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Boating April 2017

Boating is the world's foremost magazine for boating enthusiasts. Written by experts for those who love the sport, the editorial covers the waterfront -- from runabouts to sportfish convertibles to luxury showpieces, and everything in between.

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3,000 strong!

RANDY VANCE’S TEST OF THE Cruisers Yachts 54 Cantius on page 48 of this issue marks Boating’s 3,000th boat test. Nowadays, we publish at least six boat tests per issue in Boating magazine — that doesn’t include tests that run in our various buyers guides, such as the Pontoon Buyers Guide. In total, we get aboard, run and test more than 100 boats per year. That’s a lot of sunscreen, and it gives us more experience with, and knowledge of, the state of recreational boats than just about anybody. I mention this not to brag (well, maybe just a little), but to reinforce that our output is a big reason why you can be confident in the content we produce day after day, week after week, month after month, and year…

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making waves

ON BOARD WITH ... Mario Salcedo Frequent Floater What’s it like to live a life at sea, not as a merchant marine, but in a constant state of cruising? We caught up with Mario Salcedo, who lives aboard different Royal Caribbean cruise ships, to find out. — Phil Scott MORE ONLINE! To read the full interview, scan this tag or go to boating mag.com/mario. How long have you been at it? I started cruising in 1997, so almost 20 years. I have cruised to pretty much all the continents and places. Do you ever take time off? I’m on the ocean 355 days a year. People ask, “What do you do the other 10 days?” Those are isolation days. I may have to wait two or three days to pick up the next ship. If I’m not on the ocean,…

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portable battery chargers

Marinco Charge Pro 1.1 Amp THE BUZZ: The compact Charge Pro 1.1 measures 6 inches long by 2½ inches wide by 13/8 inches high, so it can fit in your pocket. It has an output capacity of 1.1 amps and can be used to charge or maintain voltage level in a battery. The AC cord is a lengthy 6 feet long, and the DC side has a 4-foot cable with interchangeable 2-foot leads with alligator clips or ring terminals. LED indicators show the charge status. It has built-in protection against short circuits, reverse polarity and overcharging. It has a two-year warranty. THE ZAP: Of our three chosen models, it has the lowest amperage output at 1.1. PRICE: $64.99; marinco.com The Noco Company Genius 3500 THE BUZZ: Our most powerful unit of the three, the Genius 3500 has…

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peddle sup

The Hobie Mirage Eclipse 10.5 is a stand-up paddleboard without a paddle; or it’s a pedalpowered paddleboard or an aquatic Stairmaster propelled simply by walking (or maybe running, if you really want to work up a sweat). For balance, which paddleboarders can take lessons to achieve, the Eclipse comes with bicyclelike handlebars. (And you know you never forget how to ride a bike.) Support yourself by gripping the handlebars, which also have bicycle-brakelike levers — only instead of for stopping, they’re used for turning. (Squeeze the right-brake thingy and you turn right, squeeze the left-brake thingy to turn left.) While its handling in light chop and rough water depends on the pilot’s balance and center of gravity, Hobie says the Eclipse can cruise at up to 7 mph. The Mirage Eclipse…

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magnetic portraiture

The selfie photo is an inescapable part of modern life, but the selfie stick is one of the most annoying things in the world. Now, as long as you’re around something metal, you can set up hands-free selfies with the Show Off Magnetic Smartphone Mount. It’s a really simple deal. The mount comes with four flat magnetic squares that stick to the back of your cellphone case with 3M adhesive. Conveniently attach one side of the larger magnetic mount to something metal near where you want to shoot selfies and attach the other to the square you stuck to your phone case. Then use the provided Bluetooth remote to snap away at your leisure. The magnets are 100 percent safe for your electronics and small enough to fit in your…

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spring commissioning

Let’s start with the sacrificial anodes or zincs on your engine and propulsion system. How often should they be changed? A. Every year B. When they are 25 percent depleted C. When they are 50 percent depleted D. When they are 75 percent depleted You know you should change your fuel-water separators annually, but when is the best time to do it? A. Before the first run of the year B. After the first run of the year C. At the end of the previous season D. It’s a judgment call When is the best time to change the lower-unit gear lubricant in your sterndrive or outboard? A. Before storing it for the previous winter B. At the start of the season C. After the first run of the year D. Before the last run of the previous year You’ve always cleaned your boat’s battery…