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Boating July/August 2019

Boating is the world's foremost magazine for boating enthusiasts. Written by experts for those who love the sport, the editorial covers the waterfront -- from runabouts to sportfish convertibles to luxury showpieces, and everything in between.

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more boating terms

Like jargon everywhere, most nautical words and terms serve practical purposes. They allow the use of one or two words to replace a long description. For example, it’s easier to type “planing” than “it is fast enough to create dynamic lift and skim across the water’s surface.” Jargon also provides great clarity. Most of us can recall instances wherein someone we knew went left when directed to go right. (“Your other right!”) Terms like port and starboard are utterly unambiguous; they do not depend upon a certain viewpoint; they never change. Clarity in communications can carry the weight of life and death when directing a sailing ship’s crew to belay the gun tackle before the deck is awash with the next breaking sea, but crystal clarity remains important aboard our…

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sam calagione founder, dogfish head brewery

Where’d you get the name for your famous Dogfish Head IPA that started it all? My parents have a summer cabin in Southport, Maine, that looks out at Dogfish Head. I have so many great memories of being there and being on the water. Do you still spend a lot of time on the water? I paddleboard every day on Lewes Harbor in Delaware Bay. Sometimes I also commute to work on a 19-foot Boston Whaler. Boating is a big part of our lives. You’re planning a promotional trip this fall? Yes. Five years ago, my son and I took the trip from Delaware to Maine on the Whaler, stopping along the way to support the Nature Conservancy. We love the work they do to preserve coastal areas. So, what’s this year’s trip? We’ll be starting at…

2 min.
fuel systems

1. What is perhaps the single worst thing a boater can do regarding the fuel used in their boat? A. Leave it sitting without running it through the engine at least a few times per month. B. Leave it sitting with no fuel-conditioning treatment applied C. Leave the fuel tank half-full and the boat exposed to extreme temperature and humidity swings. D. All of the above. E. A and B above. 2. What is the best fuel you can use for your boat? A. Any regular pump fuel will do. B. Recreational “rec” fuel, with no ethanol. C. 93-octane premium. D. The fuel specified by the engine manufacturer in its official literature (owner’s or service manual). E. All of the above. 3. What should you do to any fuel system as part of annual maintenance before winter layup? A. Nothing, it needs no…

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boating shorts

BOARD MEETING Lightweight and quick-drying, made for riding a wave or jumping a wake. FISHING FOR FASHION Quick-drying, easy to clean and rugged, with plenty of space for all your fishing tools. HYBRID COOL Good for jumping off the transom or onto the dock at the restaurant. FLYLOW WAYLON WEAR ’EM: These boardshorts are great for boaters because you can jump in for a swim and they dry out very quickly, thanks to the durable yet breathable fabric. The zipper pocket on the side can hold your keys or cellphone. FOLD ’EM: Just one small pocket makes it hard to bring the wallet, phone and keys with you at the same time. PRICE: $70; flylowgear.com BIRDWELL BEACH BRITCHES SURFSTRETCH TAC SHORTS WEAR ’EM: These quick-drying hybrid shorts are better for hitting the dockside restaurant after a day on—or in—the water. They…

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just a quick hop

In 2015, we took our Regal 35 SC on a six-day, 800-mile trip from Chicago to Mackinac Island, Michigan. To prepare, I plotted each stopover and secondary/emergency stops in a spreadsheet, and each harbor into my chart plotter. Each leg was designed to keep at least 20 percent fuel in the tanks by arrival. The boat featured the latest in electronics: a sophisticated chart plotter, three VesselView screens, an EPIRB and two backup handheld VHF radios, in addition to the fixed-mount radio, plenty of life vests and signaling equipment. We filed a float plan with friends. We departed in flat seas and sunny weather, and it stayed that way for the next six days. It was a wonderful trip. If we maintained this fuel consumption, we’d run out of gas 20…

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docking in current

You drop off plane and approach the marina entrance slowly, with a glance at the water where it’s rushing by the pilings of the fuel dock out front. Of course, you don’t necessarily need that visual cue. The 2-knot current pushing from astern requires so many back-and-forth corrections to keep your single-engine boat on course that your most valued bit of kit is—at the moment, anyway—the spinner mounted on the wheel. Backing into the slip is going to be fun. But first, you have to get inside. The turn into the entrance doesn’t require much. You just turn the wheel, and the current grabs the stern and swings it around. Having done this before, and having seen the way is clear, you apply a few hundred more rpm of throttle timed to…