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Boating June 2019

Boating is the world's foremost magazine for boating enthusiasts. Written by experts for those who love the sport, the editorial covers the waterfront -- from runabouts to sportfish convertibles to luxury showpieces, and everything in between.

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eye of the beholder

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but it can cost a heckuva lot more than a thousand dollars to produce. By the time we fly in a crew, charter a helicopter and pilot, hire a model or professional athlete—as we did for this month’s cover featuring professional wakesurfer Ashley Kidd—feed everybody and house everybody, well, let’s just say that enough money is spent to cover the purchase of an entry-level PWC, a three-cylinder outboard engine, or a large, touchscreen multifunction-display chart plotter. What do we get for that outlay? A magazine’s cover photo serves as its calling card. The image must tell the story of what’s between the covers and must do so in an instant. For this, our Watersports Issue, we chose Centurion’s Fi25 as archetypal of leading-edge…

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shaun murray, professional wakeboarder

What boat and board did you learn to wakeboard on? I’m not sure of the year, but it was a TriHull Galaxy. If you search a little ways back in my Instagram feed, you can see me sitting in it. My first board was the Skurfer Rage 1988. You’ve put out 23 pro-model boards with Hyperlite in your career. Do you have one that really stands out? It’s been 26 years with Hyperlite and 23 pro models currently. It will be 24 in 2020. The Bug board, from 1998, was the first big change when I wanted my board to be a lot wider, which allowed a much more free-flowing rhythm and style. Up to that point, our boards were a little too aggressive and ski-like. I love skiing to this day, but…

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trailer repair

1. What are ways you should check your trailer for road worthiness? A. Visual inspection of the frame, axle and springs for excessive rust, damage and stress bending. B. Check tires for excessive and/or abnormal wear patterns. C. Check coupler and safety chains for proper operation, rust and binding. D. Check wheel bearings for slop, wobble and grinding noises as you spin each wheel over. E. All of the above 2. Are hull tie-downs necessary? A. Only for long trips; if you’re just towing a few miles to the local ramp, they’re not necessary. B. Always; the hull should be secured to the trailer not only with the winch strap and a safety chain to the bow eye, but also always with tie-downs at the transom. C. Not if you have a bunk trailer. D. Notify our trailer has side…

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O’BRIEN 8-SECTION FLOATING SKI COMBO THE PULL: The standard ski rope should be 75 feet in length, but getting a basic one comprised of sections lets you adjust the line length to individual rider preferences. Ski ropes are typically made of polypropylene, and should have a little stretch to allow for slalom riders to make sharper cuts around course buoys. THE DRAG: Stretch needed for skiing is not desirable for wakeboarding. PRICE: $35.99; obrien.com O’BRIEN PROP HANDLE WITH FLAT SPECTRA THE PULL: Wakeboard ropes typically run between 60 to 80 feet to get the boarder into the sweet spot for launching from the wake. Serious wakeboarders use a rope made from Spectra, which has no stretch so it helps the boarder accelerate into the wake and ramp up for tricks. THE DRAG: No-stretch doesn’t work well for skiers…

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viking yachts valhalla boatworks 37

Viking Yachts has debuted a whole new company named Valhalla Boatworks, and the first three center-consoles in the company’s V-Series measure 33, 37 (pictured, right) and 41 feet in length. The V-Series utilizes Michael Peters Yacht Design’s patented Stepped-V Ventilated Tunnel running surface that reduces drag while increasing speed, stability and efficiency. “It’s the most advanced and proven stepped-hull design in the world,” says Viking design manager David Wilson. Viking’s lineage is easy to see. Proud bows, gently sloping S-shaped sheers, double forward chines, helm pods, raised toe rails and mezzanine seating represent some of these hallmarks. The combination of Viking Yachts and Michael Peters Yacht Design finds the Boating staff eagerly awaiting the opportunity to sea-trial these new boats, which are slated to debut in the fall. Below are specs…

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solace boats 345

Solace Boats’ first model, the 345, boasts groundbreaking features, including a daring FishThru transom extension with twin outboards to 850 hp total, set wide. An aft dive door includes a hydraulic swim platform that extends 4 feet farther aft. The transom is flanked by twin 52-gallon pressurized livewells with tuna tubes. A half-tower/second station with seating for two and fold-down top is standard. So is a Seakeeper 3DC gyrostabilizer. Hydraulically actuated mezzanine seating retracts, as does the cockpit sunshade. The three-sided windshield features a hydraulically opening front section. The bait prep/rigging station has twin stainless-steel drawer refrigerators, an electric grill, bait-rigging bin, and freshwater sink with pull-out shower, soap dispenser and paper-towel holder. The console cabin includes a 12-volt DC air-conditioning system (which also cools the helm), microwave and twin…