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New York Moves Spring 2019

Moves Magazine is a lifestyle magazine for city women (and men), unafraid to ask hard questions. We take on social, political, and global topics and show how women are shaping the world we live in today. Written with a progressive vibe, the magazine offers a provocative, often polemic view of society; an askance look at the world we live in.

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Politics and government are very different things. They interact, especially at election time, and almost everyone fails to see the difference—even, sometimes, politicians themselves, especially those in opposition, who are able to make promises proportional in size to the unlikelihood of their ever having to be fulfilled. But most responsible politicians recognize the difference between managing the complexities of a large and populous country, and the political endeavour of persuading voters to continue giving their support. The public see only part of the external face of government. Its ordinary tasks, even those that are done well, rarely find mention in the media, which is hungry for mistakes, problems, lies, evasions, difficulties, conflicts, quarrels, arguments, disasters, miscalculations, personality clashes, and anything else which makes a good story. In consequence the public gets…

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CHESLEY TURNER interviewed Olivia Munn and Kelsey Asbille for this issue. She lives in Philly where she regularly runs the Rocky steps, usually on her way to visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Chesley is an avid podcast listener and, like Olivia, is dejected that The Newsroom only had three seasons. Los Angeles photographer SHANNA FISHER has been on the move with her lens recently capturing the most magical moments of Hollywood and beyond. Photographing celebrities, musicians, and pretty young things for advertising and magazines. Shanna loves making her sets fun and it shows in her photos. When not shooting she can be found tending to her ever growing gang of rescue animals Photography has shifted in the last decade into a cadre of instafamous influencers who snap selfies with iPhones and…

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They seek him here…they seek him there There is nothing more empowering than to look like a million dollars, smell like Number Five and carry the month’s last ten dollars in a Dior bag. It makes me feel accomplished. Like any other human being of this century, I buy on media’s unattainable dreams: from Hollywood’s happy-ending chick-flicks to the shiny Oscar de la Renta fashion shows. And we wonder why the fashion industry makes billions of dollars per year? We project our fantasies in the fib realities it carefully performs for us. By now, we all should know this… Or not. Dottie, real estate, UES Dangers of Elderly Drivers Why do we have a minimum age for driving and not a maximum? After all, at 16 we have maximum speed in our reflexes, but…

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bad apple

Oh, New York. You magnificent metropolis, upright at the center of American conscientiousness, like a bright beacon in the dark night that is the rest of the civilized world. You’re the City where countless icons of style, power, prestige, and talent have cut their teeth. Where the Chrysler building shines like, well, the top of the Chrysler Building. Where to be in town is to be in style. You’re the City that never sleeps. Don’t you ever get tired? New Yorkers are a special breed of human being. That’s a nice way of saying that no place else in the world would put up with you. At every instant, you’ve got a train to catch or a meeting to make, a deal to break or a rent to pay. You live…

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what a wiz of an idea

This is America where originality,, audacity and opportunism are not to be……. um,, frowned on.! We all have that one person in our lives—you love them to death, but you can’t for the LIFE of you understand what is going on in their tiny little minds. Every time you try to have a real conversation about real realities, and you think they’re taking you seriously, a week later they proudly announce they’ve just done the one thing you told them was a Bad Idea. For me, that person is Jamie. I’ve known Jamie for longer than I care to remember (because I’m getting old), and for about that long she’s allowed things to come out of her mouth that have often made me wonder about my own sanity in choosing to hang out…

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yes, chef!

We’ve gone beyond Julia & Julia. A blog alone just won’t cut it. Everyone in the world can look up beef bourguignon on the internet now. The way we cook at home has changed since television began. We look at our phones and iPads to follow directions. You can watch an episode of a cooking show and then find the exact recipe on the website as soon as it’s done. We are the generation that has to Google the “best” hash browns before we can even start. We’ve become even more neurotic in our cooking habits, and we can no longer identify with the chef on TV who’s a doting grandmother in the kitchen. Today’s food stars have to be even more multidimensional than their predecessors. Cooking is just half of…