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September 23, 2020

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1 min.
was bmw wise to put a brave face on the m3?

BMW’S LATEST styling direction makes even the Bangle era seem vanilla. Until now, the vast grille of the current era had been reserved for its largest models, where such a shock factor in the design is an asset in the lucrative Chinese market, in which cars like the X7 and 7 Series sell best. When it filtered down to the 4 Series, the look was always likely to end up on the M4. But the M3 as well? A surprising choice given the relative safety BMW played with for the 3 Series saloon, on which the new M3 (p6) is based. It’s a choice that’s treading on sacred ground, too. Styling is, and always will be, subjective, so the M3 may well win more fans than it loses, just as the opposite…

8 min.
m3, m4 get a radical new look, more power and 4wd

GOT A STORY? Email our news editor lawrence.allan@haymarket.com “As well as the saloon and coupé, BMW is developing an estate, a cabriolet and a four-door coupé” BMW has revealed its hotly anticipated newgeneration M3 saloon and M4 coupé, with both of them featuring a radically redesigned front end and a heavily reworked mechanical package. Due on UK sale next March in more potent Competition form only, the new performance models offer up to 503bhp from a six-cylinder engine and, for the first time, an optional fully variable M xDrive four-wheel drive system. Prices will start from around £65,000 for the M3 Competition and £70,000 for the M4 Competition. The M4 xDrive coupé and its M3 xDrive saloon sibling are planned to follow the initial rear-wheel-drive models into showrooms next summer. Along with the saloon and coupé,…

2 min.
new m3 should be outstanding

I wonder whether the M3 will now finally break out of the E46’s shadow. The M3 of the millennium had heavenly handling and was endowed with an absolute humdinger of an atmospheric straight six, but the V8-engined E92 that followed was heavy and soft by comparison. The F80 then tried to remedy that but ended up being too tetchy in its dynamics. Exploiting it was hard and less enjoyable than it should have been, and its new twin-turbocharged straight six felt and sounded more stoic than stirring. However, we can take heart from the fact the F80 (and its M4 sibling) evolved considerably during their lives. Suspension geometry and spring-and-damper rates underwent several changes, and by the time the final Competition models arrived, the M3 was likely the world’s finest super-saloon. I…

2 min.
history of the bmw m3

E30 1986-1991 Engine 4 cyls, 1990-2467cc Power 189-235bhp Weight 1165-1360kg The celebrated maiden M3 was originally meant as a homologation special for Germany’s DTM race series, with just 5000 needed to be built. Nearly 18,000 were made in the end, including various limited-run specials with bored-out cylinders for more pace. It was also available as a convertible. E36 1992-1999 Engine 6 cyls, 2990-3201cc Power 282-312bhp Weight 1460-1515kg Despite a beefier, six-pot engine and the new option of a saloon bodystyle, the E36 never quite reached the legend status of the original but is now becoming sought after. It was also the first M3 to offer an SMG automated manual gearbox. More than 70,000 examples were built. E46 2000-2006 Engine 6 cyls, 2990-3201cc Power 282-312bhp Weight 1460-1515kg Widely regarded as one of the finest M3s from a driver’s perspective, the E46 took the formula of…

1 min.
enrico galliera, marketing and commercial boss, ferrari

This is effectively a mid-life facelift, but the car’s design is little changed. Why? “The design of the car has been praised and still fits in with our line-up, so we have been concentrating all our activities and development on the technical side. Basically, we brought all the innovation that we brought in our GT segment in the last three years. The clear objective was to further enhance the emotion and the pleasure to drive.” How will the Portofino M and the Roma co-exist in the coming years? “They answer to different positioning and we believe that they are perfectly designed to co-exist in the product range. The Roma’s chassis and platform is 70% different from the Portofino M’s.” Your five-year plan from 2018 was to launch 15 new Ferraris. Are you on track? “We…

1 min.
kia plots seven dedicated evs

KIA’S ROLL-OUT OF electric cars has shifted up a gear with the confirmation of seven dedicated electric models due to be launched by 2027. The “diverse” line-up of EVs will span several vehicle segments, with the first – internally dubbed CV – being a mid-sized crossover hatch spotted earlier this year. Kia says the range will include models “suitable for urban centres, long-range journeys and performance driving”. The seven dedicated EVs will join four other EVs based on combustion-engined models due by 2025. They will draw on the Hyundai group’s E-GMP electric platform. Kia president and CEO Ho Sung Song said the firm has sold more than 100,000 EVs globally and “by refocusing our business on electrification, we’re aiming for BEVs to account for 25% of our total worldwide sales by 2029”. Kia is…