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American Patchwork & Quilting April 2018

American Patchwork and Quilting delivers inspiration, education, and motivation to passionate quilting enthusiasts of all skill levels. In each issue, you'll get the highest quality patterns and how-to instructions, along with compelling feature stories about designers and destinations.Every digital issue includes the pattern pieces found in the corresponding print version. To access pattern pieces, simply click on the underlined text in Cut Fabrics sections.

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DREAM TEAM What does dream team mean to you? To the guys in my house, it refers to the best of the best on a sports team. To me, it is the people with me in this photo—Heidi Kaisand, Jennifer Erbe Keltner, and Elizabeth Tisinger Beese—the previous editors of American Patchwork & Quilting® magazine. It was a dream of mine when I became the editor 18 months ago to gather the former editors to celebrate the 25th anniversary of this publication. Here is evidence that we pulled it off! My sincere thanks to the three of them for joining me at our Des Moines headquarters. Because I have worked with all of them, I know the contributions they have made (and continue to make!) to our magazine and to the quilting industry. A…

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TAKE A GUESS! Do you know what this vintage sewing notion was used for originally? (answer below) Pick up our bookazine Make It Modern™ 2018 (on sale February 27) for more than 25 fresh quilts that use simple shapes, playful colors, and fun-to-piece methods. Buy it at local quilt shops, on newsstands, or at AllPeopleQuilt.com/shop. Find us online: AllPeopleQuilt.com instagram.com/allpeoplequilt facebook.com/apqmagazine pinterest.com/apqmagazine twitter.com/allpeoplequilt Subscription help: Visit: AllPeopleQuilt.com/myaccount Email: apqcustserv@cdsfulfillment.com Call: 800/677-4876 Retailers: To order American Patchwork & Quilting, Quilt Sampler®, Quilts and More™, and other quilting magazines, email apq2@meredith.com or call 866/378-1064. Letters & comments: apq@meredith.com Note to readers: It is permissible to make and publicly display a single finished product of any project in this issue, including for purposes of competitive winnings up to $1,000, so long as visible credit is given to the designer and American Patchwork & Quilting magazine. Our promise Prior to publication we…

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celebrating 25 years!

Q: Is everyone on staff actually a quilter? (most frequently asked question) A: Yes! All members of the editorial, art, and administrative staffs are quilters. Most of our advertising and marketing staff members are, too. In addition to quilting, we also knit, crochet, make jewelry, screen print, work with stained glass, and dabble in other crafts du jour. 75 YEARS OF ON-STAFF QUILTING EXPERIENCE our promise: Prior to publication we cut, sew, and assemble at least four blocks of every quilt to verify the accuracy of our patterns and instructions. Then an experienced team of editors reviews the materials lists, how-to directions, and illustrations to make sure the information we provide you is clear, concise, and complete. THE CRAFTS LAB Our sewing studio, above, is complete with sewing machine and serger stations, large ironing surfaces, long-arm…

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1. Total Control RazorEdge Precision Scissors Cut intricate shapes with exceptionally sharp stainlesssteel blades. The handle angle means less wrist and hand fatigue. $18.99 | fiskars.com 2. TrueTrim Thread Cutter A 360˚ rotating blade gives you more cutting surface for a longer-lasting thread cutter. $9.95 | truecut.graceframe.com 3. Enamel Pin Collection These 1"-square pins feature Thimble Blossoms blocks in colors by Bonnie & Camille. Give them as gifts or pin them to your idea board or quilting bag. $9.95 each | thimbleblossoms.bigcartel.com 4. Quilting Tools Mug Let your love for quilting show with a microwave-safe mug wrapped in an illustration of quilting tools. $9.99 | connectingthreads.com 5. Scissor Hair Clip Adorn your hair with a 2½"-long clip shaped like your favorite pair of scissors. $6.50 | perfectedgemn.com 6. Pioneer Quilts Learn the history of more than 30 pioneer-era quilts from the…

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TOP TABLE RUNNERS Dress your table for any occasion with these easy patterns. AllPeopleQuilt.com/531 FAST FINISHES Sew simple blocks for quick and easy quilts. AllPeopleQuilt.com/532 FAT QUARTER Use favorite precuts in quick-to-make quilts. AllPeopleQuilt.com/533 OUR BEST BAGS We have all the bag patterns you need, no matter what your style. AllPeopleQuilt.com/534 connect TUNE IN See how-tos, learn new techniques, and catch up with the editors in our videos. AllPeopleQuilt.com/videos MEET UP Join a quarter of a million quilters on our Facebook page. There you’ll find free patterns, tips, and giveaways. Facebook.com/APQmagazine GO SHOPPING Buy favorite patterns from past issues or get our complete magazine archive at our online store. APQshop.com Follow Us search: American Patchwork & Quilting @allpeoplequilt…

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reader tips

PACK IT UP Before I sit down to sew, I roll an 8"-long piece of clear packing tape back on itself with the sticky side out. I stick the tape roll to my machine or table and drop snipped threads onto it. Before I throw out the tape, I use it to dab around my work space to pick up any stray threads. —Elizabeth McRae Shrewsbury, Massachusetts WISE WASHING Each time I purchase new fabric, I serge the cut ends—so there is no raveling when it is washed—and toss it in the washing machine with compatible items and a color catcher (just in case!). When I eventually pull out that fabric for a project, I know it has been washed if the ends are serged. —Sharon E. Bolin St. Simons Island, Georgia THREAD HOLDER To prepare for…