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Boten & Vliegtuigen

Boating May 2019

Boating is the world's foremost magazine for boating enthusiasts. Written by experts for those who love the sport, the editorial covers the waterfront -- from runabouts to sportfish convertibles to luxury showpieces, and everything in between.

United States
Bonnier Corporation
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2 min.

BOATING® EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Kevin Falvey DEPUTY EDITOR Pete McDonald ELECTRONICS AND WEST COAST EDITOR Jim Hendricks MANAGING EDITOR Sue Whitney WATERSPORTS DIRECTOR Garrett Cortese ART DIRECTOR Ryan Swanson STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER Jon Whittle SENIOR COPY EDITOR Nicole Paskowsky EDITOR-AT-LARGE, FISHING AND MARINE GROUPS Randy Vance CONTRIBUTORS Chris Caswell, Dean Travis Clarke, Capt. Vincent Daniello, Bill Doster, Ken Englert, Michael Folkerts, Joe Friedman, Steve Griffin, Michael “Mick” Hannock, Jeff Hemmel, Forest Johnson, Tom King, Craig Kotilinek, John Linn, Charles Plueddeman, Capt. John N. Raguso, Lenny Rudow, Tom Schlichter, Rick Shackleton, Ed Sherman, Heather Steinberger, John Tiger Jr., Capt. John Page Williams ILLUSTRATORS Tim Barker, Tim Bower, Colin Hayes GROUP PRODUCTION DIRECTOR Rina Murray ASSOCIATE PRODUCTION DIRECTOR Kelly Weekley PRODUCTION MANAGER/ARTIST Rick Andrews VICE PRESIDENT / MANAGING DIRECTOR Glenn Sandridge 407-571-4747; glenn.sandridge@bonniercorp.com PUBLISHER / BRAND MANAGER JOHN MCEVER 407-571-4682; john.mcever@bonniercorp.com DIRECTOR OF BRAND STRATEGY Rhonda Mock 407-571-4696; rhonda.mock@bonniercorp.com MARKETPLACE / ACCOUNT MANAGER Brian Luke 407-571-4788; brian.luke@bonniercorp.com DIRECTOR, DIGITAL STRATEGY Mike Staley 407-571-4803; mike.staley@bonniercorp.com detroit advertising director Jeff Roberge 248-213-6154; jeff.roberge@bonniercorp.com BONNIER MEDIA EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT…

3 min.
a lack of tradition

Some people think that the torque, or turning motion, of the engine’s propeller causes a boat to make the tight circles that threaten to overrun those who have fallen or been thrown overboard into the water. That’s not the case. Leaving aside for the moment why you might be ejected from your boat, here’s what causes the so-called “circle of death.” At the helm, you are gripping the wheel. Some event occurs that causes you to be ejected from the boat. Instinctively, you are holding on to that wheel, and so, as you go overboard, the wheel is turned, your hands being the last things in contact with the boat (unless you hit a tower, arch, outrigger or windshield on the way overboard). Now you are in the water, and most likely within…

2 min.
capt. sam buchanan, u.s. mail boat captain, detroit

That was quite a feat to deliver the mail with both vessels moving at what we clocked to be about 10 mph. Was that a Home Depot bucket the freighter crew lowered to retrieve their mail? Yep. We call it “mail by the pail” because that’s what most ships’ crews have on hand to heave over the side and fetch our deliveries. Did you have to go through the U.S. Postal Service’s traditional mail-carrier training? As a contractor for the Postal Service, I went through a background check and was trained on the job on how to handle, sort, serve and cancel the mail. Each vessel has its own mail slot, and when sailors shift boats, we need to make sure their mail follows them. Have you ever accidentally dropped any mail into the…

3 min.
hull health

1. What’s the best way to check a fiberglass hull for water inside (saturation of the hull and structure)? A. Tap on it with a plastic mallet, listening for dull or hollow sounds. B. Look for dripping water from hull blisters. C. Use a moisture meter to determine the watercontent percentage. D. Have a qualified, trained fiberglass expert fully check the hull and transom using correct tools and professional methods, including potentially drilling core samples. 2. Is there any proper way to repair a transom without gutting it and replacing the wood? A. No. If the transom is rotten, the only sure way to make it whole again is to remove all rotten wood and install a new transom. B. Yes. The transom can be cured by drying it out, then injecting fiberglass resin into holes bored…

2 min.

WEST MARINE TRADITIONAL FLUKE ANCHOR GRIP: Fluke, or Danforth, anchors are the most common type of anchor on smaller boats because they offer exceptional holding power for their weight in two of the most common bottom types: sand and mud. They also fold flat, making them easy to stow in a dedicated locker or compartment. SLIP: Flukes typically don’t bite well into rocky or grassy bottom surfaces. Flukes and stock can also foul on rocks, as can the anchor rode itself. PRICE: $130 (26 lb. galvanized); westmarine.com LEWMAR DELTA ANCHOR GRIP: The nonhinged, plow-style Delta features a ballasted tip to fall unaided off bow rollers and typically sets quickly upon reaching the bottom. Like its farming namesake, a Delta’s large, singular blade can dig into the bottom for exceptional hold and easily reset itself should…

1 min.
edgewater 230cx

Few boat styles rival a dual console’s versatility. The newly debuted 230CX from EdgeWater Power Boats may represent the apex of dual-console design. “Boating is about unlimited options,” says EdgeWater Power Boats president and CEO Jennifer Butera. “We made a boat that delivers on all of them. With its integrated swim platforms and retractable bow table, to the insulated fish box and 12-gallon LED-lit baitwell, it’s the perfect combo of fishability and family fun.” Many typically optional features come standard aboard the 230CX, according to its maker, including hull color, a fully finished head, retractable ski pylon, illuminated rod stowage, bow table, bow filler cushion and more. A single outboard of up to 300 hp propels the 230CX to fun and adventure, and pricing is said to be approximately $127,600. By the time you…