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American Iron Garage May/June 2017

American Iron Garage: The ultimate do-it-yourself, tech and homebuilt motorcycle magazine. Looking to learn more about how to maintain and customize your own motorcycle? American Iron Garage is jam packed with great do-it-yourself tech and homebuilt custom motorcycles. Plus, easy to follow step by step how-to installs, maintenance tips, home garage tool reviews and safety features. A must read for the weekend wrench.

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mama tried … and succeeded

There’s something very cool going on in the motorcycle world these days, something that I think is officially a reality based on what I saw and heard at Mama Tried back in February. This amazing event seems to be indicative of a new way of enjoying motorcycles in the same old way. @TylerGreenblatt ... this is a very cool time to be a homebuilder, and shows like Mama Tried only make it better Bottom line: it’s getting tougher and tougher these days to attend the major rallies like Sturgis and Daytona. While there’s no replacing the winter escape provided by sunny Florida or the incredible riding in the Black Hills, an expensive, week-long motorcycle vacation simply isn’t possible for most people. Until recent years, the only local opportunities to show off home-built customs…

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shop safety

When teaching welding and frame-building classes, the one thing I try to be clear on is safety in the shop. Even those who work in a shop usually learn a new safety procedure. While this will not be an in-depth article on shop safety, it will be more of an overview of what you should be aware of. It’s important to plan ahead and think safety before you start working in your shop 1. Eye safety: Be sure to use safety glasses made from a polycarbonate material. These have a high-impact standard, which is important because they will not shatter. Make sure they fit tightly and wrap around the sides of your eyes. Most good safety glasses provide UV protection, which is an added bonus. But the most important thing: actually wearing…

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letters & snapshots

• Garage@AmericanIronMagazine.com A King’s Ransom Here is my 2006 H-D Road King Classic EFI. As you can see, it is no longer stock, as it has been transformed into a one-of-a-kind hot rod bagger. It all started with a vision I had to transform an ordinary bike into not only rolling art, but a bike that I could ride daily and on longer trips. First order of busi-ness was to take the stock 88" motor and give her more power. This was done by porting and polishing the heads, welding the crank, installing a set of Screamin’ Eagle (SE) heavy cams, installing SE adjust-able push rods, SE performance intake and a Green Filter USA performance filter with custom cleaner cover, complete DynoJet tuning, and a custom 2-into-1 racing pipe with fully wrapped…

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six-month recovery project

THEY SAY riding is therapy for the soul. Pretty in-sightful, these “they.” But what happens when you can’t (or shouldn’ t) swing your leg over your Harley? Bad stuff, that’s what. We wouldn’t wish it on anybody. Unfortu-nately, the builder of this sweet 2008 Nightster, Don Hansen Jr., was “sentenced” to six months of no therap…uh…no riding. The judge who delivered this horri-fying verdict was Don’s doctor. While not something you want to hear, it was understandable. Don had recently de-tached his bicep tendon and underwent surgery as a result, with the recovery time being around six months. Dur-ing this 180-day period, Don was told that he wasn’t supposed to ride—if he wanted his bicep to heal, that is. If Don’s Harley was his psychia- trist, then, dang, Don could’ve gone crazy.…

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staying ahead of the curve

With nearly 20 million people in the state of New York, it’s pretty hard to stay ahead of the curve on trends and stand apart from the masses. However, for the past 30 years, Danny D has been doing just that. While the Internet is flooded with Harley fans snapping and posting pics with smartphones to their Instagram accounts of their SoCal-style FXRs and Dynas, Danny has been scanning pics from the late-90s/early-2000s and posting pictures to his account of similar style bikes he was building 20 years ago. Just because that style of bike has crept out of the shadows and moved more into the mainstream doesn’t mean Danny has lost his appreci-ation. What’s not to like about a blacked-out Dyna or FXR with tall bars, a roaring 2-into-1 pipe,…

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super glide toshovel bobber

Todd Farler’s always been a motorcycle guy. But it wasn’t until his cousin had a line on a 1975 FXE Shovel that he got into Harleys. On the flip side, his cousin Lonnie Line had always been into Harleys. So when Lonnie learned that a co-worker had a ’75 Super Glide in pretty good shape, just collecting dust in his garage, he put the buzz in his cousin’s ear. The owner originally wanted $5-6,000 for it but dropped the price to $4,000 if they’d seal the deal within two weeks. Todd’s loan application through his credit union was taking too long, so his cousin cashed in some 401K money and covered it until Far-ler’s loan went through. Nice to have a cousin who’s more “like a brother.” “It had like a Fat…