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Boat International

November 2020

Boat International is the number one magazine in the international superyacht market. Launched in 1983 it has been the voice of record charting the superyacht industry for over 25 years and is the globally acknowledged authority in its field. The world's only monthly superyacht magazine, Boat International delivers exclusive and unrivaled coverage of power and sail yachting from the world's best journalists and photographers.

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3 min.
lippy from the liffey

Marie and I have just had the most incredible lunch. We’re sailing around Corsica on Blush and my friend, the golfer Paul McGinley, told me about this little restaurant called La Plage, just round the corner from Bonifacio. He had opened a golf course in the area so knew about it. The restaurant sits on the most beautiful stretch of sand you can imagine, called Murtoli Beach. We must have sailed right past this beach a thousand times and never thought to stop before, but that’s what I love about yachting – you discover these magic little places. There were probably 10 people on this entire beach and the restaurant is tucked in among all these trees, with the tables in all sorts of nooks and crannies. The food, the…

10 min.
lessons learned

REFIT #1: G2 The couple that would create the sailing yacht G2 had a specific dream: to sail around the world on a modern fast carbon cruiser with a lifting keel. There were plenty of aluminium yachts on the brokerage market in their size range, but very few existed in carbon. So why buy and refit rather than build new? “I was hoping I could do it a lot more quickly,” says the owner. That didn’t go exactly to plan though. “Big projects generally cost more and take longer than you think. It certainly applies to this sector – it applies even more than I had expected.” The couple’s search for their first large yacht ended when they spotted Cinderella IV, a 39-metre carbon sloop built by Vitters in 2009 that had been…

11 min.

“This yacht was built to be used,” says John Symond, former owner of the 73-metre Feadship Hasna, designed inside and out by RWD. “We built her to go virtually anywhere in the world, and she stood up to that. In the first two and a half years, we did the equivalent of twice around the globe in distance. “We [pictured] how we were going to live in each space. We wanted to have everything a family could need, from the big swimming pool to the cinema room to a beautiful spa on the sundeck – and a great galley,” he continues. As soon as Hasna was launched in 2017, Symond and his wife, Amber, set out on a voyage, travelling through the Mediterranean, South Pacific, Caribbean and up the East Coast…

1 min.
step back in time

Hasna, which means beautiful in Lebanese, takes its name from Symond’s late mother, who emigrated from Lebanon to Australia in the 1920s and whom he credits with his success. Beyond the yacht’s name being inspired by the owner’s mother, another tribute to her and his family is found in an exquisite mural that spans three decks in the atrium-style staircase foyer (right). The floating staircase is set on stainless-steel stringers polished to the point of nearly disappearing from view. The stairs themselves are walnut with a leather tread, which is stitched to match the other leather found on board, while glass balustrades allow the light to come through and filter down through the decks below. The undeniable showstopper, however, is this custom-made mural, created by Based Upon, the London art…

1 min.
visitor viewpoint #3

“I have been to the Galapagos 12 times with my family and once by myself as a board member of the Charles Darwin Foundation. I can truly say that our visits changed the trajectories of the lives of our children – they were so enthralled by the Islands that they decided they wanted to pursue careers in conservation and animals. The first boat we went on, Merak, was a small, leaky sailing boat with no air conditioning. We did not realise the brutality of the sun and therefore swam in our pyjamas since we had no swim skins. More recently we have been on Passion, Fiddi Angermeyer’s deluxe boat, which is remarkable. We love snorkelling with all of the sea lions, sharks, penguins, fish, marine iguanas and flightless cormorants. That…

1 min.
classic appeal

Feadships from the 1960s and 70s have become design classics, and there is a very lively owners’ association for the so-called Heritage Fleet. “In those days a 26-metre yacht was quite a thing, and De Vries designed and built them to last,” explains Feadship refit manager Ico Vergouwe. “This was quite unusual, I think, as a lot of yachts from those days are long gone. The choice for the Gardner main engines also proved to be a good one as they still run like sewing machines, as we say in Holland. After a major overhaul they look like gems in the engine room with their red enamelled rocker covers. The classic canoe stern design also has a lot of attraction nowadays. I get asked the question as to whether there…