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Boating April 2019

Boating is the world's foremost magazine for boating enthusiasts. Written by experts for those who love the sport, the editorial covers the waterfront -- from runabouts to sportfish convertibles to luxury showpieces, and everything in between.

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nauti words

I am writing this during a cold snap in December, which in the Northeast U.S. means temps in the low 20-degree F range. During my morning walk, an acquaintance returned my hello outside the coffee shop with a nod and the pithy “Cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey.” The words hung for a moment, both in the air, due to his frosty breath, and in my mind, due to something I’d once heard. Back in the Age of Sail, crew sometimes stowed cannonballs in pyramidal stacks beside the cannon. You’ve seen this. The top level of the stack had one ball, the next level down had four, the next had nine, the next had 16, and so on. Four levels would provide a stack of 30 balls.…

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robby maschhaupt

A former NASCAR pit-crew member, the fun-loving Robby Maschhaupt has made it his mission to spread his love for wakesurfing to as many people as he can through the Pass the Handle movement. This summer he’s teamed up with Centurion Boats, Roswell Marine, Monster Energy, and other sponsors to create an epic tour that’s free for any who want to come ride with him. What’s the Pass the Handle movement all about, and what does it mean to you? At its core, Pass the Handle was created to help introduce the fun of towed watersports to new people. For me personally, it’s about giving back to the sports and lifestyle I love so much. I get so much joy out of not only teaching people to wakesurf, but also in knowing that…

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spring commissioning

1. If you check your gear case/drive unit and the fluid is milky or watery, you should: A. Refill it with fresh fluid. B. Don’t worry about it — it will be fine. C. Bring it to a dealer/technician to check for internal damage. D. None of the above 2. When removing the boat’s cover, you see evidence of rodent droppings and mildew. For next winter, you should: A. Ensure your winter cover is better sealed and the perimeter is tight, leaving no potential openings for rodents. B. Ensure your cover has well-placed vents to allow air circulation. C. Place rodent repellent in strategic places around and inside your boat. D. None of the above E. All of the above 3. Before trailering your boat to the ramp, it’s important to check several very important areas. They should include: A. Be sure…

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GILL CLASSICS WHY CRUISE? Gill specializes in gear and apparel for those who venture far outside the inlet. The Classics frames come in three colors and — most importantly — they float, so if they get knocked off in rough water, you can retrieve them. The scratch-resistant polarized lenses block 100 percent of UVA, UVB and UVC radiation. WHY NOT? Polarization is not as good as the Costas for reducing glare and seeing below the surface. PRICE: $89; gillmarine.com COSTA RINCONCITOS WHY FISH? Costa’s 580 polarized lenses are, in my opinion, the best out there for fishing, with different styles that reduce glare and improve your vision into the water — great attributes for any serious angler. The Rinconcito frames are great for medium faces, which means most people, and evoke a California surfer vibe. WHY…

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aviara boats av32

You’ll see a new luxury boat brand model at this season’s shows. It’s called the Aviara Boats AV32, and it features either outboard or sterndrive power. According to the builder, the AV32 fuses progressive style and effortless comfort in a modern luxury boat designed to set itself apart from the rest. “From what the captain encounters — the control from the command chair and the prestige of being the host — to that special crew invited aboard to share in the freedom and great times, we are committed to creating the ultimate flawless experience,” stated Aviara in an exclusive, early statement we procured. As the image shows, the Aviara AV32 boasts the attitude and stance of a waterborne roadster with its aggressive lines and racy, angular windshield. Yet the arch provides shelter…

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rinker boats 38 qbx

The 38 SuperCross represents the latest offering from Rinker Boats. Sporting a generous cabin headroom of 6 feet, 8 inches and housing two queen-size berths, the 38 QBX’s other amenities include a large head with separate shower. Other design highlights include integral bow seating, a deep side deck, and an aft lounge reminiscent of that aboard a superyacht. Rinker Boats president Kim Slocum stated: “The new 38 SuperCross introduces the new Rinker brand vision. This midcabin, triple-outboard sport crossover is designed for enthusiastic explorers and adventurers. Boaters will gravitate to the open-concept design, elegant style and modern luxuries. It’s going to be damn good.” This new crossover cruiser will give boaters the choice of triple 300 or 350 hp outboards from either Mercury Marine or Yamaha Outboards. Boating plans to test this boat…