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Newsweek 09/14/2018

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the archives

2000 It was November 20, and Newsweek still didn’t know who would be the nation’s 43rd president—thus the cover image merging the faces of Vice President Al Gore and George W. Bush. The “strange legal-political-moral battle” that determined the eventual winner ended in a Supreme Court ruling that, says David A. Kaplan, the author of this issue’s “The Supreme Question” (Page 20), demonstrated the dangerous overreach of America’s highest court. Thanks to that decision, Bush would ultimately win the presidency; Gore would win an Academy Award. 1974“Wall Street’s bears are growling, evoking grim memories of the 1929 crash,” Newsweek warned on September 9, after the Dow Jones Industrial Average had recently fallen 119 points. The recession—or “stagflation”—continued into 1975, and unemployment remained high well into Jimmy Carter’s presidency. …

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john mccain

1936 — 2018 Cindy McCain touches her cheek to the casket of her husband, Senator John McCain, during his memorial service at the Arizona State Capitol on August 29. McCain died August 25 at 81 after a long battle with brain cancer. The former Vietnam prisoner of war was a hero to many, both as a soldier and as a politician who, said former President Barack Obama, was faithful “to something higher—the ideals for which generations of Americans and immigrants alike have fought, marched and sacrificed.” The senator, who ran for president in 2000 and 2008, was honored at the memorial by Joe Biden, his friend and former political opponent. “Character is destiny,” he said. “John had character.”ROSS D. FRANKLIN/GETTY; ERIC THAYER/GETTY ■…

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painting the town red

A man refreshes himself in tomato pulp at the Tomatina festival on August 29. An estimated 22,000 people descend upon the small town of Buñol to hurl 150 tons of overripe tomatoes at one another during what’s considered to be the world’s biggest food fight. ■…

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White balloons float skyward on August 27 after being released at the end of a march paying tribute to Maëlys de Araujo, an 8-year-old French schoolgirl abducted at a wedding and murdered a year earlier. Maëlys’s body was found in February, six months after she went missing; that month, Nordahl Lelandais, a former soldier, admitted to the murder.BAZ RATNER/REUTERS; BORJA SANCHEZ-TRILLO/GETTY; ROMAIN LAFABREGUE/AFP/GETTY ROMAIN LAFABREGUE ■…

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manafort destiny

“Where voices are stifled, money talks.” » ROBERT HIRSCHHORN KNEW EXACTLY WHAT type of jurors he wanted in the months ahead of George Zimmerman’s 2013 trial. His client, the shooter of Trayvon Martin, was, at the time, “the most hated man in America,” says Hirschhorn. “I particularly wanted women in that jury. I had concluded that if a woman was getting her head pounded into the cement, and she had a gun on her, she would be more inclined to reach for that gun than a man.”An all-female jury acquitted Zimmerman of second-degree murder for the killing of Martin. He claimed he shot the 17-year-old in self-defense, but critics said the shooting was racially motivated and that the teen was killed because he was black.For Hirschhorn, a decades-long trial…

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best frenemies

“Now, the Syrian people know who our real enemy is. It is Assad, Iran and Russia. Not Israel.” HANI’S MOTHER WARNED HIM as a boy in Syria that if he didn’t finish his dinner, Zionists would come and drink his blood. Yet when his own government shot him as he fled with his wife and children, he asked field medics to take him to Israel.With half of Hani’s face missing, Israeli soldiers searched him for weapons before bringing him to the Galilee Medical Center in Nahariya. Two years later, he is still undergoing extensive reconstructive surgery. “I heard from other Syrians who had been here that Israel takes good care of us, unlike Arab countries,” he says.Syria has never recognized the creation of the state of Israel,…