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Boating February 2018

Boating is the world's foremost magazine for boating enthusiasts. Written by experts for those who love the sport, the editorial covers the waterfront -- from runabouts to sportfish convertibles to luxury showpieces, and everything in between.

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world records

Now, the most obvious effect of racing on boats for the masses is the prevalence of boats with stepped hulls. As the world’s largest powerboat magazine, Boating represents the mass media. So why, some ask, would an organization that caters to the masses cover boats produced either at such high prices or in such low numbers that few people will buy them? Newsworthiness is one aim. We’d be remiss if we didn’t report developments, such as Jim Hendricks’ story in this issue on the creation of HCB Center Console Yachts’ 6500 Estrella. A behemoth of a boat, the 6500 Estrella presents wow factor for sure. But there’s more to its story than sheer size. With size and a big budget comes the ability to innovate. In reading this month’s report by Hendricks, and…

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travis moye, owner, the boarding school

BOATINGMAG.COM FEBRUARY 2018 ON BOARD WITH ... CAPTAIN’S TEST FOR COMPARISON’S SAKE 5 THINGS NEWS ON BOARD WITH ... SCAN ME To read the full interview online, scan this tag or go to boating mag.com/travis-moye. What’s it like having three private lakes at your disposal every day? It’s a lifelong dream come true. The first day we were there and riding, I honestly could have cried. It felt like I’d officially made it. I’ve been working in coaching for a long time. I’ve had a lot of coaches help me over the years and influence the way I do things. I love doing it and really feel like I’m living a dream. I had a guy a couple of weeks ago who was a total beginner with a ton of bad habits. We spent the entire week trying to…

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winter outboard storage

1. What should you do with the boat’s fuel supply before putting the rig up for winter? A. Nothing; today’s fuels are clean enough and won’t go stale. B. Treat the fuel with fuel conditioner. C. Run all the fuel out of the engine by disconnecting the fuel line and letting the engine run out of fuel. D. Treat the fuel with fuel conditioner and run the engine for at least 15 minutes to ensure the treated fuel gets into the engine thoroughly. 2. What should you do to the engine to help keep injectors and combustion chambers clean and free from stale fuel and carbon deposits? A. Run engine with Marvel Mystery Oil. B. Run engine with Dawn dish-washing detergent. C. Nothing; you will harm the engine by injecting anything but regular fuel. D. Inject most of a…

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polarized sunglasses

CHEE HOO! All about luxury and comfort MAUI JIM CHEE HOO! STORMY GREY FRAME WITH POLARIZED BLUE HAWAII LENS THE CLEAR: First word: luxury. Second word: comfort. These sunglasses are everything you’d expect from a brand like Maui Jim. Quality-built for a symmetrical, secure and sturdy fit, the Chee Hoo! frames rest on the face perfectly. And because of the lightweight materials used in both the frames and lenses, sunrise-to-sunset comfort will be yours. THE CLOUDY: Designed as a medium-to-large fit, these frames may feel oversize (particularly the long arms) on a smaller-headed individual. PRICE: $319; mauijim.com CARLO LARGE Function meets fashion SERENGETI CARLO LARGE TORTOISE FRAME WITH POLARIZED DRIVERS LENS THE CLEAR: Function meets fashion with these Serengeti sunglasses. The handcrafted, tortoise-style acetate frames with metal details will have you feeling like a million bucks. But the Carlo Large is…

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no captain, my captain

The technology behind autonomous (self-driving) cars has been accelerating at a wicked pace, but autonomous boats may be part of the everyday seascape much sooner. In September 2017, Sea Machines Robotics announced the release of the East Boston-based company’s first product, an autonomous control system for commercial marine vessels, the Sea Machines 300. According to the company, its technology, which is intended for commercial vessels, enables remote and autonomous control of conventional boats. Direct remote command offers remote joystick control of a boat, with a 1-kilometer range. In autonomous command mode, the Sea Machines computer control pilots a boat on a preplanned or routine long-duration mission with real-time self-awareness to keep the vessel on plane, on course, and away from obstacles. “The Sea Machines 300 opens a new world of on-water…

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the great escape

The weather report stated wind from the northwest at 17 to 23 mph, gusting to 34, with seas of 2 to 3 feet — borderline conditions for a boat like mine. The plan sounded good. I would cross Chesapeake Bay aboard my 16-foot outboard-powered Dory skiff for a weekend of hanging out with friends during Downrigging Weekend, an annual event held the last weekend of October in Chestertown, Maryland. The weather report stated wind from the northwest at 17 to 23 mph, gusting to 34, with seas of 2 to 3 feet — borderline conditions for a boat like mine. But I balanced this against my years of experience operating small craft. Besides, my John Dory skiff is seaworthy for its size. I had made all preparations and communicated my plans to…