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American Iron Garage May 2018

American Iron Garage: The ultimate do-it-yourself, tech and homebuilt motorcycle magazine. Looking to learn more about how to maintain and customize your own motorcycle? American Iron Garage is jam packed with great do-it-yourself tech and homebuilt custom motorcycles. Plus, easy to follow step by step how-to installs, maintenance tips, home garage tool reviews and safety features. A must read for the weekend wrench.

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block party build

I was sure to attend a buddy-build session to watch and learn When I first got into motorcycles I went through a series of used bikes before I bought a brand-new one. When I had my string of used bikes, I often worked on them by myself or with one particular friend. We both had similar-style bikes, hung together, and rode together. It was nice having that extra set of eyes making sure I did things right, or even to help look for that dropped bolt or washer that always seemed to roll to the other side of the garage and disappear. It was nice to have an extra set of hands to help hold things in place while I went and looked for that bolt or washer. And it was nice…

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make motorcycles fun again!

We need to rethink how we teach novices about motorcycles… I was fortunate enough to have been raised in an era when motorcycles were on a strong upswing. I remember those small Japanese bikes that came over in the mid-1960’s and then the dirt bikes from the ’70s. While all this was going on, we suddenly had four-cylinder road motorcycles and the super fun, super fast two strokes. Today, most folks have no idea what motorcycling is about. Reality TV shows are anything but “reality.” That’s not to say those shows haven’t sparked an interest for some, those lucky few now enjoying the thrills of motorcycle ownership. Then there are the clubs and the rides! To someone that knows nothing about motorcycles, these can be intimidating. Intimidation is hurting the community’s growth these days,…

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the blank canvas fears me

Without growth, our community, our passion, our hobby will just fade into the limestone… Putting a bike together can be a pretty daunting task for even the most experienced home wrenchers, especially when you’re working on a pretty tight budget. During my move from Pittsburgh to Milwaukee, I found myself putting all my spare money towards finding a place, renting a trailer, and having enough gas money to get myself, my dog, and all my belongings to my new place. Working on a budget means some times you have to get a little bit creative to avoid falling into a slump: scouring the Internet for cheap parts, finding work to do on the bike that doesn’t cost you anything, or hustling used parts to come up with a couple extra bucks.…

4 min.

Garage@AmericanIronMagazine.com Couples Who Ride Together… My name is Joan MacDougall, a 38-year-old mama of three young children and married to the great Shane MacDougall. More on him later. I grew up on the tank of my dad’s motorcycle. On Saturdays, he would take me on tour to visit friends and go for rides from the time I was old enough to hold on. I was taught to be a passenger like most people are taught to buckle up—sit tall, stay still, and lean with the bike. The rest was left to me. Dad always had copies of motorcycle magazines around, and our garage was stockpiled with BSAs, Nortons, and parts for just about everything. Shane is from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, where he grew up in a rural setting without many bikes…

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bagger bolt-on upgrades

J&M Saddlebag Lid w/ Rokker XXR Speakers $1,034.96 - #4001330 From J&M comes this saddle-bag lid that rocks hard with Rokker XXR speakers, 5" x 7", and a plug-and-play wiring harness designed specifically for H-D baggers. The XXR series recently got an upgrade, with a max input of 300 watts providing pure, unadulterated audio power. Features include a light-weight, waterproof woven-fiber driver cone with rigid metal basket design, a high-density Neodymium magnet structure that is specially coated to maintain flux strength at extreme temperatures, and high-efficiency, vented voice coil for improved cooling. Blow the other baggers away with these stereos. Linbdy Magnumbar Highway Bar $399.95 – #518528 Here’s a solution to two possible problems, cramped legs and dropping your bike: the Lindby Magnumbar. The Magnumbar is triple chrome-plated, precision bent and welded, and…

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urban assault

Back in 2011, the American Iron staff faced a major dilemma. What were we going to call our yet-to-be-released publication dedicated to tech and home-built bikes for handy do-it-yourselfers? Spoiler alert: they chose Garage. Their main reasoning being that most DIYers do all of their wrenchin’ in, a garage. But Nick Partin of Brooklyn didn’t have anything remotely close to a garage when building his 2012 XL1200C. Based on what he did have, Nick would’ve counted himself incredibly lucky if his workspace had walls. A roof would’ve been nice. “I built my bike on the sidewalk in front of my apartment building,” he says to our surprise. At least he has a place to store his Sportster overnight, a parking complex right next to where he lives. Nick also owns a small…