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Boating Boating Buyers Guide 2018

Boating is the world's foremost magazine for boating enthusiasts. Written by experts for those who love the sport, the editorial covers the waterfront -- from runabouts to sportfish convertibles to luxury showpieces, and everything in between.

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Regardless of your income, buying a new boat probably represents a big financial commitment. For many truly in the market, it’s not so much the actual price of the boat as it is the value of the boat for the price paid. The question is raised: What do I get for my money? The potential for return on the investment is the real crux of the matter. That’s why we produce this guide and, in fact, why we test boats and publish reviews in Boating magazine and at boatingmag.com. We aim to provide you with the hard, informed data that will prove helpful when you hit the showroom or the boat show. But there’s an aspect of boats that goes beyond specifications and performance; an aspect that transcends construction method…

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kaitlyn schneider, marine mechanic

SCAN ME To read the full interview, scan this tag or go toboatingmag.com/marinemechanic. ON BOARD WITH ... When did you attend Marine Mechanics Institute? I went there from August 2013 to August 2014, one year. I started at Lakeside Marina in September 2014. Were you the only woman at the institute? There were two other women in my class and two others in different classes. I was the youngest girl and close to the youngest student there. Did you grow up on the water? Yes, I spent every summer weekend in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. I loved every minute of it. What drew you to a career working on boats? I always thought of being a naval architect, but after getting into working on automotive engines, I made the leap over to the marine side after hearing a presentation by a…

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boatshow deals

1. We expect dealers to have sales personnel at a boat show, but what other departments should also be on hand? A. Service B. Parts and accessories C. Warranty D. All of the above 2. How long of a term can a buyer with good credit get for a boat loan? A. 5 years B. 10 years C. 15 years D. 20 years 3. You’re a serious buyer. Before heading to the show, what is the most important thing to establish? A. The size of boat you want B. The size of engine you want C. Your budget D. None of the above 4. Many show-goers don’t have tens of thousands of dollars lying around to purchase a boat outright. That means financing. What do lenders consider to be a good credit score? A. 650 B. 675 C. 700 D. 725 5. What is the biggest mistake first-time boat buyers…

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wake watchers

Surfing behind a boat on an endless wave, without the need to hold on to a towrope, is one of the most liberating feelings you can get on the water. Because of that, count me among the recent converts to the wakesurfing craze that’s sweeping through the boating culture. But at the last MiamiInternational Boat Show, a conversation between contemporaries about it caught me off guard. They had no use for wakesurfing; in fact, they loathed it. The reason? Operators of wakesurfing boats had been cutting too close to them. The wake these boats throw is no joke — some can rival decent ocean swells — so having to deal with it can be less than enjoyable. The conflict between watersports enthusiasts and other boaters is not new. I’ve heard cruisers and…

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how to choose a bilge pump

BILGE PUMPS Mount pumps level, or with the outlet facing up, to allow air to escape the impeller chamber and prevent air locks. ACCESSIBLE American Boat and Yacht Council standards require the pump be accessible to remove debris or clean its intake screen. This seems logical, but I have found that it is less common than logic — and ABYC compliance — suggests. Sometimes pumps that need to be located beneath engines can be mounted to a removable board that slides out for service. In other instances, only those with long arms can reach the pump through cockpit sole hatches or deck plates. In such cases, a pump that can be installed in the open might be used instead, with an intake hose running to the deep part of the bilge. Strainers (aka…

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Choosing the right runabout requires more careful shopping and comparison from boat buyers than it might first appear to the uninitiated. Unlike a fishing boat, which may be designed and equipped to pursue a certain species, or a watersports boat optimized to wakeboard, wakesurf or water-ski, a runabout can’t self-select its owner. The decision to purchase a runabout finds its foundation in more numerous and subtle factors. We’ve tested runabouts big and small to help boat buyers make that decision with greater confidence.…