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Arabian Horse World April 2019

Arabian Horse World carries the message of the Arabian's peerless beauty and versatility, keeps readers enlightened and informed, and stimulates thinking about the long-term elements of breeding and owning Arabians. Famed for award-winning design, beautiful photography, and attention to detail, this magazine blends beauty with international coverage, history and mystique of the breed, reviews of breeding programs, horse husbandry features, and special features for newcomers to the breed.

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8 min.
what in the world the rise of china

The speed on the train’s digital display edged up over 300 km/h for the first time since leaving Beijing. I am now north of the Great Wall, officially in Manchuria, bound for a city of almost 10 million people that most westerners have never heard of, Shenyang. It is not my first time to this city situated 120 kilometers from the North Korean border. My initial visit was over 15 years ago with the U.S. Ski Team, and again when I coached China and one of Shenyang’s most well known inhabitants, Nina Li, a double Olympic medalist, in Sochi in 2014. These experiences have given me a unique perspective on the city’s meteoric growth and economic prosperity, which is also indicative of the rest of China. I will be meeting Glenn…

2 min.
online exclusives

APRIL 2019 PHOTO OF THE MONTH GH Markaine (NYN Hisani x Enjoue by GH Venture) 2009 stallion, ridden by Pete Rasmussen, owned by Patricia DeAtley, Scottsdale, Arizona. www.firesteedfarm.com PHOTO BY ASHLEY LAUREN QUOTE OF THE MONTH: “There remain challenges too. A couple years ago I brought over hundreds of doses of West Nile Vaccinations (it is unavailable in China) for my friend Yushi Peng, an equine vet in Beijing, in exchange for some translation help. Yushi, who can swear so well in English it makes my sides hurt from laughing, tells me stories about colic surgery in the pasture because of no access to a clinic. There is one, repeat one, equine clinic north of Hong Kong. North of Hong Kong is essentially all of China. It is not a profession for the faint of…

1 min.
remarkable success

AT SCOTTSDALE BAHA AA International Straight Egyptian Gold Champion Senior Stallion Al Ayad x Baraaqa AA Owned by Baha Partners, LLC DELACROIXX Unanimous International Gold Champion Senior Stallion RD Dynamo x HED Caramba Owned by Delacroixx Holdings, LLC SULTAN GK Unanimous Champion Senior Stallion WW Stivallea x Al Magna Owned by Al Babtain Stud Farm Owners: Jeff Sloan 248.766.2903 | Jamie Jacob and Norm Pappas | Managed by Greg & Nancy Gallún Trainer, Andrew Sellman | 480.656.2552 | info@SaharaScottsdale.com | www.SaharaScottsdale.com ARIA VENETIAN LACE Junior Champion Filly EKS Alihandro x BH Beijing’s Velvet Owned by Khidam El Shawan Partners, LLC CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL SCOTTSDALE WINNERS REPRESENTED BY SAHARA | THANK YOU OWNERS FOR ENTRUSTING THESE HORSES TO OUR CARE KAVALLE MI • Reserve Champion Senior Stallion | ARIA TRESOR • International Silver Champion Jr. Filly | ORACLE EQ • International Silver Champion Yearling Colt…

19 min.
scottsdale halter divisions 2019

Dickens said it best; “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of cold and rain, it was the epoch of mud …” Well, Dickens didn’t quite say exactly that, but it pretty much sums up Scottsdale 2019. The international halter classes are always held in the Aljassimya arena adjacent to the Equidome, which means indoors, for which I’m sure all the exhibitors were extremely grateful. Instead of the usual short sleeve shirts, sunglasses, and ball caps, it was puffy jackets, scarfs, and wooly hats, as the coldest, wettest and muddiest Scottsdale of recent memory commenced. *SULTAN GK A literal dark horse came in out of the rain to cause a huge stir at Scottsdale this year. *Sultan GK (WW Stivallea x Al Magna by…

15 min.
the view from center ring

Every February we make the pilgrimage to Scottsdale, Arizona, for “The Greatest Horse Show on Earth.” Extraordinary Arabian horses and spectacular performances are assured. For many it is also a mid-winter escape to a desert paradise. This year there were great horses, but the record low temperatures and rain were not what we dreamed of when we mailed our entries in December. While the weather presented challenges and discomfort, the show went on, and everyone adapted to the circumstances. “In spite of the weather, the horses were turned out beautifully,” said judge Gail Grubb. “And they performed really well. Because they were so well trained, they were able to perform in tough conditions.” Judge Joan Palelek noted, “The trainers did an outstanding job preparing and getting their horses into the…

1 min.
auli farwa

As part of the Scottsdale show’s emphasis on education, several “Meet an Arabian Horse” opportunities were scheduled during the show. Here’s one, and he happens to be one of my Arabian heroes: the 2000 gelding Auli Farwa (FV Aul Fancy Free x Winchester Silke by Farlanes Pride), owned by Rusty Toth, pictured, and bred by Donna Dean. Auli Farwa, is the 2017 100-mile Tevis Cup winner, ridden in that race by Tennessee Lane, pictured. He won the Haggin Cup for Best Condition at the 2015 Tevis with Jenni Smith riding. His AERC record is 77 starts and 77 finishes, including sixteen 100-mile races. He completed most of his races in the Top Ten, and without a single pull. In Arabian Horse World’s coverage of the Tevis in the September 2017 issue,…