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American Iron Garage July/August 2017

American Iron Garage: The ultimate do-it-yourself, tech and homebuilt motorcycle magazine. Looking to learn more about how to maintain and customize your own motorcycle? American Iron Garage is jam packed with great do-it-yourself tech and homebuilt custom motorcycles. Plus, easy to follow step by step how-to installs, maintenance tips, home garage tool reviews and safety features. A must read for the weekend wrench.

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garage builders through the years, part i

@TylerGreenblatt Although American Iron Garage as a magazine is a relatively new concept, bikers have been building and modifying motorcycles in their own garage since before William Davidson and William Harley built their first motorcycle. Come to think of it, Harley-Davidson’s start in that famous backyard shed is the ultimate case of building a better motorcycle than what the factories of the day were building. The garage builder, his name usu-ally lost to history, tells the story of motorcycling in any given time period. In the early days, guys like Davidson and Harley were the norm. They were machinists and engineers who, with the help of friends and family, fabricated their own engine, designed their own frame and components, and painted their own tins. Why did they build a motorcycle? To get…

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is it safe?

Many in today’s society think that if we can buy something easily it must be safe. But is it really as safe as you think? When you get a prescription filled at the pharmacy, they usually have all kinds of warnings on them. On some occasions I’ve had either the doctor or pharmacist inform me of the side effects these medicines may have, just to be aware of possible problems. But with the OTC (over-the-counter) medicines, the warnings are there, but in really small print! Many of these OTC medicines can cause dizziness or drowsiness or other kinds of side effects. Taken by themselves they may not cause any reaction, but when taken with other medicines, or alcohol, the side effects can act up and may be much stronger. A few…

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letters & snapshots

Garage@AmericanIronMagazine.com A Tribute To Gary Plant Several years ago I had the good for-tune of finding a 1945 Indian Chief. This 1200 flathead V-twin was in poor condition but a slow, contin-ued restoration brought it back to life. The bike was owned for many years by Gary Plant of Mobile, Alabama, until he was unfortunately killed in a work-related accident. After his death, his wife, Judy, with her children, Jon and Ginny, moved back to her home town of Galax, Virginia. Many years went by as the old bike sat by the family pool table as a reminder of a husband and father that was missed. It was finally decided that the old bike should be in the hands of someone who could restore it and bring it to its former beauty…

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don captures the old school

This time it wasn’t fake news on Facebook. Every now and again we ask people to post pictures of their rides on our Facebook page. When Don Salafia saw the post, he rolled the dice and threw up a shot of his throwback Sportster chopper. We hit him with a direct message, but the New Jersey native was still a little incredulous. Even when asked if we could hook him up with our photographer out of New York to shoot his bike, he still thought the deal was a little sketchy. “The guy hit me up and obviously everything turned out legit. Something like that had never happened before,” says Salafia. “I was stoked.” We’re glad he finally trusted us because he created one stylin’ scoot. His appreciation of bikes with “that old…

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The ’90s were a great decade; music finally became good again, the American economy was boom-ing, and garage floors were much cleaner and safer thanks to Harley-Davidson’s Evo engine not dripping a drop of oil. Speaking of Harleys, when it came to customizing, the theme of the decade was long, stretched Fat Bob gas tanks, full-wrap fend-ers, and flames, flames, and more flames. And that’s exactly what Brian Hudson of Bowling Green, Kentucky, found in a 1994 Softail when he was searching for a new project bike back in February 2016. It was almost as if the bike had been locked away in a time capsule. It was the epitome of a ’90s era customized Softail, not necessarily a bad thing; it’s just not Brian’s style. Having grown up around Harleys and…

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faded heritage

Seeing how the 1989 Heritage Softail Classic was his first Big Twin, Phil Astore will always have a soft spot for the old Harley. Bought brand-spankin’-new in ’89, the Heritage had served him well for over 20 years before things started to go, and it slowly began to break down. But he just couldn’t bring himself to sell it “She was getting tired. So I bought myself a Street Glide and was riding that all the time. And the bike just sat in the garage,” Phil says. It took a trip to a buddy’s house in Florida to spark an epiphany. “He had this nice little bobber, and I’m riding that and thought, ‘Damn, I gotta build me one of these.’ So I went home, tore the Softail apart, used the motor…