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Best Homes

Best Homes

Issue #10 2019

Best Homes showcases the best and most prestigious homes from builders across the country. Providing you with the right information as well as the inspiration for you to turn your dream home or apartment into a reality.

Universal Wellbeing PTY Limited
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Established since 1980 WINNERS of over 30 MBA and HIA awards Aspect Designs is a multidisciplinary practice with a team of experienced and passionate individuals which allows us to provide a unique and comprehensive service. Translating our client’s vision & self-expression into reality with this integrated approach & innovative design solutions has produced award-winning projects which have become a benchmark for the industry. M 0418 460 714 aspectdesigns.com.au EXCELLENCE IN DESIGN + PROJECT MANAGEMENT This passion flows into our project management service where our high standards, attention to detail and construction expertise provides the client the peace of mind in knowing that their project is being created and managed professionally. Contact us for your free no obligation discussion about your vision. Aspect offers multi award winning, experienced, personalised and cost effective services covering: • Site selection and appraisal •…

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DOUBLE-GLAZING FLEXIBILITY Glass in Australia must meet Australian standards so we only use locally made high quality double glazed units. This allows the ultimate flexibility in glass selection and sizes to suit local conditions. Plustec can provide endless combinations of glass types to suit various requirements – bushfire, acoustics, low-emmissivity, laminated, toughened, obscure, tinted, or even coloured. We can range from 24mm overall to 30mm overall allowing us to maintain the optimim air/gas gap and keeping above the minimum of 12mm. Glazing beads are always inside allowing easy glass replacement and providing added security. LOW MAINTENANCE Windows and doors from Plustec will not rot, twist or corrode. They only require a simple clean and occasional oiling of hardware making them low maintenance. We can also supply a kit with the cleaning and maintenance oils for…

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alfresco living

Dowell ALFRESCO DOORS AND SERVERY WINDOWS One of our fastest growing trends in residential markets is outdoor living. With homeowners adding outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, state of the art BBQ’s, contemporary furniture and even large screen TV’s to the rear outdoor area of their homes - this is the new “hang out”. Separated by Dowell Alfresco doors, the living room flows invitingly through to the outdoor. Dowell Alfresco Corner Stacking, Sliding and Bi-Fold doors not only create the perfect alfresco environment, but also provide the award winning security, quality and protection that you have come to expect from one of Australia’s leading windows and doors suppliers - Dowell. Dowell has taken Alfresco Living one-step better, with the introduction of its beautifully designed Dowell bi-fold servery window. The Dowell bi-fold servery window is the perfect ‘entertainer’…

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best homes

EDITOR Karen Booth CONTRIBUTORS Danielle Townsend, Alex Longstaff, Kate Telfer, Stephanie Russo, Nishi Amaratunga, Lauren McKeller PHOTOGRAPHERS Nathan Jacobs, Patrick Redmond, Marian Riabic, Tim Turner, Phil Handforth, Peter Brennan, Alison George, Light Pop Photography, BWRM Photography DESIGNER Michaela Primiano ADVERTISING NATIONAL SALES MANAGER Rosemary Wood 02 9887 0619, 0404 306 050 rwood@umco.com.au NSW Dominique Gharibian 02 9805 0399 dgharibian@umco.com.au Anthea Hamilton 0414 319 271 ahamilton@umco.com.au Scott Thomson 0411 424 335 sthomson@umco.com.au QLD Tania Pears 0411 424 194 tpears@umco.com.au Regan Hudson 0411 424 356 rhudson@umco.com.au Lynn Hill 0488 424 232 lhill@umco.com.au VIC Pilar Danlag 0414 468 243 pdanlag@umco.com.au ADVERTISING PRODUCTION Thomas Pena 02 9805 0634 ADVERTISING ART DIRECTOR Martha Rubazewicz ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER Martin White CIRCULATION ENQUIRIES Sydney head office 02 9805 0399 UNIVERSAL MEDIACO CHAIRMAN/CEO Prema Perera PUBLISHER Janice Williams CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER Vicky Mahadeva ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER Emma Perera FINANCE & ADMINISTRATION MANAGER James Perera CIRCULATION BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER Mark McTaggart CREATIVE DIRECTOR Kate Podger MARKETING & ACQUISITIONS MANAGER Chelsea Peters…

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relax, just do it!

Gremmo Homes’ latest display home began with a simple concept. “Our objective was to create a contemporary design with a relaxed feel,” says Richard Gremmo. “We have more than 20 years of experience as a custom home builder, and we are well aware of the design concepts and inclusions that are both popular and functional. This is why there are finishes and inclusions here that you wouldn’t usually find in a display home. Also, we have worked hard to create an adaptable layout that can be easily adjusted to accommodate individual circumstances, such as narrow-width lots and sloping sites.” The display home has a substantial street presence, accentuated by two advanced native bottle trees. Welcoming wide-formed stairs provide a subtle transition from the footpath to the entry of the home, which…

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superlative style

Inspired by the luxury homes that dot the southern shores of Long Island in New York — better known as The Hamptons — the architect-designed Boston 36 from Clarendon Homes is an abode of superlative style. Not only does it boast four bedrooms and three bathrooms, making it ideal for the larger family, its sympathetic but edgy approach to employing Hamptons-inspired materials and detailing ensures the Boston 36 stands out against its competitors. First impressions really do count and from the moment you spy the facade, with its well-considered complementary mix of materials in a colour palette of soft white and grey, a feeling of relaxation washes over you. The sensation is enhanced when you step into the entry, where detailed timber ceilings provide visual warmth and a feeling of tranquillity,…