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American Iron Garage January/February 2017

American Iron Garage: The ultimate do-it-yourself, tech and homebuilt motorcycle magazine. Looking to learn more about how to maintain and customize your own motorcycle? American Iron Garage is jam packed with great do-it-yourself tech and homebuilt custom motorcycles. Plus, easy to follow step by step how-to installs, maintenance tips, home garage tool reviews and safety features. A must read for the weekend wrench.

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new builders & new media

One thing that’s as true today as it has always been, and will always be, is that each new genera-tion does things differently than the generation before it. It’s been said that the only constant is change, but in the words of one of my favor-ite hair metal bands, Cinderella, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” This is perhaps most true when it comes to motorcycles and each new generation that rides them. …in American Iron Garage, almost every issue features a bike that was found on Instagram! Look at the bikes being built by young people around the world, and right here in this issue. Sure, there’s many new styles, even some fresh, new American manufacturers, but the de-cades-old concept of building a custom motorcycle on a…

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the era of performance

I want to see beauty come to life. Why spend hours of my life building a bike I can’t properly ride and doesn’t truly perform? I build motorcycles. Building con-sumes me. I am driven to create. This industry is on a tipping point and not in the smoke and mirrors way that televi-sion presents it. While that’s good for the network, it gives riders a false sense of what “reality” truly is. I’ve had a few customers come to me expecting their bike to be completed in a week, or worse, that something is safe just because they saw it done on TV. Leave that in the grave. This industry is headed back to the asphalt. We are becoming riders once again. No more unridable machines, no more nonsense! We are…

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Garage@AmericanIronMagazine.com comKeeping It In The Family…Sorta This 1946 WL was bought brand new by my grandfather, but, honestly, not much remains from the original state. It changed hands a couple of times before making its way back to our family, when it became my grandmother’s, who actually rode it to and from work for a number of years in Vallejo, California. Then it sat for a number of years before my uncle got his hands on it and chopped it up (thankfully, he left the frame untouched). It sat behind his apartment in San Francisco for another 15 years or so, rusting away. My uncle moved away and left the bike behind, at which point, my dad commandeered it (around 2001?), and it sat in pieces in our attic with the…

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matt walksler’s period modified jdh-xr

DO YOU EVER WISH YOU COULD GO BACK IN time and change something? Think of how far technology and style have come in the last hundred years, and think about how cool it would be to build something by today’s standards with yesterday’s available parts. Matt Walksler doesn’t need to dream about it, he actually did it when he built his “JDH-XR” you see here. Although it might look like it, Matt didn’t actually travel back in time to build this beautiful machine. He basically took Harley-Davidson’s original high-performance sport bike, the JDH Two Cam, and gave it a modern twist. The real catch with this bike: it was built using parts and fab-rication techniques that Harley-Davidson would have had access to in the late 1920s. Project JDH-XR started with the most…

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that’s a wrap!

Exhaust systems come in all shapes and sizes. Some come with beautiful heat shields, and others come out of the back of a truck for $25. Some offer maximum performance right out of the box, while others don’t really do anything. No matter if you’re looking to freshen up an old set of pipes or extract maximum performance out of some new ones, exhaust wrap can be a great option. We have an old set of pipes that could use some new life before being mounted up, so we decided to order the latest and great-est in exhaust wrap technology with Design Engineering’s (DEI) EXO 1-1/2" x 20' black wrap (#901151/$81.17). DEI’s new EXO series differs from traditional exhaust wrap thanks to its 304-grade stainless steel exoskeleton which surrounds the high-temp…

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getting to know you

EVERYBODY KNOWS THE EXPRESSION “OVER THE hill.” Once you’ve reached the top of this metaphorical high level of land, you usually realize what’s actually important to you. Plus, rather than just sitting around and thinking about it, you normally just do it. For Kyle Cole, he didn’t want to wait until he was 40. He began pursuing his dream seven years in advance. For Kyle, this dream was building a custom motorcycle. “Building was something I picked up as a teen, working on bicycles and cars with my friends,” Kyle says. “I had a friend who built a few bikes, too, and it just really grabbed my atten-tion. I just really wanted to build my own from the ground up, so I gave it a go. It just seemed like the…