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Boating March 2019

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Boating is the world's foremost magazine for boating enthusiasts. Written by experts for those who love the sport, the editorial covers the waterfront -- from runabouts to sportfish convertibles to luxury showpieces, and everything in between.

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a few afloat a-learnings

The language of an activity provides a reliable indicator to that enterprise’s complexity and potential for both expression and learning by its participants. The vocabulary for using a shovel consists of the single word “dig.” Playing the oboe requires myriad vernacular, from addorato to Zwischenspiel. Boating proves more musical than menial. Since starting at the beginning usually makes sense, let us begin with the letter A. Most of us know the terms adrift and afloat, and an equally large number understand the word aground. Many of us understand abaft (just behind; abutting behind) and athwartships (across the beam of the boat). Fewer of us, I’m sure, would profess familiarity with some of the terms used to describe the finer points of executing one of boating’s most common and most important tasks. I’m…

1 min.
darrell “bubba” wallace jr. nascar driver

Did you grow up boating in North Carolina? No. The only time I ever went on a boat was when I visited my uncle in Mobile, Alabama. I remember riding his Jet Skis. How did you wind up with a pontoon boat? South Bay is a partner of my racing team. I’d never had any desire to live by the water or own a boat, and then I went out on the lake [where I now live], and we found a rope swing in a cove where lots of boats raft-up for the day. It was really cool. When did you start racing? I started racing go-karts when I was 9. I just kept going and racing in every circuit as I got older and better, and now I’m with Richard Petty in the Cup…

2 min.
weather symbols

1. What is the weather symbol for a cold front approaching? A. A blue curved line with trianglesB. A large picture of the Winter WarlockC. Three blue and yellow linesD. None of the above 2. How is the weather symbol for a hurricane different than for a tropical storm? A. There is no difference in the symbols.B. The tropical storm symbol has an open center, whereas the hurricane symbol is solid.C. The hurricane symbol shows higher wind speeds.D. None of the above 3. What is the weather symbol for calm winds? How does it differ from the symbol for 5-knot (5.7 mph) winds? A. The calm winds symbol is a blue circle, whereas the 5-knot wind symbol is a horizontal blue line with one short hash mark on the left side.B. Since there is very…

1 min.
inflatable sups

IROCKER 10 ALL AROUND BIG AIR: This one is also solid and stable, and measures 10 feet by 2 feet 8 inches when fully inflated. It is also 6 inches thick. It comes with an adjustable paddle, air pump, leash, removable fin, backpack and repair kit. It weighs 24 pounds can hold up to 370 pounds, the most of the three. DEFLATION: On the heavier side for its size. PRICE: $569 for package; irockersup.com TOWER ADVENTURER 1 BIG AIR: This stable, solid inflatable SUP feels like a fiberglass one. It measures 9 feet 10 inches by 2 feet 8 inches when inflated. It comes with a hand pump and an adjustable paddle, weighs 24 pounds and can hold 300 pounds, and inflates to 6 inches thick, compared to the 4-inch industry standard of the other two. DEFLATION: No…

1 min.
beneteau barracuda 27

A new model, Beneteau’s Barracuda 27 promises all-season comfort combined with seaworthiness, performance, and a unique blend of style and functionality. Beneteau terms the new boat “an SUV of the seas.” Outboard-powered, the Barracuda 27 boasts twin engines totaling as much as 500 horsepower. The large cockpit and forward deck make it great for different tasks: exploring, diving, fishing or general pleasure. Inside, the salon features an innovative layout, with facing seats positioned lengthways, facilitating foot traffic. The galley proves functional as ever and now comes equipped with a large refrigerator. At the helm, the Barracuda 27 showcases twin bench seats and a large control panel that can hold multiple big-screen marine-electronics displays. Equipped with the latest Airstep hull, Beneteau maintains that this boat delivers superior seaworthiness, better steering capabilities and high efficiency.…

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axopar 28

From Finland, Axopar boats look different, perform well, and provide versatility and easy maintenance. The new 28 series exemplifies this ethos. Take a look. Modular pods allow Axopar to offer one hull in three configurations: 28 Cabin, 28 T-top and 28 Open. According to Axopar, the cabin version shown opens up a world of possibilities for boaters seeking longer journeys and more time spent aboard. Up to five people can comfortably sit inside this airy space. And while a couple can overnight, the modular aft-cabin option extends the cruising potential of this new boat. In its open configuration, a protected helm station is at the center, while myriad activities can take place fore and aft. Axopar boats defiantly challenge the logic that boats must compromise. Mercury outboards to 400 hp combine with the…