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Airgun Shooter

Airgun Shooter June 2019

Airgun Shooter is your complete guide to getting the very best out of yourself and your guns - while enjoying every minute of it. Whether your passion is hunting, target shooting or plinking, we've got you covered. We also bring you the toughest tests around, plus the very best gear reviews, tips and techniques.

United Kingdom
Future Publishing Ltd
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13 Edities


1 min.
airgun shooter

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF MIKE MORTON MIKE has been shooting air rifles and pistols for four decades, and loves target shooting, hunting, plinking and tinkering. CONTRIBUTOR RICHARD SAUNDERS RICHARD is a journalist , author and airgun hunter who’s been creeping about the undergrowth with his rifle for more than 30 years. CONTRIBUTOR CHRIS WHEELER CHRIS has been into airguns for more than 40 years, and in recent years hunting with PCPs has become a passion. CONTRIBUTOR JONATHAN YOUNG JONATHAN has a lifelong interest in shooting and weapons history, and loves both collecting and shooting airguns. CONTRIBUTOR ANDY McLACHLAN ANDY is the man to help you get a competitive edge. While he’s happy shooting HFT, he’s been taking on benchrest lately as well.…

2 min.
spoilt for choice

I HONESTLY think that we’ve never had it so good as far as airgun hardware is concerned. Technological advances have taken airguns to a level that many of us could never have imagined just a few years ago — but it’s not just the high-spec, high-price gear that has progressed. There are lots of great new affordable air rifles out there, and a couple of hundred pounds should be more than enough to buy you an extremely capable and reliable airgun. Nowhere is the raft of new product releases more apparent than on the show circuit, and both February’s Great British Shooting Show at the NEC as well as last month’s IWA Outdoors Classics in Germany were awash with never-before-seen kit. BSA and their stablemates in particular have recently unveiled numerous…

1 min.
the airgun shooter promise

AUTHORITY AIRGUN Shooter is written by airgunners for airgunners. Our team has decades of combined experience in everything from target shooting to hunting and is committed to bringing you the highest quality advice around in print and video form every month. PASSION WE are absolutely obsessed with airguns and we love writing about them. We’re here to share our knowledge with you and focus on helping you become a better shooter, and we hope you’ll share your knowledge and expertise with us, too! INDEPENDENCE THE views you read in Airgun Shooter are entirely our own, which means you can trust every word you read in these pages. We’ve built up reputations from years in the field – we’re not prepared to pull any punches when it comes to telling you what’s hot and what’s not. INSPIRATION OUR…

1 min.
airgun shooter

Editorial Group Editor, Airgun Brands Mat Manning Editor-in-Chief Mike Morton mike.morton@futurenet.com Art Editor Steve Mumby Production Editor Elizabeth Wood Senior Art Editor Stephen Williams Contributors Simon Everett, Andy McGarty, Andy McLachlan, Richard Saunders, Chris Wheeler, Jonathan Young Photography Phil Barker, Olly Curtis, James Sheppard All copyrights and trademarks are recognised and respected Advertising Media packs are available on request Commercial Director Clare Dove clare.dove@futurenet.com Senior Advertising Manager Toni Cole toni.cole@futurenet.com 01225 687368 Account Manager Callum Madden callum.madden@futurenet.com 01225 687436 Account Manager Chetna Shukla chetna.shukla@futurenet.com 01225 687429 International Airgun Shooter is available for licensing. Contact the Licensing team to discuss partnership opportunities. Head of Print Licensing Rachel Shaw licensing@futurenet.com Subscriptions Email enquiries contact@myfavouritemagazines.co.uk UK orderline & enquiries 0344 848 2852 Overseas order line and enquiries +44 (0)344 848 2852 Online orders & enquiries www.myfavouritemagazines.co.uk Head of subscriptions Sharon Todd Circulation Head of Newstrade Tim Mathers Production Head of Production Mark Constance Production Project Manager Clare Scott Advertising Production Manager Joanne…

2 min.
compact to the max

With advances in technology, the world is getting smaller – and that goes for airguns too. More bullpups and carbines are being made today than before, and that’s created a need for scopes that save on weight and size without compromising on optics or ease of use – scopes just like the Hawke Airmax 30 SF Compact, for example. The Compact is a new addition to the Airmax range. Seen here, the 3-12x40 is the smallest of the bunch, with an overall length of 277mm (10.9”) and a short eye relief of 76mm (3”). And, weighing in at 589g (20.8oz), this scope really does live up to its definition of ‘compact’ – it may be small, but it’s certainly mighty. It uses what Hawke calls a wide angle optical system, which extends…

3 min.
airguns on an international stage

HUNTSMAN GENUS Daystate had some exciting new guns on show, including the long-awaited Huntsman Genus. This very special commemorative PCP has been produced to mark the business’s 40th anniversary, and features an eye-catching Minelli laminate stock with fishtail chequering and inlaid medallion, a bronze Cerakote finish, Huma regulator and 0dB silencer. STOEGER XM1 S4 SUPPRESSOR Boasting styling and fast-handling along the lines of a shotgun, the Stoeger XM1 S4 Suppressor is an extremely versatile precharged air rifle. Features include a customisable stock with interchangeable cheekpiece, pistol grip elements, a Picatinny side rail, multi-shot rotary magazine and single-shot loading tray. UMAREX RUGER 10/22 This is the new Ruger 10/22 from Umarex. Modelled on the classic sporting rimfire, this recoilless .177 calibre airgun runs on two 12g CO2 capsules and features a 10-shot magazine for quickfire fun…