afraid of losing campus jobs that pay rent. Afraid of failing a class. Afraid of not having a set plan come post-virtual graduation ceremonies. With the state of our nation changing with every waking hour, schemes and blueprints we worked so diligently to put into place and to achieve, might now dissolve right in front our eyes with deploring, dirgelike words strung together in a campus wide email from the Chancellor. And while grieving and reflecting about this period of sequestration is a necessary part of the experience, it’s also equally, if not more, imperative to reflect on the matters we once worried about during times of togetherness. To reflect on past matters like being afraid of assault on campus. Afraid of the pressures…

4 min
youtube chef

Testing, testing. Is this oven on? Cooking and drama have always gone hand-in-hand. Cookbooks and kitchen magazines learned early on that presentation—a key component of any well-prepared dish—translates well to any visual medium. A key part of any food media involves presenting a readership with quality recipes next to mouth-watering, glossy images of the finished items waiting to be eaten. Celebrity chefs like the classic Betty Crocker made way for a variety of celebrity chefs in pop culture and visual media today, such as Guy Fieri, Gordon Ramsay, and the late Anthony Bourdain. The Food Network was quick to capitalize on the recipe of wowing viewers with stunning meals alongside personality chefs the audience has come to know and love (or, in some cases, love to hate). This has kept food media…