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New York Moves Fall 2019

Moves Magazine is a lifestyle magazine for city women (and men), unafraid to ask hard questions. We take on social, political, and global topics and show how women are shaping the world we live in today. Written with a progressive vibe, the magazine offers a provocative, often polemic view of society; an askance look at the world we live in.

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Books have always been our adventures. Fantasies that help us escape our reality and journey into our imagination for a few blissfully uninterrupted hours. Books stimulate our brain waves and exercise our mental agility to create fanciful places and fictional characters that often times become part of our very souls. Social media on the other hand, is a black hole that projects a faux light. We are too easily amused and too ill-equipped to deny the attraction of florescent pop-ups on our screen. It’s more than infatuation, way more than plain lifestyle adaptation. It’s a poison, a disease ridden addiction that’s seeping into the veins of this generation enough to immediately affect future generations. People will no longer to go rehab for heroin or cocaine; they’ll go for Instagram and Twitter.…

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TONY GALE is an award winning NYC based photographer, in addition to working with Moves he shoots for a variety of editorial, corporate and advertising clients. He is a Sony Artisan of Imagery, a Manfrotto Ambassador, an X-Rite Coloratti and the APA National President. For fun and work he travels and has been to all 50 states and all over the world. @tonygalephoto KARRIE PORTER BOND started her photography career in 2001 with a vision to bring out the beauty and story of others. She runs her downtown Key West studio specializing in contemporary portraits and events. Having watched her mother go through the self-image struggles after a battle with cancer, she holds a special place for photographing women and girls. Over her career, she has received honors, awards, and recognition for…

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“…Silly snobbery has no home anyplace close to reasonableness…” Minority Report The way Latin women are portrayed in the media has always raised questions about how knowledgeable Americans are about the various culture groups within the Hispanic community. Hispanics are just one minority group who are depicted in the media, but these portrayals can lead to stereotyping and raise the question of identity among Latinos in the United States. The term “minorities” is defined as a small group of people who are non-white, and live within the majority of the population of the United States. The term minority not only leads a person to think the group is small, but also makes the group seem insignificant. To first understand these stereotypes is to first know the impact the group has in the United States.…

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man for all seasons

My friends, Victor and Debra, recently entrusted their four-year-old daughter Lindsey to me for the weekend while they took a much needed vacation alone. They must have really needed to get away. They both know my idea of a balanced meal is butter with my popcorn, but the trip was a last-minute decision, and they had nowhere else to turn. Vic and Deb have always been my relationship Sherpas – romance explorers sent ahead to test the terrain and report back. They not only love each other, they adore each other. But when they dropped Lindsey off, Deb’s melancholy look and Vic’s slumped shoulders indicated something else entirely. Was there trouble brewing in paradise? Was my idea of the perfect marriage going to hash itself out in some bed and breakfast upstate…

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she has her mother's laugh

The worst scares of my life have usually come in unfamiliar places. I still panic a bit when I remember traveling into a Suma- tran jungle only to discover my brother, Ben, had dengue fever. I lose a bit of breath any time I think about a night in Bujumbura when a friend and I got mugged. My fingers still curl when I recall a fossil-mad paleontologist leading me to the slick mossy edge of a Newfoundland cliff in search of Precambrian life. But the greatest scare of all, the one that made the world suddenly unfamiliar, swept over me while I was sitting with my wife, Grace, in the comfort of an obstetrician’s office. Grace was pregnant with our first child, and our obstetrician had insisted we meet with a…

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the good, the bad and the ugly

Alcohol has always been central to many different cultures around the world. It has been consumed as part of so many spiritual and religious rituals including an integral part of one of Jesus’ first miracles: water into wine. So, it’s no surprise that alcohol became such an important component of almost every country’s culture. The British (who else!) developed a formerly medicinal liquid into one of the country’s most popular drinks, the Vikings used to enjoy copious amounts of beer as celebration in their meeting halls, while other European countries developed ouzo, vodka, absinthe all manner of liquers and from the East came sake and Chinese maotai. (Although this one is said to be an acquired taste.) And of course the French developed wine making into a fine art. These culturally important spirits…