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Vol 69 Issue 12

Australian Motorcycle News covers all things motorcycling from around the world, featuring new-model releases as well as comprehensive bike comparisons and race reports in every issue.

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back and forward

I ALWAYS GET so confused this time of year – do I look back, or look forward? For this Yearbook – my favourite issue of the year – we are doing both, in 228 glorious pages. We brought back the Gassit Awards, because so many happenings are worthy of a parting shot as the year closes. We took eight bikes, all of them awesome, and chose the best one according to our Motorcycle of the Year judging criteria. We looked at all the big race seasons, in particular Marc Marquez’s domination and the ASBK in photos, while also asking Valentino Rossi for his favourite 10 races from the 402 he entered. We ride Triumph’s epic new Rocket 3, Keanu Reeve’s flash new Arch and KTM’s ground-breaking 390 Adventure. The 2020 model year…

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australian motorcycle news

EDITORIAL Editor: Sam Maclachlan Deputy Editor: Kel Buckley Sub Editor: Phil Branagan News Editor: Hamish Cooper Staff Journalist: Pete Vorst Founding Editor: George Lynn DESIGN Art Director: Paul Andrews Designer: Joe Ferrara CONTRIBUTORS Sir Alan Cathcart, Michael Scott, Ben Purvis, Colin Young, Mat Oxley, Gold & Goose, Gordon Ritchie, Paul Young, Peter Whitaker, Tim Munro, Don Cox AND NOT FORGETTING Dean Mellor, Darryl Flack, Neil Spalding, Simon O’Leary, Peter Baker, Josh Evans & Phillip Tooth PRODUCTION Production Manager: Ian Scott Advertising Co-ordinator: Yang Zhou ADVERTISING Head of Sales: Dale Johnson dale.johnson@amcn.com.au 0403 743 587 National Sales Manager: Mark Evans mark.evans@amcn.com.au 0422 805 205 Qld Sales Manager: Todd Anderson todd@motormedia.com.au 0409 630 733 MANAGEMENT Citrus Media Publisher: Jim Flynn…

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2019 in a nutshell!

All the news you need to know is only in WE’VE BEEN ABOUT bringing you motorcycle news since 1951, whether it’s the latest models, technology and issues affecting riders and owners, or the latest developments in the world of sport. This year was a huge year. Here’s some of the highlights, as told by our correspondents from Australia and around the world. THE NEW BOSS We were among the first journalists in the world to ride the Panigale V4 R, Ducati’s street-legal Superbike. AMCN VOL 68 NO 13 POSITIVE CHARGE As Australia’s first full-sized electric motorcycle took shape, we went behind the scenes of an incredible start-up company. AMCN VOL 68 NO 14 DREAM BELIEVERS Exclusive interviews with Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi set up another year of MotoGP coverage while our industry spies busted Triumph’s test mule for…

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ben’s crystal ball

QUALITY RATHER THAN quantity will move the motorcycling game forward in 2020. There are relatively few new models compared to other years but many are huge strides forward in their own way. Honda CBR1000RR-R Fireblade is so different to its predecessor that in some markets the previous generation bike is remaining on sale alongside the new one (except here, we’re only getting the top-shelf SP variant). Rather than using a single knock-out blow of new technology, the 2020 ’Blade is honed with a clean-sheet design that aims to make every aspect of the bike as close to perfection as possible. The result is a 160kW output that puts the Fireblade back at the top of the Japanese four-cylinder superbike power charts for the first time in more than two decades. Speaking of…

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triumph unleashes new tiger 900

PROOF THAT 2020 will be the year of a mid-sized Adventure bike battleground comes with Triumph’s release of its new Tiger 900. The British firm claims it will set a new benchmark in a category that has seen BMW, KTM and Yamaha among the prominent brands that have launched all-new models this year. Three versions will be sold; the Tiger 900 Rally and Rally Pro are focused for mainly off-tarmac use. The Tiger 900 GT and GT Pro are aimed at the long-distance traveller. The Tiger 900 base model is road and urban focused. The new Tiger 900, which follows on from the Tiger 800, is powered by a Euro 5-compliant, three cylinder, 900cc engine, which produces 10 percent more torque than the Tiger 800, peaking at 87Nm at 7250rpm. More power…

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bmw’s bleed’n obvious idea

OCCASIONALLY A PRODUCT comes along that seems so simple and obvious that it’s amazing it’s not already in widespread use. That’s the case with a newly-patented idea from BMW for built-in soft luggage. Demonstrated on an R NineT and a C Evolution, it involves a pillion seat section that flips up to lock in a vertical position, revealing a tent-like expandable luggage bag. What’s more, that bag has handles and can be unclipped so you can take it with you. The R NineT version is understandably fairly small, but it’s still luggage space and that’s something that’s sorely lacking from the stock bike. When erected, it gives the look of a cafe racer-style seat hump. On the C Evolution scooter, the same idea provides significantly more space, and the removable luggage is shaped…