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Arabian Horse World January/February 2020

Arabian Horse World carries the message of the Arabian's peerless beauty and versatility, keeps readers enlightened and informed, and stimulates thinking about the long-term elements of breeding and owning Arabians. Famed for award-winning design, beautiful photography, and attention to detail, this magazine blends beauty with international coverage, history and mystique of the breed, reviews of breeding programs, horse husbandry features, and special features for newcomers to the breed.

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QUOTE OF THE MONTH: “…the Arabian appears to be thriving. Arabian horses are being bred, owned, and shown in more countries around the world than ever before. And speaking of shows, never before have point scores reached such dizzying heights as they do today. Never before have the champions been so radiantly beautiful. Surely, we must be living in a golden age? From a certain perspective, it may well appear so, but we should not confuse the business and the product. The industry may be thriving; but the Arabian horse itself, while in no danger of dying out, is in the process of changing beyond recognition.” — BETTY FINKE, “BRAVE NEW WORLD,” PAGE 80 JANUARY PHOTO OF THE MONTH AA CARTIER (Pimlico RCA x AA Melina by Thee Ice Man), 2008 stallion, owned by Apex…

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ahw ’s online exclusives

Find all these and more at www.ArabianHorseWorld.com Click on the Online Exclusives tab to access this content. • REMEMBERING POLLY KNOLL Polly Knoll’s portraits of famous Arabians have graced the pages of Arabian Horse World from the 1980s onward. She covered the Egyptian Event in Kentucky for us for decades, and Scottsdale, too. She didn’t just take pictures, she jotted down the story, too. Read the personal tribute by one of Polly’s many friends. • LEADING SIRES OF THE 2019 SPORT HORSE NATIONALS WINNERS AND COMPLETE SHOW RESULTS • STALLION DIRECTORY Find your mare’s ideal mate in AHW’s online listing of sires from around the world. • OUT OF THE WORLD: “A PORTFOLIO OF SCOTTSDALE CHAMPIONS” Now that all eyes have turned to Scottsdale, we thought we’d share a look back at 30 years of Scottsdale Champion Stallions…

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what in the world

Growing up in San Diego, California, New Year’s Day was always synonymous with the Rose Bowl Parade, now in its 131st year. Around our house, the parade thrilled us kids mainly because of the horses…and because it was the lead-up to the Rose Bowl game, back when that game meant something. Today, hundreds of thousands watch the Rose Bowl Parade in person, and millions more watch it on TV around the world. So this year, when Arabian horses took their place as the fifth entry in the parade, there could not have been a greater audience for the breed. For five miles down Colorado Boulevard these stellar Arabians, one pulling a carriage, some in native costume, others in western and hunter tack, and endurance horses, never put a foot wrong. They…

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leading riders and handlers

Each year we identify the Totally Tops professional trainers and amateurs who have risen to the top of their disciplines at the U.S., Canadian, and Sport Horse National shows. The tallies are based on the number of wins each trainer or amateur has accumulated as specified below. Congratulations to those who have made the list — numbers don’t lie, you really are Totally Tops in the Arabian breed. Congratulations from all of us at Arabian Horse World. Join us as we salute our Totally Tops 2019 winners. We thank them for their fine examples of horsemanship and for taking the Arabian to even higher levels of performance. Totally Tops Disciplines – How we tallied the Tops for 2019 Things you should know about how we compiled the rankings: • All disciplines include purebred and…

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words from our totally tops winners

“What an honor it is to have won this award. Thank you to all my clients for entrusting me with your beautiful horses and a special thank you to the team at Arabians International. I could not do it without you. Looking forward to the 2020 season. —Sandro Pinha, Totally Tops Champion Halter” “It’s been a privilege to have been a part of this Arabian horse community. I’m very lucky to have exceptional clients who have entrusted their great horses to me. —Brett Becker, Totally Tops Champion Western Pleasure” I’ve got to thank all of my clients for the great horses I had to show last year. I appreciate Beth Jupp letting me show Vendettaa (Mamage x PSI Love U) again. And of course, Nancy O’Reilly for all her great horses. You can’t stay…

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brave new world

“The Arabian horse itself, while in no danger of dying out, is in the process of changing beyond recognition.” History teaches us that progress is inevitable and cannot be stopped. Since the early nineteenth century, progress in all spheres of human life has steadily accelerated, and is still doing so, but not all results have been an improvement. True, industrialization and mechanization have made life easier in many respects. But they also introduced a whole new set of problems that continue to affect us. When machines take over more and more of the work, this means that more and more people are out of work. Craft has been transformed into industry. Everything today is an industry, even healthcare. This is also true of Arabian horse breeding, which is now referred to, even…